Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Food Safe?

Looking at your cabinets and feeling your utensils need a little makeover? You have a set Craft Smart acrylic paint on your counter but are they safe for your food? Well, I had the same query, but I did some research and found interesting facts in this regard.

Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Food Safe? It is a definite no because acrylic paint is not good for food. It can be poisonous to your digestive system and cause irritation. But if you have any other paint that is edible or food safe then you can use such paint confidently.

Keep reading the article to know more about this topic. I believe you will love knowing everything I have mentioned below.

Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Food Safe?

Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Food Safe?

If you have water-based Craft Smart acrylic paint, then never think to use it around food. This acrylic paint set is not at all food safe. 

Even though the paint has the tag of non-toxic yet it is not safe for your food. The pigment of the paint is not edible, which means it can harm you if you swallow the paint with food. 

You may consider painting some plates and mugs with acrylic and using it after drying then you are wrong. 

Because the paint can peel off anytime which can prove to be dangerous after eating. If you want the basic reasons why Craft Smart acrylic is not safe, then I will mention them below.

Acrylic Are Toxic If Consumed

The majority of acrylic paints include poisonous substances like 

  • Lead 
  • Cadmium
  • Chromium 
  • Manganese
  • Cobalt

Certain organic compounds found in acrylic paints, including methyl ethyl ketone, are something you should not consume.

Even non-toxic Craft Smart acrylic paints typically come with warning labels asking you to avoid ingesting them or using them on surfaces that will come into touch with food and beverages.

This implies that acrylic paints, whether they are labeled harmful or non-toxic, are not entirely safe for consumption.

It Can Alter The Taste Of Food

The changing of taste is a significant issue with Craft Smart acrylic painting. If acrylic paint gets into your meal, it might change the flavor.

There is a harsh taste to all acrylic paints. Additionally, if acrylic paint gets on your tongue, it may feel heavy, and the bitter taste may make it difficult for you to taste food properly.

It Is Not Digestible

The fact that you cannot digest Craft Smart Acrylic Paints is the final reason I won’t advise you to put acrylic paint on your cookware.

If they enter your stomach, they won’t just make you feel sick and also stay in your digestive system for a long time.

Acrylic paint can cause food poisoning, diarrhea, and severe allergies if it stays in your system.

These are the reasons why I don’t think acrylic paints are suitable for use in food.

Can You Use Craft Smart Acrylic Paint On Kitchenware?

You can paint your own kitchenware, like plates and mugs to give your cupboard a genuinely unique look. But the Craft Smart acrylic paint is not perfect for this job. 

There is a high chance that they can come off the dishes if heated and get inside your digestive system, causing food poisoning later.

If you’re looking for food-safe paints, check for ones with the appropriate labels and get them from your local art supply store. 

That will both help you to draw your desired designs on plates and you will not face any health issues.

So What Type Of Paint Or Color Is Safe Around Food?

Apart from acrylic paint, some other paint types can be safe for your food. Whether they are dense or thin in layers will not matter much if they are food safe. 

Food colors are basically made from petroleum, plants, vegetables, and also synthetic colors from glycerine or corn syrup base.

But if you want to paint dishes and cups, you can use ceramic paint pens and paint pens as they really work fine on the ceramic plates and last long.

You can also use oil-based and Alkyd Enamel Paint and milk paint. You can seal out these paints with food-grade epoxy resin, pure tung oil, and natural linseed oil. They are also food-safe products, and they dry so well that you will love them on your plates.

Suggested Materials You May Need 

#1 Watkins Assorted Food Coloring : (Recommended Food Paint)

Watkins Assorted Food Coloring is the best form of food color that you can easily use for your food. Even for those who have gluten issues then this color is perfect.

I personally love this product because they are derived from pure vegetable juices and spices. This includes beet juice, turmeric and spirulina extract. 

Some also found the color good for Eastern Sunday eggs, and later they could safely eat the eggs. Try out this amazing set of products at a very reasonable price.

#2 Old Fashioned Milk Paint Powder Paint :  (Recommended Food Safe Milk Paint)

Old Fashioned Milk Paint Powder Paint is a suitable milk paint that is totally safe for your food. You can use it on any surface as it dries non-toxic with uneven matte finishing.

If you ask me, then I think you should choose this paint. Because some of the users find it safe for their kids. The paint pigment is natural and it is safe for the environment as well.

Grab this amazing product for your utensils and enjoy painting.

Over To You

In the end, what I can say is Craft Smart acrylic paint and most other acrylic paints are not food safe. 

It is better to keep paint away from food unless it has FDA approval. Please check for the label and I also hope the article has been helpful to you. 

But if you have any queries, then jump to the comment section below. I will always try to solve all your problems as soon as possible.

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