Can You Paint A Laptop With Acrylic Paint?

Tired of your old laptop with a boring color covering? Want to do something fun with your laptop and a bunch of acrylic paint? 

Maybe just like me, you are also wondering if this is even possible. Then relax because I have researched this and I have some interesting facts to share.

Can you paint your laptop with acrylic colors? Without any doubt, you can use acrylic paint on your laptop. But you need to be careful as this is an electrical device. If your paint comes in contact with any internal circuit, then it may ruin your laptop entirely. But acrylic is super fun to use on a laptop as it dries hard and mostly does not come off easily.

This was just a glance. But if you read the entire article, you will learn more about acrylic painting over a laptop.

Can You Paint A Laptop With Acrylic Paint?

Is It Safe To Use Acrylic Paint On A Laptop?

Whether you believe it or not, acrylic paint is the best option for you to paint on a laptop. You can safely apply it to your new laptop, which will leave a little texture. 

Laptop body is mostly made of plastic and metal, but the expensive ones are made of Carbon fiber. All of these are compatible with acrylic, and you can easily spread acrylic on them without any cracks. 

Some laptops have a rubber coating that becomes sticky at some point. Relax because you can get rid of this with a little acrylic paint on the surface.

Not just the lid, you can apply acrylics on the keyboard, pointer, and also inner frame. 

But try to avoid the monitor screen, touchpad or the bottom area. Because the paint can enter the electrical part of the laptop while painting through these. This will cause huge damage, and your laptop might stop working.

Can I Spray Paint My Laptop With Acrylic?

Of course, you can spray paint your laptop or notebook. But you need to be careful. Tape every small opening or port so that paint does not damage the device. 

Spray painting acrylic is a much easier process. You can have your designed stencil that will help to create design while spraying. The layer of paint will dry evenly, and you will hardly notice any blank space after spraying.

Is High Heat Acrylic Paint On Laptop Toxic To Your Health?

Well, some acrylic paints contain one or more volatile substances like Cadmium, Lead, etc. If your laptop heats up and you have painted the surface with acrylic then there may be a chance that these will emit fumes. 

This fume will contain those harmful substances, and if you inhale, that will trouble your breath. 

That is why you can choose the acrylic paint that is AP certified and has no VOC within. Even avoid flammable acrylic paint, as that can damage your device if exposed to flame.

Will Acrylic Paint Ruin Your Laptop?

Unless your acrylic paint is not entering the internal compound of the laptop, it will not cause harm to your device. Because acrylic paint is very versatile and it can easily set over without even a primer. 

But remember to seal all the pores with masking tape. This will help your paint to stay on the surface only.

How To Paint Laptop With Acrylic Properly?

It is not hard to paint a laptop with acrylic if you have all the tools below:

  • Acrylic paint or marker pen
  • A damp cloth
  • Palette knife
  • Masking tape
  • Sealer
  • Paintbrush
  • Hair Dryer

Steps Of Painting Laptop With Liquid Acrylic Paint

Let me tell you how to paint the surface of your laptop with acrylic paint. Follow the steps and you are good to go.

Clean Laptop Surface With Cloth

Step 1: Clean The Surface

Use a clean cloth to clean the laptop surfaces. If there is any old paint, scrape it off with a palette knife.

Clean Laptop Surface With Palette Knife

Then again, clean the surface with the same cloth.

Apply Base On Laptop Surface

Step 2: Apply A Base

You can apply gesso or white acrylic paint to create the base. If you have no scratch, then you can also skip the base part. Because acrylic can easily be set on a laptop body.

Stick Stencil Or Tape On Laptop Surface

Step 3: Stick The Stencil Or Tape

Then you can use a stencil or masking tape to create some pattern. This will dictate you while painting on the surface.

Block Ports With Tape

You should also block the ports with tape to stop paint from going inside.

Apply Paint On Laptop Surface

Step 4: Apply The Paint

Now choose your paint and apply on the surface with a paintbrush. Please avoid using any sort of roller. 

Let Paint On Laptop Surface Dry

Step 5: Let The Paint Dry

Let the paint dry for 24 hours, or you can also use a hair dryer on a low setting. This will not change the property of the paint for sure.

Step 6: Seal The Paint

Use an acrylic sealer to seal the paint on the surface. It will add an extra layer to your paint so that it does not come off easily.

Steps Of Painting Laptop With Liquid Marker Pen

So you have decided to use acrylic marker paint on your laptop surface? Don’t feel lost. I will tell you how to do it.

Step 1: Clean The Surface

Wipe the surface with a clean cloth to remove any kind of debris. If you want, you can also use an alcohol pad.

Apply Marker Pen On Laptop Surface

Step 2: Apply The Marker Pen

Now grab your colorful acrylic marker pen and start drawing over the surface of your laptop. If you want, you can have a sketch to help you draw.

Let Artwork Dry On Laptop Surface

Step 3: Let The Paint Dry

It will not take much time to dry but be careful so that you do not smudge the paint with your finger. It will be hard to take off the paint after drying.

What Do You Use To Seal The Laptop Case?

Sealing acrylic on a laptop is not necessary for you but a little extra protection can save your friend for a longer time.

You can use a Krylon Clear Coatings Aerosol or a Mod Podge that will easily set on the acrylic.

The finishing will surprise you with its clear look. Moreover, it will not allow the acrylic to come off or peel off so easily.

Can You Cover All The Scratches On Your Laptop With Acrylic Paint?

It is true that with the passage of time, you will start to notice some marks on your laptop. Some prefer buying a new one and selling the old scratchy one. But if you are willing to keep your old laptop, then you can do something creative. 

Apply a layer of acrylic on the scratch and draw patterns to cover the rest of the area. I believe after drying even you will not be able to find the scratches it had before. 

How Else Can I Decorate My Laptop?

Apart from acrylic paint, you can also use some other materials to decorate your laptop. These included colorful stickers and washi tapes.

They serve the advantage of easy application, and also you can remove them if you want some changes.

You can also use customized skin for your laptop. You can also paint over the skin with acrylic if you want. But you can also go for a beautiful decorative laptop or wooden case.

This gives protection to your device and also gives an aesthetic look. If required, you can buy a normal case and design over it with acrylic paint.

Which Paint Is Best For Laptop?

Besides acrylic, there are other paint types that are suitable for painting your new laptop. I have some names to suggest and I will discuss them below.

Lacquer Spray Paint

Lacquer spray paint is a super adhesive paint that will dry hard over your laptop with a glossy finish. It has a minimum toxic compound for which it will be safe for your kids too. It usually does not chip off the surface.


Enamel paint is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use on your laptop. It can dry fast and you can enjoy its glossy finish. It does not wear off in extreme temperatures.

Milk Paint

Milk paint is made of earth pigment that makes it non-toxic too. If you paint your laptop with this then it will not fade easily. 

Acrylic Marker Pen

If you have some fancy design in your mind, then try the acrylic marker pen. It helps you to draw in detail and it dries quickly. It gives a matt finish after drying.


Though you can use watercolor for your laptop but try not to overdo anything. Because it will form some pattern that you might not have even planned. But if you want, you can try watercolor on a laptop with caution. 

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Different Branded Laptops?

HP, Dell, and Lenovo are the most convenient laptop brand for you, as they come in both plastic and metal body. You can easily use acrylic on these brands as their structure allows you to do so.

But before you try on any Apple laptop or Macbook, think twice. Because if the paint enters the ports, then it will be hard for you to fix your notebook. It will eventually cost you a lot of money to buy a new one.

Should You Take Your Laptop To A Professional For Painting Service?

If you want to paint your laptop with acrylic but cannot do it all by yourself, then consult a professional. He has all the necessary equipment, and he knows well how to deal with your device.

He can suggest some designs, or you can share your ideas with him too. Though this will cost you a lot of money, on the bright side, this process can help you too.

Suggested Materials You May Need

 #1 Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylic Paint : (Recommended Acrylic Paint for Laptop)

Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylic Paint is a non-toxic paint that will put a great effect on your laptop when it dries. You can apply it in a closed room as it has no bad odor to bother you.

This paint gives you a crack-free finishing that will allow you to preserve your paint properly. Some of the users consider the paint too dense to apply on a laptop. You can also thin out the paint and apply it smoothly on your device.

Grab this amazing product at a very reasonable price and enjoy painting.

Over To You

Finally, I believe you now know that acrylic paint is the most suitable paint to apply on your laptop. This was exciting research for me, and I hope I could cover every important piece of information.

But if you think I have missed something, then add your facts below. The comment section is always yours.

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