Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Washable?

Have you made a little mess on your desk and dress while working with Craft Smart acrylic paint? Are you panicking because you do not know whether it is washable or not? 

Then, my dear mate, you came to the right place. I have done some research and came up with some interesting facts that I will share below.

Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Washable? Well, yes, it is washable because they claim so. The paint is thin so with the help of soap and water, you can wash off the paint. Now, if your paint dries, then it may be hard to wash paint a bit, but that will wash fine with a few manners that I will mention below.

Keep reading this article to learn more about Craft Smart acrylic paint. I bet you will love exploring new facts. 

Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Washable?

Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Easy Washable?

Yes, you can wash off wet Craft Smart acrylic paint. However, the type of surface affects how easily you may clean it. 

For instance, it is considerably simpler to wash it when it is wet as opposed to dry. This is due to the fact that this water-based acrylic paint may remain dilated while still wet. 

I will mention a table where you will observe how washable it is on different surfaces.

Surface Wet Acrylic PaintDry Acrylic
SkinWashable with waterDifficult to wash off
HandsEasily washable with waterDifficult to wash off
CanvasWashable with waterQuite hard to wash off, may need soaking and scraping.
WoodWashable with a damp cloth or water; e.g., when soaked in the rain for a long timeDifficult to remove with just water
FabricWashable with waterDifficult to wash off
PlasticWashed off easily only with water Remove with a solvent or sandpaper
MetalWashable with waterDifficult to remove with just water
GlassEasily washable with waterSlightly challenging to wash off
HairRemoved with water and soapSoak in water for a few hours and then wash with soap and water.
WallWipe out with a damp clothUse warm water and mild soap
Concrete Wipe out with a damp clothApply a water solution on the concrete and then vigorously scrub off the paint

Skin And Hair 

For skin, you can use baby oil and rub gently. But if that does not work, try rubbing alcohol but not too much. After a few minutes, it will come out. 

Yet avoid any of these if you are allergic to them, and try soap and water. This will also work for your hair as well.

Walls, Cement, Concrete

Although it could take a lot of time and effort, you can remove acrylic paint from walls, cement, and concrete. 

In order to soften the stain, first apply a sandpaper water solution to it. After that, use a sponge to clean the concrete until the stain is gone thoroughly.

Fabric And Canvas

You may wash off the acrylic paint on fabric and canvas as long as the canvas and fabric are compatible with acrylic paint. 

The best solution to get rid of it is to mix water, cleaning detergent, and rubbing alcohol 50:50. Pour the solution over the paint then use a soft cloth to wipe away the paint smudges.

To get rid of the stubborn stain, simply dab an acetone-based nail polish remover or alcohol-soaked cotton ball over the spilled area and gently wipe it. 

Plastic, Metal, Wood

The majority of paint palettes are made of plastic, making them all simple to wash in soapy water or scrape if the paint has dried. 

Use a cotton ball to apply denatured alcohol to the paint. Depending on the surface you’re cleaning, you can also remove the paint with sandpaper or a solvent. 

This is also applicable to metal and wood.

Why May You Need To Wash Off Craft Smart Acrylic Paint?

Craft Smart Acrylic Paint is not just a craft paint. You can use it on multiple surfaces to give a new look to it. 

But if you want to redo your work or want to make some corrections, then you will need to wipe your paint. Though it may be challenging, with a few simple hacks, you can rub off acrylic in no time. 

Sometimes, your kids may come in contact with acrylic paint on walls or floors. To keep your baby safe, you will probably need to peel off the paint and clean it nicely.

Tips For Washing Off Acrylic Paints Without Damaging Your Items

I know rubbing off dried Craft Smart acrylic paint from surfaces will be a bit difficult but every process may not be safe for different surfaces.

  • Initially, you will need to use hand soap or liquid gel and rub your hand gently. This will loosen the paint off your skin and your body will not be damaged.
  • Next, you can use vinegar also if you are working on hard surfaces like concrete or wall.
  • But shiny surfaces like glass, metal or plastic are easy to work with and rubbing alcohol will make your job much easier. 
  • If you are working over soft surfaces, then try to soak that in water mixed with detergent and then simply scoop out the paint.
  • On the other hand, stay away from using acetone or other solvents on materials like wool, suede, and silk. When these solutions are present, these materials become incredibly fragile and sensitive. They could be harmed by prolonged washing, making it challenging to remove acrylic paint from them.

Suggested Materials You May Need

#1 Isopropyl Alcohol 99% : (Recommended Rubbing Alcohol) 

Isopropyl Alcohol 99% is the best liquid that you can use on different surfaces that has wet or dry acrylic paint. Now with a few drops you can soften a bigger area in a short time.

According to me, this rubbing alcohol has no extra odor and it will retain the vibrant color of wood or plastic. 

Those users who are fond of modeling crafts can easily use this to remove any mistake you make. This does not contain additives and is not diluted so you will get better results.

So grab this amazing product and try out this with your acrylic paint with ease.

#2 Smart Strip Advanced Paint Remover : (Recommended Remover)

Smart Strip Advanced Paint Remover is the perfect solution to pull out your dry acrylic paint from any surface. It contains no Methylene Chloride or NMP which means it will not damage any surface.

I personally like this product because it works not only for acrylic but also for other paints. Some users say no matter how tough or old the acrylic paint gets it will easily wipe the layer out. It is better to keep the solution for a few hours and then see the magic.

Grab this amazing product and peel off your paint from any hard surface.

Over To You

Your Craft Smart acrylic paint is easily washable based on the state, and all throughout the article I tried to explain this to you. I tried to help you with my words. 

If you think I have missed some points, please share them in the comment section below. This will help all of the readers as well. 

If you have any other queries regarding Craft Smart acrylic, then please let me know in the comment section. I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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