Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Good For Canvas?

Trying to create a portrait on your canvas but do not know whether Craft Smart acrylic paint is a suitable paint for your canvas? 

Well, I am here with some important facts that I will definitely clear out all your confusion regarding the compatibility of Craft Smart acrylic with canvas.

Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Good For Canvas? Yes, you can use Craft Smart acrylic over canvas of different types. Though different canvases have various forms of ores that will need proper treatment before you apply paint on it. More or less, every type will be able to hold the paint and give a unique look to your artwork.

If you want to know more about acrylic on canvas, then you should keep reading the article. I believe you will love exploring these things, just like me. 

Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paints Good For Canvas?

Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Good For Canvas?

Of course, Craft Smart acrylic paint is better for your canvas. Because it has a thin consistency and it can flow around your canvas smoothly. 

Though you can have a pack of acrylic paint at a reasonable price, the paint will not disappoint you with the end result. 

If you have a primed canvas, then your paint will not get swallowed and it will shine bright with a matt finish.

How Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Performs On Different Types Of Canvases? 

Craft Smart Acrylic Paint is quite famous for its frequent and smooth painting capability. However, they perform differently on multiple canvases. 

Some canvas can adhere to the paint without any uneven manner, but some are not suitable for this acrylic paint.      

There are some popular types of canvas that work well with acrylic paint. Most of them are pre-primed and give your paint a rough base to stick on. 

But if you have a bunch of unprimed canvas, then go buy some gesso and apply 2 to 3 coats of it on the canvas. This will not let your paint come off the surface. These suitable canvases are:

  • Primed linen canvas
  • Primed cotton canvas
  • Pre-stretched (already on a frame) and pre-primed
  • Pre Stretched un unprimed
  • Canvas board
  • Universal canvases
  • Unstretched canvas
  • Absorbent canvas

However, there are some less popular fabrics of canvas that are also good alternatives to conventional ones. 

These are Hemp and Jute fabric canvas, where jute gives a naturally rough surface for your acrylic to sit well. And the Hemp canvas is smooth but environment-friendly which you should consider for your acrylic painting.

Lastly, if I talk about oil canvas, then I must say it is not suitable for your acrylic. Because an oil canvas has a layer of zinc white bound with linseed oil as a primer. So your acrylic will find it hard to stay still on such canvas.

What Are Some Alternatives Of Craft Smart Acrylic Paints To Use On Canvases?

#1 Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint is one of the best acrylic paint sets that you can use on any canvas and it will dry quickly. Now with a few drops of paint, you can cover a large canvas in a short time.

According to me, this acrylic paint has no extra odor and it will retain its vibrant color even after drying. 

Those users who are fond of restoring paintings on canvas can easily use this paint and it does not turn yellow after the passage of time. 

So grab this amazing set and try out this elegant acrylic paint with ease on any canvas.

#2 Caliart Acrylic Paint Set

Caliart Acrylic Paint Set is the perfect acrylic paint for both indoor and outdoor canvas artwork of all types that will definitely not fade away after it settles down. Just one coat will work perfectly fine.

I personally prefer this paint set of 12 colors as it dries smoothly even if the canvas is not primed entirely. 

Some of the users find it handy, and you will love the texture of the paint. Even the acrylic paint can adhere to the non-porous surface and hold for so long.

Try using this water-based acrylic paint set at a very reasonable price and apply on multiple types of canvas surfaces with ease.

#3 ARTEZA Craft Acrylic Paint

ARTEZA Craft Acrylic Paint will give the best classic look to your decorative canvas at your house wall. It is easy to apply and dry with great flexibility.

Personally, I like this acrylic paint because it sits permanently and you will find it hard to wash off with water from the surface of canvas. 

As per some reviewers, this paint can show different shades over the canvas and other stuff which looks quite interesting. Some even use this paint on old canvas and they got a perfect matt finish. 

Keep this product on your deck and apply it on your canvas whenever you need.

Over To You

If you have reached the conclusion, then I must say you have gathered lots of information about different types of canvas and whether Craft Smart acrylic paint is okay for them or not. 

I know you will love using Craft Smart acrylic on canvas, as this is suitable for both beginners and professionals. 

If you have any queries, then please let me know in the comment section below. I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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