How To Remove Acrylic Paint From Velvet?

When you are a creative soul, then you may have experimented with various kinds of crafting projects, including painting fabrics. Old furniture with velvet fabrics often needs repolishing or a touch of brightening up with a new color. Velvet shirts, dresses, and other clothing can also be customized with a bit of acrylic paint.

Now, when you are experimenting, mistakes are inevitable. So, if you are thinking you’ve messed up your velvet fabric and can’t remove the acrylic paint from it, this article is just for you. Read the article and learn all the tips and tricks to remove acrylic paint from velvet.

How To Remove Acrylic Paint From Velvet?

Can You Remove Acrylic Paint From Different Types Of Velvet?

If you are working with acrylic, you need to know that acrylic paint is semi-permanent paint. So, whenever you use acrylic on a surface, specifically on fabrics, it will not be very easy to remove it once you have applied the paint.

More importantly, some residue of acrylic paint will be left if you try to wash off or remove the acrylic paint with only water, especially if the acrylic paint has already dried up.

On the other hand, velvet fabric is pretty hard to paint on, and as different velvet fabrics come with different textures, it is quite hard to get acrylic paint off of velvet fabric. 

Well, here’s the good news, even when it is kind of hard to remove acrylic paint from fabric, it is possible and you can actually remove acrylic paint from even different types of velvet with a few extra products and a little bit of soaking. 

How To Remove Acrylic Paint From Velvet?

Velvet is one of the most delicate and elegant fabrics there is. It can be rather hard to handle velvet fabric if you don’t have any prior experience. 

So, if you painted your velvet fabric with the wrong pattern or just the wrong color and now want to remove the acrylic paint, here’s how you do it –

  • Step 1: First, you need to clean the paint. Make sure nothing is on the stained area. 
  • Step 2: Use hand sanitizer to clean the paint.
  • Step 3: Take a toothbrush and gently scrub the paint.
  • Step 4: Velvet fabric can be easily damaged so take your time with thin steps.

You can remove acrylic paint from velvet fabric with the above technique if the paint hasn’t dried yet. But if your acrylic paint has dried completely, here’s how you can remove it –

  • Step 1: Use rubbing alcohol on the paint.
  • Step 2: Let the rubbing alcohol soak for a few minutes into the stained area.
  • Step 3: After soaking for a few minutes, take a soft-bristled brush and gently scrape the paint.
  • Step 4: Scrape the paint in a downward motion, this way the delicate fibers of the velvet fabric will not be damaged.
  • Step 5: You can also try hairspray and scrape off the paint. 
  • Step 6: Once the paint is removed properly, wash the velvet fabric properly.

These are a few ways I know of that can help to remove acrylic paint from velvet fabric.

Can Shampoo Help In Removing Acrylic Paint From Velvet?

When it comes to using shampoo to remove acrylic paint from fabrics and specifically velvet fabric, it is not much helpful. Shampoo works beautifully if you want to remove paint from hair.

But for surfaces like fabric shampoo is not strong enough. If you don’t have any other option at hand, try to soak your acrylic-stained velvet fabric in the shampoo. once the paint is soft enough, take your velvet fabric and scrape off the paint gently.

Can Nail Polish Remover Help In Removing Acrylic Paint From Velvet?

Nail polish remover can be used as rubbing alcohol. And because of this quality, you can actually use nail polish remover to remove acrylic paint from velvet. Nail polish remover has acetone which can help you soften the dried acrylic paint.

Try taking a few drops of nail polish remover and rubbing the stained area in a circular motion. Rub off the paint gently and clean the fabric afterward. This is a great way to remove dried-up acrylic paint from velvet fabric.

Can You Remove Acrylic Paint From Velvet Without Damaging Them?

Acrylic paint is semi-permanent paint. This means you will have a bit of residue on the surface once you have applied the paint. Especially on fabrics as it is quite hard to remove paint from fabrics. On top of that velvet is a delicate fabric itself.

So if you are wondering if your velvet fabric will be damaged in the process, the truth is, you can actually damage the velvet fabric’s fibers if you don’t handle the fabric with care. So, it is not practical to expect to remove acrylic paint from velvet fabric completely.

But you can try not to damage the fabric in the process. The key here is to handle the velvet fabric with care.

Be gentle with soaking and rubbing off the paint. Especially, when you are scraping off the acrylic paint make sure you scrape it off downwards. This way you can remove acrylic paint without damaging the velvet fabric. 

Suggested Materials You May Need

Scraping up acrylic pain from velvet fabric is a very delicate task. You have to be very careful while scraping off the paint so that you don’t damage the velvet fabric.

For this process, you do not need any fancy tools. Instead, you’ll need some household products to remove the acrylic paint from the velvet fabric. These products include tools that you use every day such as soft bristle brushes, nail polish remover, hairspray, and rubbing alcohol.

These products can be easily found in your house, but if you don’t have them here’s a list of some of the best options you can choose from. 

#1 OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brush : (Recommended Soft Bristle Brush)

OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brush is a very good option and also a very useful tool to keep around your house. It comes in a set of two. You will get one large brush and a small brush with the wiper blade.

The large brush is great for cleaning wide spaces with rough surfaces and the small brush can fit into tight spots and properly clean your household spaces.

Depending on your acrylic stain, you can use both brushes on the velvet fabric. If the stain is big and dried up, you can use the large brush and if the stain is small and you don’t want to spread the acrylic paint around the affected spot, use the smaller brush. 

#2 Vaxxen Labs Isopropyl Alcohol : (Recommended Rubbing Alcohol)

If you don’t have any rubbing alcohol at your home, you can check out Vaxxen Labs Isopropyl Alcohol. This is a 99% concentrated rubbing alcohol. Isopropyl Alcohol does not contain any additives, and it is not diluted.

As it is 99% concentrated, you only need to soak the velvet fabric for a few minutes. Soaking the fabric for longer may damage it and result in its bleached or faded color. You can get the best results if you carefully use this product with a witty minimum time.

Just soak the velvet fabric for a few minutes and check if the paint is softened enough. Then slowly scrape off the acrylic paint. 

#3 Cutex Nail Polish Remover : (Suggested Nail Polish Remover)

 If you want to remove acrylic paint from velvet fabric, nail polish remover is a great option. And in terms of nail polish remover, Cutex Nail Polish Remover is one of the best-selling nail polish removers on the market.

This product can easily remove tough polishes, long-wear nail polishes, glitter, and dark colors. This nail polish remover is great for softening dried paints. You can use the nail polish on a stained velvet fabric and easily rub off the acrylic paint.

Just be careful enough with the amount you use on the fabric, and you will not have to worry about damaging the fabric or spreading the acrylic paint. 

#4 L’Oreal Paris Hairspray : (Proposed Hairspray)

Another useful household item you can use to remove acrylic stains from velvet fabric is hairspray. Hairspray works differently than other items I have mentioned above.

As other products will help the acrylic paint soften up, and then you can scrape or wash it off, hairspray will help the paint to harden up. Once the acrylic is hardened up properly, you can simply take a scraper and scrape off the acrylic paint off the velvet fabric.

L’Oreal Paris Hairspray is one of the best choices for a hairspray, whether you want to use it for your hair or other household hacks. It quickly sets your hair and keeps it in place, and at the same time, it works great on hardening up acrylic paints. 

Over To You

Acrylic paint is quite easier to apply on various surfaces, including fabrics. But the headache starts when you want to remove it. 

It can be a bit difficult to remove acrylic paint from fabric completely, but with a bit of process and a few household tools, you can pull it off, and following the same steps, you can also remove acrylic paint from velvet fabric. 

I hope this article made things easier for you and answered your questions about removing acrylic paint from velvet fabric. 

What kind of velvet fabric do you like to paint? Did you remove acrylic paint from velvet before? Do you have any more tips about removing acrylic paint from velvet? Let me know in the comment section. 

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