Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Spandex (Or Lycra) Fabric?

Hey there, creative besties! Looking for a new way to style your workout wear and swimsuits? Get ready to grab your paint and brushes because today is a DIY day.

As versatile acrylic paints are, some questions remain while dyeing fabrics. Such as, can you use acrylic paint on spandex or lycra? 

Well, yes, by mixing your acrylics with a textile medium, you can dye your spandex. You can create many interesting patterns on your elastane fabrics using acrylic paint. These patterns will make you stand out among friends and amplify your outlook. 

I will give you some easy tips to paint your spandex with acrylics.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Spandex (Or Lycra) Fabric?

Does Acrylic Paint Work On Lycra?

Acrylic paint works great on spandex or lycra. It is also good to keep in mind that puffy paints are better! Acrylic gouache and acrylic latex paints are the best options. 

For more flexibility, acrylic fluid paints are good as well. You can start off slow with them and build as you go. But if you want intricate designs, go for acrylic markers!

There are some measures to preserve it. With the help of a good mixing medium, you can make colors sustain better on your spandex. Any acrylic fabric paint needs the right textile medium to make a good base. 

Does Acrylic Paint Harm Spandex Or Lycra Fabric?

Acrylics do not harm Spandex or Lycra Fabric since it has a versatile formula. As long as you are using a good textile medium, acrylic paints sustain for a long time on stretchy fabric. 

Your paints’ fluidity will increase if you use an acrylic fabric solution. You can achieve finer pigments on satin and cotton fabrics. 

This is because such fabrics are tightly woven and durable. But spandex or lycra is nothing out of the ordinary for acrylics. 

What Alternative Paints Work Well On Spandex?

Craft paint is an alternative to acrylics for your spandex or lycra fabric. Craft paints are used on bigger projects. 

So, although a cheaper option, it might not be durable for spandex. At least not as much as acrylic paints, that’s for sure! Now, let me tell you why. 

The thing about craft paint is that its texture is very identical to puffy paints. Since puffy paints stay raised on fabrics, it’s a great option to dye spandex or lycra. 

You can use thin brush strokes to start off and build off the pigment as you like. You can also replace craft paint with acrylic gouaches because of the same texture. The possibility of the design cracking is way lesser this way.

How To Use Acrylic Paint On Spandex?

In this section, I will be sharing some steps that you can take to dye your spandex or lycra using acrylics.

Step 1: Stretching The Fabric

This step would give you a cleaner canvas before painting. Stretching the fabric also makes sure that your paint does not crack after wearing it.

Step 2: Mixing Acrylic With A Textile Medium

This step would improve the paint’s texture and the paint will glide on your lycra.

Step 3: Seal The Deal

You can seal your painting using gentle heat-press. This way, your design stays intact for months!

What Tools Do You Need To Paint On Spandex?

To paint your spandex, you would need- Cardboard, Paper clip, Paint brushes, Safety pins, Pencils and Markers, Textile Medium, Acrylic paint of choice, and an Iron. 

Why do you need such items? Well, let me break this down for you.

  • Cardboards will hold your stretchy fabric in place, so it does not move. To attach your fabric to the cardboard, use paper clips if necessary. 
  • You could start with a pencil sketch first to map out your design. If pencils are not the right pick for your fabric, use markers
  • Next, pick the best paintbrush of your choice. If you are using fluid acrylic paint, use a flat brush as the texture is runny. 
  • It is ideal to use a textile medium to preserve your painting. Then, Paint away! 
  • You should always heat-set your painting as it makes the design sturdy. Use an iron to gently heat-press your garment. 

Suggested Materials You May Need

Now, let me help you with some product recommendations!

#1 Sargent Art Economy Acrylic Paint Assortment : (Recommended Paint For Spandex)

Now that you know acrylics work great on spandex, let’s know more! What kind of paint should you use on spandex? Well, It is ideal to start with acrylic fluids. 

Sargent Art Economy Acrylic Paint Assortment is great to use on spandex or lycra. Even though there are many other brands in the market, Sargent Art is the best choice. 

Because they offer a guarantee that your canvas can be of stretchy material. Not to mention it also dries fast and glides like butter on lycra. 

Sargent Art also comes with great pigment and formula. The shade range is also very extensive. Which is exactly what we are looking for! The right kind of acrylic paint for lycra would be versatile like that.

#2 DecoArt Americana Mediums Fabric Painting : (Suggested Textile Medium To Dye)

The right kind of textile medium will make sure that your painting would not flake, crack or peel. Do not worry because we got you! DecoArt Americana Mediums Fabric Painting is a great option for spandex. 

The fact that this textile medium is non-pigmented is its finest feature. It is a transparent substance that you mix with acrylic paint to create “fabric paint.”

Additionally, this has a non-toxic formula. As a result, you don’t have to worry about it getting on your skin. This textile material also helps acrylic paints adhere better. Additionally, this medium enhances color blending and details without diluting the hue.

Once you add DecoArt Americana to your acrylics, the paint’s formula softens. And then you can get on with your creative designs!

Over To You

As much as you enjoy painting your fabrics, I enjoy giving you advice. So, create designs for your t-shirts and swimwear as much as you like! 

No matter what design you have in mind, I got you! If you have any other ideas, please share them in the comments section below.

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