Can You Add Mica Powder To Acrylic Paint?

Tired of your matt acrylic paint and want to glam up the paint with mica water? Is it even possible in the real world? 

Maybe just like me, you also have all such questions. Then relax because I have done research about this and I have some interesting facts to share.

Can you add mica powder to acrylic paint? Without any doubt, you can add acrylic paint with mica powder. But you need to be careful as this is a delicate process. If your opaque acrylic paint comes in contact with mica dust, then it may just lose its shine. But acrylic is super fun to use with mica as it dries with a sheen that will not come off easily.

This was just a glance but if you read the entire article you will get to know more about acrylic painting with mica.

Can You Add Mica Powder To Acrylic Paint?

Does Mica Powder Mix With Acrylic Paint?

It is quite an exciting project to mix mica powder with multiple types of acrylic paint. Some may function smooth but some may fade away the glitter of the powder. There are opaque acrylic paints that will dim down the mica shine and such paints are:

  • Heavy Body Acrylics
  • Slow Drying Acrylic Paints
  • Acrylic Gouache
  • Acrylic Paint Markers

You can try to dial down the pigment of acrylic paint with alkyd based enamel paint and then add mica dust. But if you use translucent paint or semi-opaque acrylic paint like soft body or high-flow acrylic then it will work fine with mica powder.

What Are The Differences Between Natural And Synthetic Mica Powder?

There are both natural and synthetic mica powders that you can use for your acrylic paint. Yet they have some differences that I will show you in the table below.

Natural Mica PowderSynthetic Mica Powder
Natural mica is mined muscovite, which is prized for its glittery appearance.Synthetic mica, also known as synthetic fluorophlogopite, is created in a lab from magnesium aluminum silicate sheets.
Natural mica can be gray or murkier in colorSynthetic mica is brighter and very uniform in color and finish.
Natural mica naturally has uneven edgesSynthetic mica has a very smooth surface and shape

Benefits Of Mixing Mica Powder And Acrylic Paint

Using mica dust with acrylic paint is of great value. It enhances the beauty of paint but apart from that it has some benefits that I will mention below.

  • You can use it to give acrylic paintings a matte finish or shimmer and sparkle.
  • Mica powder can also provide texture to a surface acrylic painting
  • Additionally, it is a fantastic way to give your acrylic paintings more color depth and variety.
  • Non-toxic mica powder is a safe option to enhance the beauty of acrylic paint for kids.

Things You May Need To Mix Mica Powder With Acrylic

Mixing can be an easy process but you will need a few products to make your work easier. I will attach a list of products that you will need while mixing mica powder with acrylic paint. 

Acrylic PaintCheck Price Here
Mica Flakes In Different Colors Check Price Here
Acrylic MediumCheck Price Here
A Palette KnifeCheck Price Here
A PaintbrushCheck Price Here
A Measuring MachineCheck Price Here
Disposable CupsCheck Price Here

How To Mix Mica Powder With Acrylic Paint?

Grab All The Tools

Grab All The Tools

As I have already mentioned the list of all the products, so all I need to do is grab them all. Look for the authenticity of all the products because if you have opaque acrylic paint then you will find it difficult to work.

Mix The Mica With Acrylic Medium

Mix The Mica With Acrylic Medium

Take a disposable cup where you will take mica dust in it and add acrylic medium in it. Take some time and mix it really well because this will let the powder mix well.

Now Add The Enamel Paint

Now Add The Enamel Paint 

To drop down the pigment of the mica mixture, you can add enamel paint suitable for acrylic. This will lighten the color and make your job done.

Add Acrylic Paint And Mix

Add Acrylic Paint And Mix

Now take the acrylic paint of your choice and add to the solution. Now you will have your very own acrylic paint with shine.

Store The Paint

Take a container or any old paint tube and fill it up with the acrylic paint you prepared. So you can use it as long as you want.

Does Mica Powder Mix With Acrylic Medium?

If you do not have acrylic paint for your job then try out acrylic medium with mica powder. It is completely safe and you can make your shiny acrylic paint out of these two in a few minutes.

  • Mix the mica dust with a few drops of water.
  • Stir the mixture until it becomes slurry
  • Then add this to your acrylic medium with the pigment of your need. 
  • Mix it continuously to get the proper finishing
  • Now take an old paint tube and pour the mixture with a palette knife and there you have your fancy acrylic paint.

Does Mica Powder Rub Off Acrylic Paint When Dried?

If you have a perfect acrylic painting with the touch of mica powder then it is your duty to seal the paint. Because mica, once dried, may come off if you rub it roughly. It is better to use a sealant that can be epoxy or spray sealer over the paint. 

Suggested Materials You May Need

#1 Rolio – Mica Powder Pigment : (Recommended Mica Powder For Acrylic Paint)

Rolio – Mica Powder Pigment For Paint is an excellent product for adding acrylic paint and making it look luxurious. It has different colors that will help you form a different palette of your own.

People love this product as it is pretty handy and easy to mix without making a mess. It has fine particles that will help you mix well with any type of acrylic. You will love how smoothly they deliver the paint with no dripping.

Grab this fantastic set of mica dust at a very reasonable price and explore the world of glossy painting.

#2 Liquitex BASICS Matte Fluid Medium : (Recommended Acrylic Medium)

Liquitex BASICS Matte Fluid Medium is the best acrylic medium product for your both mica and acrylic paint. It has a matt texture that will help your acrylic to drip smooth and soft.

I personally prefer this medium for the density it has. People use this product on repeat and according to them, it mixes with mica without any cracks. The artwork you will make will remain intact forever.

Spend a little money on this acrylic medium and customize your acrylic paints and mica powder.

Over To You

Finally, I believe you now know that acrylic paint is the most suitable paint to mix with mica powder. 

This was exciting research for me and I hope I could cover every important information.  But if you think I have missed something, then add your facts below. The comment section is always yours.

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