Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Suede Shoes?

Customizing your shoes as per your preference is a privilege that can make you stand out and feel comfortable. 

But suede leather is a tricky material to work with. Different types of suede leather are comfortable, sophisticated, and long-lasting. Applying rough paint on them and making them unable to use them will be a waste. 

Can you paint suede shoes with acrylic paint? Is dyeing suede with acrylic paint a great idea? Yes, you can use acrylic paint on your suede shoes. But you need to prepare the paint properly. If the paint is unsuitable for your suede leather, it will permanently damage your footwear. 

So, without any further ado, let’s learn how you can use acrylic paint on your suede leather shoe.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Suede Shoes?

Does Acrylic Paint Stay On Suede Shoes?

Acrylic paints are suitable for various surfaces. You can design and paint your suede shoes using acrylic paint as well. This paint lasts for quite a long time on suede shoes. 

Are you wondering, ‘is it ok to use acrylic paint on suede shoes?’ You do not need to worry. If you prepare the surface and apply the paint evenly, then it will last as long as the shoes last. 

Suede leather is sophisticated and expensive. If you apply acrylics incorrectly, it will damage the leather and become cranky. So, you need to understand how to apply acrylic paint to your suede leather by not damaging it.

Will Acrylic Paint Brighten Faded Suede Shoes?

Yes, applying the right shade of acrylic paint will brighten up the color of your faded suede shoe. 

Suede leather is usually used for making boots, shoes, belts, bags, and many other luxury items. To make them look good or design them differently, you can use acrylic paint. 

The color range of acrylic paint is quite vibrant. If you choose the right color for your project, your product will definitely become brighter and stand out even more.

Can I Use Acrylic Paint On Real Suede Leather Shoes?

Acrylic paint is adaptable and applicable on almost any surface. You can even paint on sophisticated leather using acrylic paint by following the correct procedure. Let’s find out about the effect of acrylic paint on different suede shoes.

Can You Paint Lambskin Suede Shoes With Acrylics?

Yes, you can use acrylic paint on your lambskin suede shoe. But you need to be extra careful. Lambskin suede shoes are known for their stylish look and luxurious finish. This fine-grained suede is quite sturdy and durable. 

You won’t want to ruin this long-lasting product using clumsy techniques. As the lambskin suede is quite soft, you need to be careful while dying your suede shoe with acrylic paint. 

Use leather bleach to remove the top coating of your shoe and help the paint to set well. Then prepare the leather using a suitable water-based primer. Use very thin layers of acrylic paint. Let each layer dry completely before applying the next layer.

Can You Paint Cowhide Suede Shoes With Acrylics?

Cowhide suede leather is a bit tricky to work with. Because of the elastic quality of cowhide suede leather, you will need to be more cautious while painting on them. 

The porous absorbent surface of cowhide suede can absorb thin layers of paint quite well. But applying thicker layers will harden the surface and make it less breathable. It will eventually become rough and uncomfortable to wear. 

This leather is used to make comfortable shoes and boots. As they last for a long time, you need to be careful to make changes. 

  • Prepare your leather before applying the paint, and always paint with very thin layers. 
  • Let one layer of paint dry completely before applying another layer. 
  • If the paint starts to get hard after drying, don’t apply any more layers. It might destroy the texture of the shoes.

Can You Paint Pigskin Suede Shoes With Acrylics?

Pigskin suede is famous for its unique dimple texture. That texture makes painting on it difficult. The paint struggles to stay on them while keeping its beauty intact. 

You can use a few types of acrylic paint on the pigskin suede, like the acrylic marker. You need to spread the paint evenly. So be cautious about not applying too much paint to maintain the texture of your suede leather. 

The acrylic airbrush technique works better on pigskin suede. You can also apply thin layers of acrylic paint. But be mindful when painting your pigskin suede. It can seem cracked because of its texture if not painted properly.

Can You Paint Deer Suede Shoes With Acrylics?

Deer suede has an interesting texture that makes it naturally beautiful without any design. The leather is very expensive because of its difficult tanning process and unavailability in the market. 

You can paint on your deer suede leather using acrylic paint, but you need to be extra cautious. 

When preparing the acrylic paint mixture, ensure that the paint solution is evenly mixed and liquid enough to flow naturally. You would not like your real and expensive footwear to go to waste for the painting experiment.

Can You Paint Faux Suede Shoes With Acrylic Colors?

While managing and taking care of natural suede can be difficult, faux suede is a great alternative for your footwear. You can paint faux suede with acrylic paint. 

Faux suede is usually made of polyester. So, it is cheaper and easier to clean, which makes it a more suitable surface for applying acrylic paint. 

However, if your polyester starts to break off, the paint can become flaky and peel off. In that case, you can clean your acrylic paint with appropriate acrylic paint remover without damaging your shoe any further. This would be tough for natural leather. 

Synthetic suede shoes give off a shiny outlook which makes them exciting and desirable. You can take advantage of that shine and make your acrylic paint stand out even more.

Acrylic Paint Vs. Acrylic Leather Paint: Which Is More Suitable For Suede Shoes?

While acrylic paint can be used for leather and suede leather, it cannot be better than leather paint. Leather paint is specially made for applying leather-type material. 

You need to prepare the leather if you want to design or paint on your leather using acrylic paint. Clean the surface, and prepare the paint solution, so it does not create any flaky texture. 

But in the case of leather paint, the paint is already made to adjust with leather well. So, it sits perfectly on any leather surface and maintains its texture.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Your Suede Shoes Without Priming?

When you can use acrylic paint on some suede leather without priming, it is not a good practice. Usually, suede shoes have a protective top coat sealing layer. It guards the leather and prevents the leather from decaying faster. 

If you are making the shoe from the raw material yourself, then it is different. Only cleaning the surface might make applying a long-lasting layer of paint possible in that case. 

But for an industry-made shoe, the protective layer will prevent the paint from bonding strongly with the leather. Thus the paint will peel off easily. 

Also, the unprepared leather can make your work difficult and give off an unpleasant smell while reacting with the paint layer.

Why Should You Need To Prime Suede Shoes Before Painting With Acrylics?

There are multiple benefits of priming your shoes before painting. The primer will prepare the leather to absorb the paint and create a long-lasting result. 

It will also make the painting easier by making the surface smooth and absorbent. Priming also helps to get rid of the unwanted dirt on your shoe surface.

Can You Apply Acrylic Paint Fabric To Spray On Suede Shoes?

Acrylic fabric paint is suitable for application on flexible and sophisticated surfaces. They don’t have adverse effects on suede leather if applied properly. On the contrary, acrylic fabric paint works better than acrylic paint. 

As they are prepared to apply to fabrics, your shoe will not become stiff or uncomfortable after applying the paint on your shoe. 

The paint is quite breathable and easy to use. Applying acrylic fabric spray paint helps you to apply an even coat and get a smoother finish.

Is Acrylic Paint Waterproof On Suede Shoes?

Though acrylic paint lasts quite a long time, they are not entirely waterproof. Acrylic paints are usually water-based. So, you can make them thinner by adding water to them. 

But once the paint dries, it becomes quite strong and does not get off from the surface when you try to wash it off with plain water. The paint will start fading away with time. 

As your shoe encounters a lot of hurdles, you will need to clean them regularly. So, you might notice the paint fading after a year or so.

Is Acrylic Paint Permanent On Shoes?

Yes, acrylic paint is permanent on shoes. If you paint your shoes with acrylic paint and let it dry completely, they become strong. Do not expect them to remove easily and turn the shoe look like before you painted them. 

If your shoe is made of fabric, canvas, and leather, it will absorb thin layers of acrylic paint very easily and change the color of your shoe permanently. 

So, you will be unable to remove the paint easily without damaging the material or going through chemical processing.

5 Tips To Make Acrylic Paint Stay Long On Shoes

Acrylic paint is an excellent medium if you want to design your own shoes and customize your designs as you want. Here are some tips that will help you to get a better result and make your paint last longer.

  • Clean your shoes properly. Don’t let any speck of dust stay on the surface of your shoe. 
  • Remove the top sealing coat from the leather. Usually, manufacturers apply a top coat to protect the leather surface for a long time. If you want your paint to last longer, you have to remove this coat. You can use leather bleach or rubbing alcohol to remove that coat. 
  • Apply thin layers of paint. Make a thin solution of acrylic paint and apply one layer to your shoe. Let the layer dry completely before applying another layer.
  • Seal the paint with an appropriate varnish or sealing coat.
  • Give at least 24 hours for the paint to adjust to your shoe.

Suggested Materials You May Need

Preparing your suede leather shoe for painting needs some suitable tools and products. Here are some most suitable products for your suede shoes.

#1 Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner : (Recommended Acrylic Leather Cleaner For Suede)

Before starting your painting project, you’ll need to remove all the dirt and residue from the shoe surface. Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner is suitable for cleaning your suede leather without damaging its texture. 

If you are worried about harming the outer layer of your leather, don’t fret. This product will remove all your worries and prepare the leather for your painting project. The cleaner does not have any strong smell that will set you off. 

The conditioning property of these chemical makes your leather softer and more comfortable to wear. So, don’t be tense and worry about the quality of the product. It is one of the best economical solutions for your leather cleaning issues.

#2 Smalltongue 14 Colors Acrylic Leather Paint Kit : (Recommended Acrylic Leather Paint) 

Smalltongue 14 Colors Acrylic Leather Paint Kit will make your suede shoes shine brighter. You will find various colors within your budget in this acrylic leather paint set. 

These colors are not only vibrant, but they are also liquid and evenly distributed, which makes them most suitable for suede leather. The paint is excellent and easy to apply. 

You can paint your shoes and give them a shiny look. This paint works on sophisticated leather and detailed designs. So you don’t have to sweat about damaging your shoes while working with them.

Over To You

If you have thought about redesigning your suede shoes, then understanding how to apply acrylic paint will help you greatly. You have learned about applying acrylic paint to suede leather. 

So, can you use acrylic paint on suede shoes now?  I hope this article helps you to understand the application and its effect. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions about painting your suede shoes.

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