Can You Use Craft Smart Acrylic Paint On Shoes?

If you have a desk full of old shoes and their looks are bothering you, then why don’t you paint it fresh? But is it okay to choose Craft Smart acrylic paint for this fun project?

Just like you, I had the same doubt. But relax. Because I have done some research, and I will share them with you.

Can You Use Craft Smart Acrylic Paint On Shoes? Definitely, you can use standard Craft Smart acrylic paint on shoes of all kinds. But there is always room for perfection. In this case, you need to consider the surface of the shoes and the material of leather. Also, consider the thickness of the paint and seal the paint on leather mostly. If you desire a better outcome, you need to work patiently with acrylic paint.

To find out all the fascinating details, keep reading. These will definitely help the artist in you to decorate shoes with acrylic by Craft Smart.

Can You Use Craft Smart Acrylic Paints On Shoes?

Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Good For Shoes?

The Craft Smart acrylic paint is a good option for your regular shoes as they are water-based and do not chemically react with the surface. 

There are a bunch of shoes you can count on for painting with acrylic paint. I can share a list with you below. These are easy to paint, and you need not worry much as they will not get damaged. 

Canvas ShoesTrail Running Shoes
Wedge HeelsCycling Shoes
Lace-UpsCoconut Coir Fiber Shoes
Flip FlopsCalf boots
TrainersCourt Shoes

But the material matters a lot because some types of material are not suitable surfaces for acrylic paint. You need to prepare the surface before you can think of painting with acrylic on them. 

I will share a list below that will help you before you can plan painting on shoes.

Leather Fabric PlasticWoolRubber
MulesYes, but prime them firstYes, but prime them firstYes, but prime them firstNot recommendedYes, but prime them first
BroguesSand and prime them firstYes, but prime them firstYes, but prime them firstYes, but prime them firstYes, but prime them first
Ankle BootsSand and prime them firstYes, but prime them firstYes, but seal them for sureNot recommendedUse thin paint and seal afterward
Peep ToesSand and prime them firstYes, but prime them first and seal them afterward
Use thin paint and seal afterward.Not recommendedYes, but prime them first
Derby BroguesYes, but prime them first and seal them afterwardYes, but prime them first and seal them afterwardYes, but prime them first and seal them afterwardNot applicableYes, but seal them for sure
Swimming ShoesNot applicableNot recommendedNot recommendedNot applicableNot recommended

Sand and prime them firstNot applicableYes, but prime them first and seal them afterwardSand and prime them first and then seal them afterwardNot applicable

Things You May Need To Apply Craft Smart Acrylic Paint On Shoes

ProductName Of Items Links
Masking TapeLichamp Masking TapeCheck Price Here
Cotton BudSky Organics Organic Cotton SwabsCheck Price Here
PaintbrushBOSOBO Paint Brushes SetCheck Price Here
Fine SandpaperLANHU Waterproof Sandpaper SheetsCheck Price Here
DeglazerAngelus Leather Preparer & DeglazerCheck Price Here
Isopropyl AlcoholVaxxen Labs Isopropyl AlcoholCheck Price Here
PrimerLiquitex BASICS GessoCheck Price Here
ThinnerVallejo ThinnerCheck Price Here
Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Craft Smart Acrylic PaintCheck Price Here

How To Use Craft Smart Acrylic Paint On Shoes?

If you have old shoes that you want to paint with Craft Smart acrylic paint then you need to follow some crucial steps.  

Prepare The Surface Of Your Shoe

  • Now, if you are working on a shoe you need to prepare the surface first. 
  • Rub off the extra dirt and grease from the surface with isopropyl alcohol. 
  • Dry out the surface and apply a little acrylic. If you see the paint is not adhering then use a deglazer to remove silicone from the surface of the shoe. 
  • Sand afterward and now apply paint. Apply primer all over the shoe for better adhesion of acrylic.

Paint Over The Shoes

  • For normal acrylic, you need to thin the paint either with water or a thinner. 
  • A thin layer has no chance of cracking after drying. 
  • Then apply the Craft Smart Acrylic Paint in one direction. Spread evenly so that you can get a smooth texture.

Dry The Paint

  • Now after you complete the decoration, let it dry in an open space but not under direct sunlight. 
  • Give it 24-48 hours to dry for a better result and then seal it with a finisher.

Will Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Last On Shoe Surface?

In the case of fashion, the outcome is most important. It might not survive very long if you don’t seal your acrylic on shoes like some other painters. 

Try sealing your paint with Liquid Acrylic Paint Sealer or Acrylic Spray Sealer for a long-lasting result.

If you need to work quickly, acrylic spray type sealer is the most practical choice. Because it dries quickly and allows you to apply several coats in a short amount of time.

The liquid acrylic paint sealer, which you will apply with a brush, is a more robust sort of sealer. While drying, this provides long-lasting protection. 

Try Angelus Brand Acrylic Leather Paint Matte Finisher for different leather shoes if you desire a matt look. Wearing them won’t cause them to peel or crack, and they’ll retain their original color.

Suggested Materials You May Need

#1 Liquitex BASICS Gesso : (Recommended Primer For Shoes) 

Liquitex BASICS Gesso is the perfect primer for your shoes of all types that will definitely allow acrylic paint to settle down. Just one coat will work perfectly fine.

I personally prefer this primer as it dries smoothly. Some of the users find it handy and you will love the texture of the medium. Even the gesso can adhere to the shoe and hold on acrylic on the surface properly.

Try using this gesso at a very reasonable price and apply to shoes with ease.

#2 Vallejo Thinner Medium : (Recommended Thinner For Thinning) 

Vallejo Thinner Medium is the best thinning medium that you can use to dial down the density of acrylic paint. Now with a few drops of acrylic medium you can easily thin the paint.

In my opinion, this thinner has no extra odor and will retain the vibrant color of the paint. Those users who are fond of modeling crafts can easily use this thinner to change the density of color and give a translucent vibe.

So grab this amazing product and try out this with your acrylic paint with ease.

Over To You

To sum up my discussion, Craft Smart acrylic paint serves the best result on your shoes of all types. You are good to go if you know how to manage the paint on them. 

I have tried to explain every possible information above to help you. If you have any other queries, then do not hesitate to ask. I will be more than happy to solve your doubts. 

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