Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Drywall?

Are you bored with the plain drywall of your house? Would you like to give it an aesthetic touch with acrylic paint? 

Well, like you, I was even confused when I thought of using acrylic paint on a gypsum wall. So, I helped myself with lots of research and found out the truth.

Can you use acrylic paint on drywall? Yes, you can use standard acrylic paint on any type of drywall but with precautions. Drywalls are fire and water-resistant which means it can hold acrylic paint on it. But it will need a primer to help the paint stick to it nicely. The paint will enhance the charm of your room, but to make that long-lasting try using a sealer on it. 

Keep reading the entire article if you want to learn more about acrylic painting on gypsum walls.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Drywall?

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Drywall?

Versatile acrylic paint is usable on any type of surface, including drywall or gypsum wall. 

Drywall is a rock sheet that you use as a wall or a ceiling. It can hold moisture in a balanced manner that helps it to tolerate any sort of paint on it. 

As acrylic is a water-based paint so it will be handy for applying on plaster walls. But before you apply the paint, you need to prepare the dry lining. 

Drywall is quite durable but if you leave it unpainted then it will not look good. It will also remain unprotected. So, if you want to brighten up your gypsum wall, then you can paint it with acrylics.     

Do You Need To Prime Drywall Before Acrylic Painting?

Just imagine you painted your gypsum wall with acrylic, and afterward you find it either soaked up or peeled off the wall. 

I bet this will tear your heart into pieces. Relax. You simply need to prime the wall and let it dry. This primer will hold your paint firmly. 

Now, if you are scratching your head wondering which primer will work fine on sheetrock, then don’t worry. 

I suggest you ROMAN Rx-35 Sealer/Primer For Torn Drywall. This is the best product for even a new user. You can cover any sort of scratch and old wallpaper with this primer. 

This will give a brand new look to your drywall. Once it dries, your wall is ready for acrylic magic.

How To Paint New Plasterboard Walls?

Painting acrylic on plasterboard is not impossible, but for perfection, you need to follow some crucial steps. 

Sand The Plaster

Drywalls are not big in size. You need to join them with mud or plaster while installing them inside the house. After it dries, sand out the entire wall to get an even area for painting.

Blow The Dust And Wipe With A Damp Cloth

Sanding will create dust, so blow them off with a blower or a broom. Then take a wet cloth and gently wipe the entire wall. Let that dry for a day. 

Prime The Wall

Now you can use your special tools like a brush for the corner and a roller for the entire wall. 

Now dip the roller in the primer and gently wipe on the wall in one direction. Let it dry 2- 3 days altogether. Use a second coat if you feel the need. 

Tape Plasterboard For Painting

Now, if you want to create some pattern on the wall with acrylic, use masking tape as per your design. 

You can also use masking on the corners so that you get a smooth finishing. After you finish taping, you can start painting.

Apply Acrylic Color

When you have chosen your favorite color, you can add water to it or a thinner if you need that. Now dip your roller carefully and soak as much paint as possible. 

Then roll over the wall and try to cover every cornet. Now let your paint dry for 2 days, and then think of a matt topcoat.

Seal The Paint

Before you apply the sealer, check if the wall is completely dry. Clear dust before applying sealer on the wall. 

Now after sealing the drywall, you can wait for a few days before living in that room.

Do You Need To Use A Sealer Over Acrylic Paint On Drywall?

If your plasterboard has your desired acrylic paint on it, then you need to think how to preserve it. Because without a protective layer, you paint may wear off the gypsum wall after a few years. 

So, you can try some good quality clear sealer on your paint. This will shield you from acrylic paint from dust and any harsh exposure of sunlight. Moreover, the paint will not fade away from the drywall.

According to me, Zinsser Gardz Problem Surface Sealer serves the same purpose. It has no strong odor that will not suffocate you. When you roll your hand over the wall, you will feel the smoothness of the sealer.

Does Acrylic Paint Fade Away From the Drywall Surface?

Drywall has the quality to absorb any paint you apply on it. Once you paint acrylic on drywall it will try to stick to the wall. But no matter how strong it bonds with the paint, gradually, the color may fade away. 

Try a clear topcoat or a sealer to give extra protection to your acrylic paint. Even if you paint acrylic on a gypsum wall outdoors, you may see the paint is fading away. 

Because sun heat can melt the plastic layer of acrylic, and fading happens. So, apply a sealer and limit the fading of acrylic fromDrywall surface.

Does Mold Grow On Drywall After Applying Acrylic Paint?

When you have ordinary wooden or plaster walls in your house, you will notice some black spots after the rainy season. 

These molds can easily grow when you install these types of walls in the house. To your surprise, drywall is water-resistant, and they do not store moisture in it.

There are green and violet gypsum walls that cover the gypsum core and do not soak water. 

Thus mold stands no chance of growing on drywalls after applying acrylic on it. In addition, you are applying a primer, which will work as a barrier too.

Can You Repaint Your Previously Painted Drywall With Acrylic Paint?

Repainting over old painted drywall is not a good idea. Let me explain. If you want to repaint, this means either your wall has defects or you want a change. 

For that, I believe you should sand out the old paint and then prepare the gypsum wall for new acrylic paint.

Thus your painting surface will get a smooth base, and the acrylic paint will not crack in places. But do not forget to prime the sheetrock before you start repainting.

Suggested Materials You May Need

#1 Sargent Art Acrylic Paint : (Recommended Acrylic Paint For Drywall)

Sargent Art Acrylic Paint is the best set of products that will turn your boring drywall into a masterpiece. Only the artist in you can understand the quality of paint once you use it all by yourself. 

I personally love this paint because it is pretty vibrant, and it does not fade away after drying. 

Some users say that the color has a perfect consistency and blends well on the wall. As it is non-toxic, your kids can also be artistic with them on the wall.

So grab this excellent product at a very limited price. Let your drywalls embrace the new acrylic color happily.

Over To You

To put an end to my discussion, you can safely apply acrylic paint on drywall. And decorate your living space just the way you dreamt of it. 

I hope I could clear all your doubts still if you have any queries then comment below. I will reply soon and try to give you a solution. 

If you think I have missed something, then add those points in the comment section below. It will help other readers too.

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