How To Remove Acrylic Paint From Rock?

Painting rocks has been quite popular nowadays. You can create unique designs and keep them inside your house or garden. Painted rocks add texture to the object. You need to remove acrylic paint from your rock.

Acrylic paint is an excellent medium to decorate any rock with vibrant colors. It comes in different forms and textures. But when the paint reaches somewhere you do not want, you might need to be very careful to get rid of the excess paint. 

I have discussed some tricks and techniques for removing it and some best practices. So, let’s dive into the topic.

How To Remove Acrylic Paint From Rock?

Can You Get Acrylic Paint Off From Rocks?

Getting acrylic paint off the rock surface is not impossible, but it can be difficult sometimes, especially if your rock is porous and absorbs paint well. Removing acrylic paint from the different types of rock might need different measures. 

For instance, it is better to use a paint thinner if you are trying to remove dry acrylic paint from granite. If you need to scrape the residue, you must be careful not to leave any scratches on the shiny resin-like surface.

If the stone is fragile, like sandstone or limestone, you need to be careful not to break them apart. Using water or mild chemicals and applying pressure carefully is a must for this type of stone.

Rocks that are porous and absorb paint pigments well might need a long and careful procedure to get rid of all the pigments. 

After scraping the stain, you can use soap, water and a soft towel to rub off the pigments. Repeat the process until the paint come off completely.

The use of the rock also determines which process you will use to get rid of the stain. If you want to remove stains from utensils, you might need a different process than removing stains from your kitchen wall. 

Also, your outdoor rock might need a different approach than indoor ones.

How Do You Remove Acrylic Paint From Rock?

Depending on your rock type and the condition of your acrylic paint, the process you are going to follow to remove your paint might vary. 

If you are trying to remove wet paint, it will be a lot easier than creating already dried age-old paint. Let’s get to know how you can remove acrylic paint from your rock surface.

Water Washing 

Water washing works best for wet acrylic paints. Usually, it is easier to remove the acrylic paint layer while it is still wet and has not created a strong bond with the surface. 

This process is mainly pouring water and slightly rubbing the paint to remove the stain and remaining pigments.

Steam Stripping 

Using temperature can help you to soften the acrylic paint. You can use high-temperature and low-pressure steam for water-based acrylic paint to melt down.

Mechanical Abrasion 

For hard rocks, you can also use mechanical pressure to get rid of paint layers. You can use muscle power or other machines for that. Using a knife or Sandpaper also helps apply the pressure easily. 

For instance, you can scratch the paint from your granite table and remove the paint.

Chemical Remover

Using chemicals is not appropriate for all rocks. While choosing the chemicals, you must be careful and ensure that the chemical is not harmful to your rock. 

For instance, you cannot use acetone or rubbing alcohol on limestone, as limestone can break very easily.

What Tools Do You Need To Remove Acrylic Paint From Rock?

To make your paint removal process go smoothly, you will need many tools to help you reach your target faster. Let’s find out what you can use to make the process easier.

Acrylic Paint Remover 

Acrylic paint remover is created especially to match the chemical composition of acrylic paint. So, it is easier to get rid of the paint residue using this solution without hurting your rock.


If you want to make the rock surface even and eliminate any bumps, then sanding can be a great idea. For sanding, you will need good quality sandpaper ideal for your rock.

Wire Brush 

Use a wire brush if your rock is not abrasive or fragile. A wire brush can remove stubborn stains and unwanted acrylic paint without issues. It will scratch the paint’s surface and create an opening that will help the paint layer to come off.


When you need a soft tool to remove paint particles and treat your rock with care, you will need a sponge. The sponge will help you to get rid of loose paint and apply chemicals to the paint layer easily.


If you want to remove your acrylic paint using chemical removers, Acetone is one of the best chemicals for that. 

You can remove acrylic paint from almost any surface using acetone. It reacts with the chemical of acrylic paint and makes the paint flaky, which helps to remove the paint with mild rubbing.

Suggested Materials You May Need

You will need a few materials to remove the paint from the rock surface properly. Here are some of the best materials for acrylic paint removal. Let’s get familiarized with them and understand how to use them perfectly.

#1 Forney 72729 Wire Cup Brush : (Recommended Wire Brush)

You might need to use wire brushes to remove all the stains of Shravan acrylic paint. Forney 72729 Wire Cup Brush can easily get rid of the fragments and attached paint. But you need to be careful throughout the process. 

Using a wire brush can destroy your rock’s porous and easily breakable. This cup brush is a good instrument to get rid of stubborn paint.

The wires are comparatively soft and organized circularly so that it does not harm your rock surface too much. 

When you need to apply pressure to remove your paint, you can use this wire brush without any hesitation and scrape the paint out of your surface.

#2 Black Diamond Stoneworks Granite Sealer : (Recommended Sealer)

Using a good quality sealer is the best way to protect your rock surface. Whether it is your kitchen front or near the fireplace, you need to seal it so that nothing can scratch or make it dirty.

The properties of natural rocks can vary depending on their origin and quality. But if you cannot create a protective shield around the rock, it will likely get damaged. So this Black Diamond Stoneworks Granite Sealer will help you to maintain the original form of your rock. 

Whether your rock is porous or not, this will create a thin film around the rock surface. Also, you don’t have to spend a lot on this high-quality sealant. It is affordable and easily applicable.

#3 Cutex Ultra-Powerful Nail Polish Remover : (Suggested Paint Remover)

Synthetic and heavy acrylic paint can create a beautiful and even layer on any surface. But it can be difficult to get rid of them. So, you will need to use a powerful paint remover for it. 

The Cutex Ultra-Powerful Nail Polish Remover will help you to get rid of this heavy and penetrable paint layer. The remover is made of 100% pure Acetone. So, it is quite strong and can be tough to handle. 

But it works perfectly when you need it. The solution gets rid of all the residue paint and gives you a clean surface. You can use it to create other cleaning agents which is suitable for specific rock surfaces.

#4 QEP Cleaning Sponge : (Proposed Washing Sponge)

When dealing with porous and fragile rocks, you will need to be very careful. Any uneven and extreme pressure can break your precious rock. 

The soft texture of this QEP Cleaning Sponge makes it easier to clean the rocks. You can also wipe the rock surface using a paint remover using this sponge. 

Whether it’s dusting off the flakes or removing all the residue, these sponges work quite efficiently. The high water holding capacity helps to apply the solution evenly and makes your work faster. 

Over To You

Decorating your house with colored rock can give your interior an elegant and sophisticated vibe. But spilled paint can make all this work in vain.

So, knowing how to solve this problem is one of the basics. Learning to remove acrylic paint from rock can make your work a lot easier and smoother. Enjoy your time with acrylic paint, and let your creativity flow.

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