Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Waterproof?

Have you tried your new Craft Smart acrylic paint on a canvas but fear losing it in the long run? Is it actually waterproof? Well, I had the same thoughts which made me look for a perfect answer that I will explain below. 

Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Waterproof? I feel sad to say that Craft Smart acrylic paint is not completely waterproof. It can peel off even after drying with a touch of water and soap. But you can solve the problem with a few easy tips.

Keep reading to explore more about acrylic paint and some ways to waterproof your paint.

Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Waterproof?

Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Waterproof?

As per my research, Craft Smart acrylic paint is of thin consistency which is not waterproof when it is wet. 

It can wipe out the surface with a little soap and water if you have the paint on hand. But if you can seal it with a sealer then it will undoubtedly become waterproof.

Does Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Become Waterproof When Dry?

Even if your thin layers of Craft Smart Acrylic Paint dries on a surface you can simply peel it off with water. This can happen if you forget to prime the surface before applying the paint. 

Moreover, a varnish coat is a must for this type of paint. These basically are the leftover pigment on the surface once the water gets evaporated. Though they are strong but somehow cannot resist water completely.

How To Waterproof Craft Smart Acrylic Paint?

I know so far you are bothered by the fact that Craft Smart acrylic paint is not waterproof. But you will be happy to know I have some interesting tips that will help you to waterproof your acrylic.

Choose The Right Surface

  • Once you can decide which surface will let your acrylic paint sit strong your 50% job is done.
  • Because if you have a wood or concrete surface then you should use a primer on it.
  • But if it is a smooth surface like glass or metal then sand the surface to get a rough space that can hold the paint strongly.

Prime Your Surface

  • Now if you have enough gesso then you are one step closer to make your paint waterproof.
  • Because the more layers of primer you add to the surface the more it will pop out the color and give a base to your paint.

Choose The Right Craft Smart Acrylic Paint

  • As we already know, Craft Smart Acrylic Paint is a bit thinner in nature so what you can do is add a small amount of medium to give it density.
  • Thus the paint will easily form a grip over the surface.

Use Varnish 

  • Now once the paint dries after a break of 24 hours or even more you have to do one last work.
  • For canvas, wood, or paper use a spray varnish and sealer that will definitely keep your paint intact. 
  • So, then your paint is safe from water and you are good to go.

What Products Do You Need To Waterproof The Craft Smart Acrylic Paint? 

SealerMinwax Clear Polycrylic Water-Based Protective Finish
SealerMod Podge Waterbase Sealer, Glue And Finish
SealerMod Podge Dishwasher Safe Water Based Sealer
SealerAngelus Matte Acrylic Finisher
VarnishKrylon Clear Coatings Aerosol
VarnishLiquitex BASICS Gloss Varnish
VarnishWinsor & Newton Acrylic Gloss Varnish
PrimerLiquitex BASICS Gesso 
PrimerKrylon Primer Spray Paint

#1 Liquitex BASICS Gesso: (Recommended Primer For Your Acrylic Paint)

Liquitex BASICS Gesso is the perfect primer for any surface that will definitely allow acrylic paint to settle down. Just one coat will work perfectly fine.

I personally prefer this primer as it dries smoothly. Some of the users find it handy and you will love the texture of the medium. Even the gesso can adhere to any item and hold on to acrylic on the surface properly.

Try using this gesso at a very reasonable price and apply to your desired surface with ease.

#2 Krylon Clear Coatings Aerosol : (Recommended Spray Varnish) 

Krylon Clear Coatings Aerosol is the best spray varnish that you can use on your acrylic paint after drying. Now with a few puffs, you can lock a bigger area in a short time.

According to me, this varnish has no extra odor and it will retain the vibrant color of the paint. Those users who are fond of modeling crafts can easily use this for securing the color from getting yellowish. And give a translucent vibe as well.

So grab this amazing product and try out this with your acrylic paint with ease.

Over To You

So mates, we are at the end of the article and I believe you have loved the way I explained every possible way to make your Craft Smart acrylic paint waterproof. I know you may need to work a little extra but I bet it will be worth it. 

If you have any further queries, then type down your problem in the comment section below. I will try my best to get back with a proper answer as soon as possible.

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