Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Cardstocks?

Do you have cardstocks that you want to paint on? You may easily transform your plain cardboard into something beautiful. Many people have their own imaginations that they want to draw on the cardstocks. But the important question that revolves in our minds is “Can I use acrylic paint on cardstocks?”

Yes, you can certainly, acrylic paint is an amazing tool to paint your heart away. You can find them in any store and even online. The best thing about acrylic paint is that you can color on any surface without any difficulties.

In this article, I have covered all of the solutions and answers to questions related to acrylic paints. I have also mentioned the best products that will help you paint more flawlessly. After reading this article, you won’t have to face any more problems. 

Can You Use Acrylic Paints On Cardstocks?

Can You Color With Acrylic Paint For Different Uses Of Cardstocks?

Yes, you can. You can easily color with acrylic paint for different uses of cardstocks. Acrylic paints are pretty straightforward to color and usually don’t require any fancy tools.

Furthermore, acrylic paints dry very quickly. So, your cardstocks will be more than ready in just a few minutes. 

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Business Cards?

It’s best to avoid using acrylic paint on business cards. Business cards are often in our pockets and bags. You will also exchange them with others.

This contact will surely brush away the paints from the cards. Therefore, try not to use acrylic paint on business cards.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Postcards?

You can make postcards more personal by using acrylic paints. You can tailor them in your own way by bringing color into them.

The acrylic paints should stick to the postcards without any problem. There is little chance that it will fade away over time. 

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Playing Cards?

The answer goes for this question as well. Most playing cards have a shiny, aqueous finish. Acrylic paints hold on to most smooth surfaces.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be any problem. You can transform the playing cards into your own style and color. This will make the game far more interesting. 

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Catalog Covers?

Yes, you can use acrylic paint on catalog covers. Acrylic paint works well on surfaces like paper.

You can turn your boring catalog cover into something shiny and mesmerizing. Try using a rounded tip brush to paint flawlessly.  

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Scrapbooking?

Acrylic paint is a great choice for scrapbooking projects. You can make unique patterns and details with acrylic paint.

It works with transparencies as well and creates some phenomenal 3D effects. So, if you have an interest in scrapbooking, pick up some acrylic paints and start coloring. 

But make sure you don’t use acrylic paints on static papers or glossy papers. Acrylic paint itself creates a lot of static.

Therefore, it’s best not to use it on static papers. Also, you should avoid using acrylic paints on glossy papers, as it can create smudges. 

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Can You Use Acrylic Spray Paint On Cardstock?

Yes, you can use acrylic spray paint on cardstock. Compared to normal acrylic paint, it will give a much more opaque and durable finish.

It will make the cardstock look more appealing to the eye. However, it’s best to use a primer first such as gesso or acrylic gesso. 

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Construction Paper?

In general, acrylic paints don’t work too well with thinner paper. It slightly contracts when it dries. Therefore, acrylic paints wrinkle and warp the paper. That’s why it’s best not to use acrylic paint on construction paper.

You may try to use removable tapes to secure the edges. It will reduce the warping to some extent. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using Acrylic Paints On Cardstock Paper?

There are countless advantages to using acrylic paints on cardstock paper. First of all, it’s easy to paint with acrylic paints. You don’t need fancy tools to color a cardstock paper.

Furthermore, acrylic paints dry quickly, allowing you to swiftly prepare your cardstock paper. It’s also easy to clean it up.

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How To Use Acrylic Paint On Cardstock?

You can make your own unique cardstock using acrylic paint. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Firstly, choose the colors that you want to work on. Make sure they complement one another. 
  • Then take your cardstock and put gentle drops of the colors at equal distances from the cardstock. 
  • After that, take a used credit card and spread the colors gently. This will make an amazing background with the mesh of the colors. 
  • Now add unique effects with a brush or just add an inspirational quote and voila. It’s done. 

How Long Does It Take For Acrylic Paint To Dry On A Cardstock?

Acrylic paint takes roughly an hour to dry on cardboard. It’s best to wait at least two hours for the paint to dry before continuing with your project.

You can fasten the drying process by using a spray bottle to create a light mist. Another great trick is to use a blow dryer. However, if you don’t have these things, it will take an hour or two to dry. 

What Are The Ways To Seal Acrylic Paint On Cardstock?

There are countless ways to seal acrylic paint on cardstock. Some people use spray paint, while others use spray glaze.

Most people just use a coat of acrylic paint. There are some people who use a matte varnish as well. But all these methods aren’t preferable as they don’t give the best finish.

The best approach you can take is to seal acrylic paint with a spray sealer. It’s much easier and quicker. It will give an even and glossy finish as well. 

Is Acrylic Paint Permanent On Cardstock?

As long as it is dry, acrylic paints can stay for a long time on cardstock. Make sure it doesn’t come into contact with water. Water can make the paint less adherent to the surface.

Therefore, it can come off. You can also apply some other techniques like adding a sealer to your painting. This will help the acrylic paint stay in the cardstock for a longer time. 

Suggested Materials You May Need

You will require some essential materials to paint on cardstock with acrylics. A paper, poster board, or foam board is a must. You will also need a good-quality primer.

This primer will create a unique barrier between the canvas and the acrylic paint. You will also require a sealer to make your drawing last for a long time. 

#1 Vallejo Grey Acrylic Polyurethane : (Best Primer To Paint On Cardstock With Acrylics)

If you want to start using acrylic paint on cardstocks, you will definitely need a primer. There is a wide range of primers in the market. But I recommend the Vallejo Grey Primer Acrylic Polyurethane. It will increase your paint durability as well as ensure better adhesion to the surface. 

While researching, I came to know that most of the reviews for the product were very positive. One customer praised it for being easy to clean.

Other customers mentioned that there weren’t any adhesion problems and the product sprayed out nicely. The only negative comment I found out was that it didn’t work well with plastic models.

#2 Liquitex BAICS Gesso : (Best Prep Medium To Paint On Cardstock With Acrylics)

If you are looking for a solid primer to paint on cardstock with acrylics then look no further. I recommend Liquitex BAICS Gesso Surface Prep Medium for its excellent finish and quality.

While searching for reviews, I found out that most of them were highly positive. One customer mentioned that he only needed a small amount to the coat which saved him a lot of time.

Others mentioned that it was very easy to use and quite affordable. Some customers praised the primer for being thick and opaque. 

#3 Liquitex BASICS Gloss Varnish : (Best Sealer To Paint On Cardstock With Acrylics)

If you are thinking of making your paint on cardstock last for a long time, you will need the best sealer. I recommend the Liquitex BASICS Gloss Varnish for its impressive finish and permanent gloss. 

During my research, I have come across thousands of positive reviews. One customer exclaimed that the sealer was very easy to apply.

Another customer mentioned that the gloss was very long-lasting and reflective. The only negative review I managed to find mentioned that there was some issue with the dispenser. 

#4 FolkArt Outdoor Sealant : (Best Outdoor Sealer To Paint On Cardstock With Acrylics)

If you are having doubts about which sealer to buy to paint on cardstock with acrylics then you have come to the right place. I recommend the FolkArt Outdoor Sealer for its durability and gloss. 

While searching for reviews, I found out that most of them were positive. One customer exclaimed that the sealer dried quickly and was very easy to use.

Another customer added that the sealer is non-toxic and very eco-friendly. Other customers praised the product for its non-yellowish finish. The only negative review I came across was that the sealer seemed tacky when it is dry. 

#5 Royal & Langnicket Crafter’s Choice Pro : (Best Paintbrush To Paint On Cardstock With Acrylics)

If you are looking for a paint brush to compliment your acrylic paint then look no further. There are many paint brushes in the market that you can get. But I recommend the Royal & Langnicket Crafter’s Choice Pro for its durability and ease of use. 

While researching, I have come across hundreds of positive reviews. One customer exclaimed that the hair of the brush was very soft yet durable. It was perfect for painting cardstocks.

Another customer mentioned that the synthetic hair of the brush was easy to clean and it didn’t swell in the water. Other customers added that the brush was easy to grab and paint, unlike other products. 

#6 KINGART Original Golden Taklon Brush : (Best Handle Paintbrush To Paint On Cardstock With Acrylics)

If you are thinking of painting an amazing drawing on cardstocks then you will need a good quality paint brush. Although there are a plethora of paint brushes available in the market, I recommend the KINGART Original Golden Taklon Acrylic Handle Paint Brush. It’s stylish, effective, and easy to use.

While searching for information, I only found positive reviews of this brush. One customer mentioned that there were a lot of sizes and shapes.

This flexibility helped him to draw more flawlessly. Others praised the brush for its smooth and soft brush head. 

Over To You

I hope this article assisted you a lot. With acrylic paint, you are the artist of your own canvas. Put vivid colors in your cardstocks to transform them into something amazing.

Have you started coloring on cardstocks? If so, please inform me of the progress of your work. I would love to know.

If you have anything to know or suggest, please mention it in the comment section. I will try my heart and soul to provide the best solution.

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