Can You Use Acrylic Paint On A Dry Erase Board (Or White Board)?

Just sitting in a room and thinking about painting your dry erase board to give it a fashionable look. But you have no idea whether you can use acrylic for this project or not. Well, my friend, to ease your thoughts, I did some research and shared some amazing facts below.

Can you use acrylic paint on a dry erase board (white board)? To your surprise, acrylic is not a great choice for decorating your boring whiteboard. Because dry wipe boards have a glossy surface that will not allow acrylic and some other type of paint to stay on it permanently, neither a primer nor a sealer can help you in this regard. But there are some exceptions.

Keep reading this entire article to unfold some unknown facts, and I believe you will enjoy reading them.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On A Dry Erase Board?

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On All Types Of Dry Erase Board?

Well, to your disappointment, you cannot use acrylic paint on dry erase board, or commonly what we say whiteboard. This is because the surface of the marker board is glossy that resists any sort of marking. 

After you apply acrylic on the non-porous surface, it will dry. But you can instantly scrape it off the board.

Melamine dry board has a simple dry coating that does not allow acrylics to stay long. Even porcelain has a surface where acrylic paint cannot penetrate to stay long. Thus it will wipe away from this whiteboard too.   

The painted steel whiteboards are officially in use in different institutes. They resist any kind of paint, including acrylic, from sticking on it permanently. 

Now, to my understanding, you may be able to seal acrylic on a glass whiteboard at the border for decoration. But sadly, you can peel off the paint by mistake as the paint did not adhere to the surface.

What Other Types Of Paint Can You Use On A Dry Erase Board?

White boards usually do not serve as a surface where you can apply any paint permanently. The vinyl sheet or the dry coating is glossy enough to wipe out any stain. 

Acrylic spray paint, acrylic paint pen, dry erase marker and permanent markers can easily come off the dry erase board.

Instead of any paint, you can actually use Pinstripe tape and washi tape to make some decorative borders. These have an adhesive side that will stick to white board neatly. You can also change them whenever you want.

If you have an old dry erase board then you can turn it into a chalkboard. Just apply 3-4 layers of chalk paint, and there you have a chalkboard.

But if you have a glass white board you can certainly use glass paints and seal it nicely to make it waterproof. I believe it will be so much fun to do.            

Can You Use White Acrylic Paint As Primer On Whiteboard For Acrylic Painting?

You may apply white acrylic paint on the whiteboard, but it will not work as a primer. Because a prime needs to stay on the surface and make a base to stick other paint on it. 

But acrylic paint cannot do so and comes off easily. So, it is better if you do not use white acrylic paint as a primer on dry erase boards.

How To Apply Acrylic Pouring Technique On Dry Erase Board?

If you wish to turn your whiteboard into a piece of art, only then can you use the acrylic pouring technique. 

Step 1: Grab Your Tools

Before you start painting, collect every necessary material. You will need-

  • Pouring medium mixed acrylic color
  • A dry erase lapboard
  • Disposable cups
  • A heat dryer
  • Resin
Step 2: Prepare The Dry Erase Lapboard

Step 2: Prepare The Dry Erase Lapboard

Whether you have a new or old dry wipe board, you should remove any sort of debris. This will help your paint to spread evenly.

Step 3: Mix Acrylic Paint

Step 3: Mix Acrylic Paint

You can select standard acrylic paint or a ready pouring medium mixed acrylic like ARTEZA Acrylic Pouring Paint. This helps with the rate of even flow of paint. 

Take your desired colors and pour them one by one into a disposable cup. Do not stir, as this will mix the colors and you will not have your desired patterns.

Step 4: Pour The Paint On The Surface

Step 4: Pour The Paint On The Surface

Now gently pour the paint on the surface. Make your own patterns and you can use a stick too. After you pour all the paint, rotate your board so that acrylics can spread everywhere. 

Step 5: Let The Paint Dry

Step 5: Let The Paint Dry

Now you need to take sufficient time to dry out the acrylic paint. Use a sharp stick for popping out all the bubbles formed on the surface. Use a heat dryer to fasten your drying process.

Step 6: Seal The Paint

Step 6: Seal The Paint

Now the hard part. Use a resin over the dry paint to seal it properly. Give a suitable 2-3 days time to dry resin completely. Then you can keep it as a whole or cut it into small portions.

Can You Use A Sealer To Seal Acrylic Paint On Whiteboard?

Usually, it is almost impossible to seal acrylic paint on white paint with a sealer. But if you are using a dry erase board as a piece of art, then you can use resin as a sealer. 

It will harden over the acrylic pour paint and eventually seal the paint on the whiteboard. You cannot use such boards for writing anything. It will just add decorative value to your house.

Does Acrylic Paint Come Off After You Use A Whiteboard Marker On It? 

Acrylic paints are synthetic polymers that turn into a plastic layer after drying. If you apply acrylic on the whiteboard and, after drying, use a dry erase marker on it it will come off. 

The reason is that the ink of the marker pen has a nonpolar solvent that is likely to dissolve the paint. 

Over To You

In the end, what it can say is though acrylic is versatile, try not to use them on a whiteboard. This will result in a waste of time and effort when your paint scrapes off the board. 

I tried to add all the useful information for you. I hope you will find it helpful. If you think I have missed something worth mentioning, then please comment below. 

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