Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Canvas Shoes?

Acrylic paint is now very popular and admirable for those who use it to do something creative and unique.

When you’re a painter or crafter, you know which color to use on which surface. Attractive and eye-catching designs on canvas shoes depend not only on crafters but also on the quality and category of acrylic paint. 

Can you paint canvas shoes with acrylic paint? Acrylic paints are utilized in canvas shoes without any delay. A kind of chemical substance inside it makes the color more mature and adhesive. Acrylic paints should be applied by following a few instructions and recommendations. There are several types of acrylic paint available and tricks to decide which one is better in terms of pigmentation, texture, or as a beginner.

Let’s dive more into details before painting.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Canvas Shoes?

How Do Acrylic Paints Work On Canvas Shoes?

Painting canvas shoes with acrylic paint is an excellent choice for artists. All you need is a primer, color, and a finisher to pull off an outstanding outcome. 

Acrylic resin and binder in acrylic paint, when it is incorporated with water while mixing transforms durable paint. Pigments in acrylic paints result deeper after application. 

Does Acrylic Paint Stay On Canvas Shoes?

Maximum canvas shoes are made out of cotton and linen fabric, so it retains color and acrylic paint dries out quickly. As acrylic paints have a few degree water resistant properties, it’s not 100% ensure sustainability. 

Although every color fades in time, there’s no guarantee that acrylic paint remains lifelong. However, sealer can aid in this case.

Is It A Good Idea To Paint Canvas Shoes With Acrylic Colors?

The characteristic of acrylic paint is quick drying which makes a difference when you separate colors. In case you wish to create your art bolder and brighter, acrylic paint is for you. 

Besides, a sealer/finisher may be a solution if you need to make the color sustainable. Canvas shoes are made of fabric, so it holds paint fast.

Can You Use Any Types Of Acrylic Paint On Canvas Shoes?

Acrylic paints are now the first preference of artists and crafters. Various types of acrylic paints are currently available based on their thickness, smoothness, and pigmentation in the market. 

Acrylics on canvas shoes are suitable, but there are many factors and varieties you should consider. All types of paints are not suitable for this task.

Can You Use Craft Acrylic Paint On Canvas Shoes?

In terms of cost, making paint is inexpensive, and as a beginner, it’s a great idea to begin crafting with it. 

If any crafter wants to mix colors and apply gradient shades on canvas shoes, then there is a chance that the result may be upsetting. 

It comes in filler contained packaging which does not offer assistance in blending smoothly. Dull and low opacity in colors may result in getting vibrant colors which is tricky.

Can You Color Canvas Shoes With Student Quality Acrylic paint?

Student quality acrylic paint is preferable for fine arts but not crafting on any object because of its transparent nature. 

As it easily blends, so when it dries out, the color is not so shiny and vibrant, whether you put two more coats. Customizing canvas shoes needs more bright color after finishing, but color shifts are noticeable. 

On the other hand, it has less coverage. You can use student quality acrylic paint on canvas shoes, but there is a possibility of cracking the paint.

Can You Color Canvas Shoes With Artist Quality Acrylic Paint?

Artist quality acrylic paint is the best in terms of pigmentation and consistency. The smooth creamy texture helps in mixing colors. High pigmentation is the main supremacy on artist quality acrylic paint. 

After it dries on canvas shoes, it turns a dark color. Moreover, it has chemical resistance from light, ultraviolet rays and oxygen with a highly protective adhesive. Lastly, it sticks on canvas fabric which extends its durability.

Can You Apply Heavy Body Acrylic Paint On Canvas Shoes?

Heavy body paints are thicker textured filled in tubes and typically cut down with a palette knife. It mixes flawlessly with and without being diluted in water. Also, the color opacity remains perfect. 

Coverage of a heavy body is strong, like soft body paint but using soft body paint is more effortless than using heavy body one. Mattifying texture comes after white color application. 

Coming to which one is better really depends on the artists’ choice. But other than that, there’s not much difference between soft body and heavy body acrylic paint.

Can You Use Soft Body Acrylic Paint On Canvas Shoes?

Its liquid consistency is smooth. It can be used directly or mixed with water. The pigmentation and consistency of the color are deep. 

If brush strokes go wrong, it is easier to fix since soft body acrylic paint is thinner and effectively covers mistakes. It takes less time to blend and paint with the same pigmentation. Color of soft body paint results in a brighter outlook.

How To Paint Canvas Shoes With Acrylic Colors?

There are a few steps that everyone should follow when starting to design on canvas shoes.

  • Step 1: If your shoes are dirty, then you need to wash them off with warm water and soap. Stir the soap in water first, then wash. When your shoes are dried, then you are ready to start.
  • Step 2: Before you move on to painting, use a marker for detailed design and sketch outlines on the surface for your design which keeps you well-tracked.
  • Step 3: Cover the inside shoe with paper and tape the rubber sole as a way to prevent the color from spreading.
  • Step 4: Apply primer and take a thick brush and paint those areas later on to fulfill the edges of the designed outlines.
  • Step 5: As acrylic paint dries out fast, you can use water on the color palette to maintain its consistency but be aware of the amount of water.
  • Step 6: It is recommended that you put a thin color layer first then reapply another color layer. It helps to come out in brighter and pigmented shades.

After a while, your shoes will be ready to use.  

4 Things You Should Avoid While Using Acrylic Paints On Canvas Shoes

  • Your design and painting may go in vain if your surface is wet and unprimed. So make sure to keep the shoe’s surface perfectly dried.
  • Do not use any artificial heating process to dry your canvas shoes.
  • Do not use different brands of acrylic for paint.
  • Do not be in a hurry to apply the layer when the previous layer is not dried properly.

Will Acrylic Paint Crack On Canvas Shoes?

Generally, acrylic paint is considered non-removable. As it contains adhesive properties and after it dries, it looks like a plastic surface. 

There is a possibility of cracking the surface, but you’ll be able to avoid this occurrence by adopting some techniques.

Can You Prevent Acrylic Paint From Cracking On Canvas Shoes?

When working on canvas shoes, a few estimates are required to follow to prevent cracking. 

Use the same brand’s paint and sealant or primer to prepare the shoe. Apply a thin coating of colors that is absolutely dried before adding another layer. 

No artificial drying technique like a hair dryer or heater over natural air drying. These are some things to avoid cracking on the shoe.

Will Acrylic Paint Wash Off Canvas Shoes?

Acrylic paints are favorite for artists who love to design on leather or canvas shoes. In general, acrylic paint is removable when it’s damp or just applied. 

For example, if paint with brush strokes goes off-base, the mistake can be easily fixed with immediate action. 

When the paint dries, it transforms into more adhesive on the surface. In this case, the paint becomes waterproof. But there is always a way to remove it.

Tips To Make Acrylic Paint Last Longer On Your Canvas Shoes

Although acrylic paint is slightly water resistant but to make the resistance more strong and more solid, a paint sealant is recommended. 

Sealant gives a rubberized coat which makes the paint more durable and provides a shield from water penetration on the shoe surface. That gives resistance from light and UV rays that tend to fade the color.

Suggested Materials You May Need

Many people want to give a new color touch to their shoes. Acrylic paint is so popular for them. Some materials are compulsory to custom-build shoes. Canvas shoes, primer, acrylic paint, brushes, palette, tape, water, sealant are important to start off.

#1 Liquitex BASICS Gesso Surface Prep Medium : (Recommended Primer For Canvas Shoe) 

Liquitex BASICS Gesso Surface Prep Medium is a smooth liquid that will definitely prime your canvas shoes for acrylic painting. This painting is sufficient for a bunch of canvas shoes, and you will get this at a reasonable price.

I personally love to create a base for my painting on the shoe surface with this gesso. Some of the users reviewed that they are happy using this. Because once they apply the gesso and paint acrylic over it, then there is no visible cracking of paint. 

You can also mix this a bit with the acrylic paint of their brand and apply over shoes. I bet you will not risk your canvas shoes while painting and buy this amazing product today.  

#2 Rust-Oleum, Clear Shield H2O Boot and Shoe Spray : (Recommended Finisher) 

Rust-Oleum, Clear Shield H2O Boot and Shoe Spray gives the best appearance to your canvas shoes after drying. It protects the acrylic on shoes with a clear finish. 

I believe this product gives a long-lasting shield to your surface paint. A lot of users think that this product is quite handy to use. And you should find an open space to use this. It is even a waterproof layer, so the paint will not discolor that easily.

Spray shield your paint on shoes with a smooth and matt finishing. You will not regret buying this finisher.

#3 Smalltongue 14 Colors Acrylic Leather Paint Kit : (Recommended Acrylic Paint For Canvas Shoes)

Smalltongue 14 Colors Acrylic Leather Paint Kit is a magical paint you can use to paint your shoes, including canvas one. It holds the vibrant color that makes it stand out among other color sets. 

I personally like this paint for its consistency. It applies like a smooth cream over the shoe. 

Some of the users found this paint crack-free, and believe me, it has the most beautiful color set. It also comes with a finisher that helps the paint to stay forever on the shoe’s surface.

In short, this acrylic leather paint is a dream product for a shoe lover like you, and you will love using it even if you are a beginner.   

Over To You

Numerous variations of paints are available, which strengthens the color and durability of shoes. But acrylic paint has an extraordinary application process to avoid cracking shoes. 

Polymer used in paint also helps the dry speedier, which results in more flexibility. So if you’re planning to make a different and unique look in old shoes, acrylic paint comes for you.

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