How To Remove Acrylic Paint From Jersey?

Let’s discuss something fun, painting your jersey with acrylic paint. It can help you to make a creative and unique appearance. But it can also go south easily because of the strong bond acrylic paint will create with your jersey fabric. 

Do you want to know how to get acrylic paint out of your jersey when it happens? Well, I am here to answer that. 

Though acrylic paint can be quite stubborn, it is not impossible to remove. But if you are not careful, you might damage the fabric in the process. As a result, you might not be able to wear your jersey again. But thanks to our technology and techniques, various products will help you to get acrylic paint out of your jersey within a short time. 

Let’s learn about these things today, shall we?

How To Remove Acrylic Paint From Jersey?

Can You Remove Acrylic Paint From Jersey?

Your jersey sportswear symbolizes your team before the crowd. So having a different type of paint on the jersey might be very inconvenient. Acrylic paint can be quite stubborn after it dries. 

It is easier if you want to remove acrylic paint while it’s still wet. You can wash off the paint with detergent and warm water to remove the stain. But after it dries, it will become a lot stronger. So you will need some help.

It is not impossible to remove acrylic paint from a jersey after drying. But you will need to be patient and give enough effort to remove the paint completely.

It might take a while and careful handling. Choose the right tools and products. Follow the step-by-step procedure to save your jersey from ruin.

How To Remove Acrylic Paint From Jersey?

Removing acrylic paint from your jersey includes a few steps. Here is the step-by-step guideline that will help you to understand the process.

  • Step 1: First, remove any residue attached to the fabric. You can brush the fabric using a soft bristle brush, so the fabric does not get damaged.
  • Step 2: Then, remove any excess paint without smudging it. You can use a knife to scrape off the attached paint. Or you can wipe off the paint if it’s wet using a wet towel or wipe.
Step 3: Mix Cleaning Liquids Properly
  • Step 3: Choose a suitable cleaning agent for your fabric. Choose a soft detergent or dishwashing liquid if your fabric is soft. For stronger fabrics, use ammonia liquid or increase the concentration of your product. Keep in mind that the solution should not harm your jersey. Mix the cleaning liquids properly. 
Step 4: Dip Jersey In Cleaning Liquid
  • Step 4: Dip the stained area with cleaning liquid. You can use a towel or sponge to dip into the solution and press it against your jersey. You can also spray the liquid on the fabric. Let the fabric soak completely for the paint to come off easily.
  • Step 5: Wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the liquid to get absorbed.
Step 6: Scrub Painted Area
  • Step 6: Use a soft brush or scrub to rub the painted area and get the paint off. You might need to repeat the step several times to get a better result.
  • Step 7: After the paint comes off, machine-wash your fabric and dry it properly.

Can You Use Nail Polish Remover To Remove Acrylic Paint From Jersey?

Nail polish remover can break the bond into acrylic paint. It uses the synthetic characteristics to its advantage to make the paint come off. But it might be challenging to get rid of the stain completely.

If you stain your jersey with acrylic paint, the fibers will be soaked with the paint pigments. To remove the pigments, the cleaning agent needs to reach every corner. 

You usually apply nail polish remover on skin and nails, so it is not a very harsh chemical. It might not be that strong to remove all the stains. But it will remove the plastic-like layer of your paint.

Can You Remove Acrylic Paint From Jersey With Acetone?

Yes, you can use acetone on your jersey fabric to remove acrylic paint stains. Acetone is quite strong to remove the stain of acrylics, gels, and other synthetic paints.

To remove acrylic paint from your jersey, you first need to make an acetone solution. It should not harm your fabric but soak the paint completely. 

Apply the solution to the stained area. Use another fabric to isolate the layer of your jersey so that it does not damage other parts.

After soaking it completely, brush off the acrylic paint and remove the debris. When the paint ultimately comes off, leaving a light stain, wash using detergent and dry it to see the result.

Can You Remove Acrylic Paint From Jersey With Hairspray?

Hairspray is not a good paint removing agent. But it works quite effectively on latex-based acrylic paint. Before spraying the hairspray on the stained area, wipe off the excess paint. 

You can use a sharp object like a knife to scrub off the paint. After that, spray the hairspray on the stain. Do not hesitate or use a small amount. Spray generously so that the fabric can get soaked completely.

Use a brush to scrub the paint. Scrub gently to protect your cloth from damage. The hairspray will break the bond among the paint molecules. 

So, you will see small paint chunks coming out from the fabric. After removing all the paints, throw your garment into your washing machine.

Can You Remove Acrylic Paint From Jersey With Baking Soda?

Yes, baking soda is a good element for any stain removal. It can also help you with your acrylic paint removal mission. You can use baking soda with dishwashing liquid to increase its efficiency. You can also use it directly with warm water to make your acrylic paint disappear.

Various combinations include baking soda to make your cleaning process more effective. You can use baking soda with detergent, dish wash, and rubbing alcohol. Mix these ingredients well before applying the solution to your acrylic paint. 

You can also infuse it with salt, vinegar, dish wash, and lemon to make the cleaning solution. Either way, it works effectively to remove stains.

Suggested Materials You May Need

Acrylic paint becomes quite stubborn after drying. You will need some strong cleaning agents to remove them from your Jersey fabric. Here, I have mentioned some of the best cleaning products for removing your acrylic paint. Let’s learn more about them.

#1 Austin’s Clear Ammonia : (Recommended Multipurpose Cleaner)

You need something stronger to break that off when you have a stubborn stain on your carpet or towel. Austin’s Clear Ammonia solution is the perfect choice for you. You must use a strong ammonia solution and dip the area to make the paint come off.

You can also use a little amount while washing your clothes to make them clean and disinfect. But, you should not use a strong solution on soft fabrics. It might damage your favorite as well. 

So, after cleaning the paint, wash your jersey as soon as possible to keep its fabric quality intact. You will find this ammonia in stores or online at a reasonable price. So, buy and use it to make unwanted paints go away.

#2 Hippie Crafter Paint & Art Wipes : (Recommended Paint Remover Wipes)

Hippie Crafter Paint & Art Wipes is very handy. One of the best multi-purpose wipes. You can use these wipes to remove paint from various surfaces or anywhere in your home. You might think that they are too strong for your jersey fabric. But there work quite well.

You can use these paint-removing wipes to remove paint from your bedsheet, carpet sweatpants, or jersey. It is better not to use them on soft fabrics like sweaters or wash them immediately if you use the paint remover. 

The perfect product for you to get creative, clean your clothes after work, and make them look new. A budget-friendly paint remover for all of your household products.

#3 Eternal 100% Pure Acetone : (Suggested Nail Polish Remover)

Eternal 100% Pure Acetone is perfect if you want to remove all the synthetic parts of your unwanted acrylic paint. Acetone is an excellent solvent to break off acrylic paint. So, this acetone can save you if there is any unwanted splash on your cloth. 

You can dip a cotton ball or sponge in acetone and press it against the cloth. After soaking the area, gently rub the paint with a brush. The paint chunks which broke their bond because of acetone will come off easily. 

This liquid effectively removes stains from your apron, bedsheet, or pants. Also, you will not need to pay a hefty amount for this. This also works as an excellent nail polish remover. It cleans your nails perfectly before a manicure.

#4 Spongeables Body Wash Sponge : (Proposed Cleaning Sponge) 

To apply detergent or other cleaning agents to the stain, you’ll need a good sponge that can absorb a generous amount of liquid. Spongeables Exfoliating Body Wash Sponge is perfect for the job. 

It can take in a good amount of soap. You’ll be able to control the amount of liquid you want to soak the fabric in. You’ll just need to control the pressure you apply and dip the cloth with the perfect amount of cleaning agent.

It also scrubs the fabric surface gently. So it won’t damage your clothes and rub off the paint. It is perfect for your soft jersey clothes. These cleaning sponges are quite an economical solution for various cleaning works.

Over To You

Acrylic paint is a lovely tool to make your home colorful. You can experiment and make various creative pieces using acrylic paint.

But when the paint spreads to unwanted places and ruins your design, you need to get rid of that uninvited guest. Removing acrylic paint will help you finish your job and clean the after-project area.

I hope you enjoy your experience with acrylic paint and let us know how it went.

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