Can You Paint Furniture With Acrylic Paints?

Acrylic paint is well-known for its durable finish. But some people worry about how efficient it is to apply on wooden or other types of furniture surfaces. 

Does it matter whether you spray, brush, or roll it on? Actually, NO! It works well on any surface, no matter the application process.

Yes. You can use acrylic paint on wooden, metal, glass, ceramic, and baby furniture. It is acrylic paint is a favorite medium for interior decorators. They are suitable for outdoor furniture too. No doubt, it provides a unique look and feel to any surface. Although acrylic paint is only effective if the object is well protected from moisture. That means you must prepare the furniture surface to adhere to the paint. The secret is to use quality paint with a high pigment count and good coverage. 

So, how about knowing the criteria for using acrylic paints on furniture with some beneficial tips? Let’s go ahead! 

Can You Paint Furniture With Acrylic Paints?

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Furniture?

YES!! You can use acrylic paint on furniture. Different furniture styles come in a variety of materials. So, the key is to choose the proper type of acrylic paint with the right concentration for each material.

Acrylic paints are great for painting walls, fences, and other surfaces. Now, you are thinking, “What should you do if you want to paint, repaint or refinish your furniture with acrylic paint?” 

Of course, you can use acrylic paint on your furniture if you sand it down first. Sanding removes much of the paint’s finish, then you can apply the paint using a brush or roller. This makes getting a good seal between the paint and the surface easier.

Can You Use Any Type Of Acrylic Paint On Furniture?

No! You can’t use any type of acrylic paint on furniture. It depends on the surface of the furniture.

There are some basic rules for painting different types of furniture. You need to use a distinct type of acrylic paint on distinct materials of the furniture.

For example, if you want to paint your wooden furniture, use water-based varnish. It dries out within a short period.  Moreover, use heavy-duty enamel when you want to cover metal furniture.

Ceramic and glass furniture need extra care. Because they have porous surfaces, you should apply a primer before using any other paint. In this case, pick an acrylic spray paint. This will make your furniture more consistent and pigmented.

Here is the list of types of acrylic paint you might need to paint your furniture. Check the type of paint which will be suitable for your desired furniture. Otherwise, your acrylic paint will not be consistent and well-pigmented.

Different Types Of Acrylic Paint Based On Their Compatibility

Type Of Acrylic Paint Best Suitable For
Water-Based Acrylic PaintWooden furniture (Bed, Couch, Cupboard, Bookshelves, Pedestal drawer, Dining Table, Wardrobe, Storage rack, dresser)
Enamel Spray Acrylic PaintOutdoor metal furniture or Garden Furniture (Folding Chair, Door knockers, Fences and railings Table, Wire chair, Wrought iron chair, Bench, Stool, Wire stands)
Acrylic Fabric Paint Or Textile PaintFabric furniture (Couch, Armchair, Sectional upholstery, Club chair, Recline chair ) 
Spray PaintSuitable for all kind of furniture- (Wood, glass, plaster, plastic, ceramics, and metal furniture)

Is The Primer Necessary Before Using Acrylic Paint On Furniture?

Yes, primer is necessary to get complete coverage of color. Primer is usually formulated to seal porous surfaces. 

You should apply primer before painting. It is the preparatory product for forming the furniture surface ready. Primer helps to adhere the paint on the surface.

You can paint on furniture without primer. But you will not get your desired finished look on your furniture. 

Because primer ensures the longevity of your furniture. It facilitates the adherence of the top coat of your paint. 

Please look at the primer categories to understand their intent of use. Using a brush or roller, you can apply a primer in a thin layer. But roller will help you to get a smoother finish than a painting brush. It is also convenient.

How Do You Use Acrylic Paint On Your Furniture?

Before painting your furniture, you need to prepare the furniture surface first. The aim is to produce a smooth and even surface. 

Otherwise, after using acrylic paint, it tends to peel off fast. Because the surface remains textured. After preparing the surface very well, you can start your work.

So there are two steps to using acrylic paint on your furniture:

  • Step 1: Preparing the surface
  • Step 2: Apply acrylic paint

You need various elements for this task. Before Starting painting, make sure you have all kinds of elements to get a better result. Check the list below of what you need to complete this task. 

What You Will Need

For Preparing The Furniture’s Surface

  • Fine and medium grit sandpaper (180-grit and 220-grit)
  • Primer
  • Sealer
  • Face mask
  • A tarp or drop cloth
  • Safety glass
  • Eye and hearing protection
  • Bucket
  • Shop vacuum
  • Rubber gloves
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Dry paintbrush

For Painting The Furniture

  • Acrylic paint 
  • Paintbrush or roller 
  • Rag
  • Hand gloves
  • Face mask
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Soap

Steps To Maintain While Preparing The Furniture Surface

Prepare Your Workstation

You must prepare the workstation at the beginning of work. You will work with paint, sealer, primer, and sandpaper. These elements might mess up your working place.

Paint can be split off from your hand. Be sure to cover your place with a drop cloth to make your other things tidy.

Moreover, sand dust can spread over the area, so a tarp or drop cloth is necessary.

Wear Safety Equipment

Wear a facemask and safety glass so that you can be safe from inhalation of sand dust.

Sand The Furniture

To make the surface even texture, first you have to sand the furniture surface. For this, you need sandpaper. You may need medium grit sandpaper to make the surface smooth and then use fine grit sandpaper. Avoid sanding against the grain of the furniture surface.

Clean The Surface

A shop vacuum might be helpful for you to clean off the sanding dust. After cleaning the remaining dirt, use a damp cloth to clean the surface properly.

Wipe the dust or residue from the furniture surface before applying paint. You can use a dry brush for this exercise. It will allow the surface to be smooth.

Take The Appropriate Size Of Paint Brush Or Roller

The right size of painting brush is a considerable factor for your furniture. Choose the right size of painting brush to paint with.

To work with a roller, use a high-density foam roller. If you are a beginner but want a professional look, then use a sprayer.

Complete the sanding, clearing, wiping, priming, and sealing of your object. Now you can start your painting.

Steps To Maintain While Painting

Set Up Your Workplace

It is wise to work outdoors, as acrylic paint has a strong odor and it might spill at any time. In case of indoor work, make sure you open the windows for proper ventilation and wear a face mask and hand gloves. Then cover the place with a drop cloth or plastic sheet.

Apply The Paint On The Surface

Dip your paintbrush or roller into the paint, then dip off the excess paint from the brush. To avoid letting the brush bristles dry out and change the color of the paint, dip the brush into water.

But if you intend to use various designs on your furniture, you should use various brushes. The paintbrush is for precision application. You can use a roller for a smoother finish. 

Let The Paint Dry

After completing your painting or design, be patient until the paint dries properly.  Let the paint dry up on the surface overnight. It will be safer.

Place your object safe from kids. Ensure the workpiece is not touched by anyone before completely dried.

Seal The Furniture Surface

Applying a sealer ensures the longevity of your workpiece. You can use Varnish and gesso to seal the painting.  You should apply a sealer when the surface dries completely.

You have to apply 2 coats of sealer with 30 minutes of break. It helps to protect the surface against water damage, UV rays, peeling off, and rust.  Wait at least 6 hours to get a splendid sealant surface.

Clear The Workplace Right Away

Clean your painting brush or roller immediately. Otherwise, the paint will stick on the bristles and you can’t clear it. Besides clearing the brush, clean the workplace too with soap and water before it dries up.

Cheers! Flaunt your outstanding work with your friends and family members.

Why Should You Use A Sealer On Acrylic Painted Surface?

Sealing is necessary if you use the furniture frequently. The sealer creates a barrier between the finish and the substrate surface.  

The furniture you use on a regular basis needs to protect it from any harm. A clear coat of sealer helps ensure your furniture’s longevity.

But before applying sealer you should check whether the acrylic paint has dried or not. Wooden furniture tends to soak up the paint. So, stop this procedure to seal the porous surfaces of wood. 

In the case of metal furniture, you need to apply sealers after painting on the metal. It will give you scuff and a waterproof seal. 

For extra durable finishing, you need to apply two layers of sealer. But Please wait for at least 6 hours before applying the second layer.

Tips To Use Acrylic Paint On Furniture To Get An Effective Result

  • Use high grit sandpaper to fill the holes or smooth out the corner surface.
  • Use taps where you don’t want to paint.
  • Soft bristles brush should be used.
  • Don’t overload with paint on your brush.
  • If you make a mistake while painting, let the paint dry and then paint again.
  • Dry the paint at least for 24 hours.

Suggested Materials You May Need

I recommend one best primer and one sealer to use before applying the paint on the furniture. Primer is necessary to get good coverage. On the other hand, to ensure your workpiece’s protection, apply the sealer. 

#1 Rust-Oleum 286258 Primer : (Recommended Primer Fo Acrylics)

I recommend Rust-Oleum 286258 Primer to you because it works like a charm on furniture.  It provides improved surface adherence and good coverage with a glossy finish. 

You won’t notice any mildew or mold on the surface. It also works well on laminate furniture without sanding. The furniture’s top coat remains free from scraping, flaking, or peeling off.

#2 Shabby Chic Multi-Surface Sealant : (Suggested Sealant For Acrylics)

Shabby Chic Multi-Surface Sealant is a water-based acrylic sealant. It leaves a satin clear coat of paint finish on the furniture surface. It works on multitude of furniture surfaces. Your object remains free from the damaging effect of rain, light, and UV rays.

Over To You

Acrylic paint is easy to use on any furniture surface.  It is the most versatile, less toxic, and durable paint. It comes with water-based emulsion, which works well on all kinds of furniture.

But before painting any project, you have to prepare the surface first. Then apply a primer that offers better surface adherence. After painting, apply a sealer to avoid flaking, scratching, and peeling off. 

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