Can You Use Craft Smart Acrylic Paint On Glass?

Sitting beside your pale window and wondering how it will look if you apply Craft Smart acrylic paint on them? Is it even possible? Well, sit back and relax because I have some interesting facts to share with you. 

Can You Use Craft Smart Acrylic Paint On Glass? Craft Smart acrylic paint may rip off a non-porous, non-absorbent surface like glass. However, you can still paint over them if you use sandpaper to rough out the surface. In this way, the acrylic paint can sit on glass. 

Keep reading this article to unfold more facts about the compatibility of Craft Smart acrylic paint and glass. I believe you will love knowing everything in detail.

Can You Use Craft Smart Acrylic Paints On Glass?

Does Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Work On Glasses?

If you are dealing with different types of glass and want to paint them then I would suggest Craft Smart acrylic paint. 

I know it may peel off or does not sit properly. But you can sand the surface of the glass that will have a rough surface on which acrylic will set nicely. Different types of glasses are mentioned below in a table.

Float Glass/Annealed GlassAcid Etched
Laminated GlassDecorative Glass
Obscured GlassCoated Glass
Tempered GlassHeat Strengthened Glass
Insulated Glass/Solar control glassLow-iron/ Extra Clear Glass
Low-E GlassPatterned glass

You can either keep the decoration or you can redo your work by removing the old paint. It is true that painting with acrylic on glass can be a tricky work but I think it will not be that hard for you. 

Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Good For Glasses?

Though you can use Craft Smart Acrylic Paint on glass, it is better to know whether it is good or not.

Well, Craft Smart acrylic is not chemically harmful, which means it will not change the characteristics of the surface. 

However, you should not use this paint for glass kitchenware as the paint does not have any food safety guarantee. But if you are willing to use this acrylic for decoration then Craft Smart acrylic is a cheaper and better option.

How Long Does Craft Smart Acrylic Paint On Glass Take To Dry?

If you want to keep the Craft Smart Acrylic Paint on the glass surface for temporary use or as Christmas decoration only then you can easily wipe it out with the help of some paint remover and old damp cloth. 

However, if you want to preserve your artwork, you must seal the paint with a strong sealer or varnish. This will keep the paint intact and you cannot rub out the paint easily.

What Are Some Alternative Acrylic Paints You Can Use On Glasses?

#1 Folk Art Enamel Acrylic Paint

Folk Art Enamel Acrylic Paint is overall the best acrylic paint for glass surface as well as for other surfaces like wood, plastic etc. It dries easily and if you want you can also wipe out the paint with soap and water.

I personally like this project because it dries with a clear gloss which looks amazing when light falls on it. Some say that it becomes scratch-proof after drying which makes it more elegant, and gives the best handmade touch.

Try out this amazing acrylic paint for your glass project and experience an enjoyable painting time.

#2 Arteza Acrylic Paint

Arteza Acrylic Paint is a well-known acrylic paint set that you can use for glass, and trust me, you will fall in love with it once you use it. It comes with 20 different shades and your paint will just flow smooth on any surface that will dry quite well.

According to me, this paint has a smooth finish with a matte look. You can use this paint for both outdoor and indoor glasses, and people using this product experience the best outcome. 

It will not harm you as it is non-toxic, so you can try using this on your dishes as well. Save your bucks and buy this excellent acrylic paint at a very reasonable price for painting on glass.   

#3 Magicfly Acrylic Paint Set

Magicfly Acrylic Paint Set is a paint kit to paint glass, and once you use it, I promise you will use it again and again. There are 30 various colors included, and your paint will dry smoothly on any surface.

This paint, in my opinion, has a matte, smooth finish. This paint can be applied to indoor and outdoor glasses, and those who use it report the best results.

You can try using it on your ceramic dishes too, because it is non-toxic and will not harm you.

Buy this superb acrylic paint for painting on the glass all around the house at a very affordable price.

Over To You

Finally, I can conclude by saying that Craft Smart acrylic paint is applicable on any sort of glass. You can paint any design you want without any hesitation. Just prepare the surface nicely and you are good to go. 

I really hope this article was helpful to you, but if you think I have missed something then please mention that in the comment section below. It will be helpful for all other readers too.

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