19 Preferred Ways: How To Remove Acrylic Paint From Cotton Fabric?

Being an artist, you must love playing around with your acrylic paint. Meanwhile, your cotton dress or apron may get some paint on it, which is a bit of a mess. But do not worry because I am here to share tips that will ease your work.

How To Remove Acrylic Paint From Cotton Fabric? There are numerous methods for removing acrylic paint from cotton clothes. These consist of chemical tools, water, and homemade solutions. 

The following 19 techniques will help you scrub off acrylic paint, leaving you with a brand new cotton cloth. Keep reading the entire article to unfold all the possible facts that will help you later. 

How To Remove Acrylic Paint From Cotton Fabric?

Is Acrylic Paint Permanent On Cotton Clothes?

Acrylic paint that we all work with is best known for drying fast. If you get acrylic on fabric, then it becomes hard to remove once it is heat set and dried.

But that does not make the paint permanent, so you can try to remove it with patience. You may need to use multiple methods to remove such dry paint. Better if you could remove the paint when it is wet on your fabric.

Is It Better To Remove Acrylic Paint When It Is Wet?

Of course, it is better to remove acrylic paint when it is wet. Because this is the point when acrylic paint has not completely bonded with the fabric. 

Now you can simply wash it under warm water or use a bit of detergent or some other method to remove the paint. 

Do not wait until the paint dries because the process will be far more difficult then.

19 Preferred Ways To Remove Acrylic Paints From Cotton Fabrics

When you are in trouble with unnecessary acrylic paint on the fabric I am at your desk with multiple solutions. You can try any of these ways to bring out your stubborn acrylic changes in cotton fabric.

Remove Acrylic Paint From Cotton Clothing With Isopropyl Alcohol

#1 Isopropyl Alcohol 

The most convenient thing to find at your house to sweep off the acrylic paint from cotton fabric is Isopropyl Alcohol. It is the safest of all, and you need to follow simple steps.

  • Put a towel under the cloth to separate the painted area. 
  • Next, pour some isopropyl alcohol on the spot and soak it for a while.
  • Then wash it with water until all the paint has gone.

#2 Dishwash Detergents

Dishwashing Liquid, which most people already have on hand, is frequently stronger than regular dish soap. To remove the acrylic paint do the following.

  • Soak the affected part of the cotton clothing in warm water.
  • Mix dishwashing liquid and warm water in an additional bowl at a 1:1 ratio. 
  • Start dabbing at the stain on your clothing or the acrylic paint on your carpet with a sponge. 
  • Repeat this process as often as necessary by rinsing the area with water. 
  • Wash your garments in the washing machine after the paint has been removed.

This process works best if your acrylic paint is still wet on the surface of cotton.

#3 Nail Polish Remover 

Paint is disintegrated by Nail Polish Remover. If soap and water aren’t doing the trick, then try using a nail polish remover which works like magic. To remove the paint:

  • Wash your cotton clothing in warm water. 
  • If you’re unsure about using nail paint remover, test a small piece of the garment in a hidden place first. 
  • You can take a blunt knife to scrape off extra paint.
  • Gently blot the discoloration with a cotton ball dipped in nail paint remover.
  • Again wash it with water and wait until all the paint is gone.

#4 Paint Thinner

Paint Thinner has the purpose of dissolving and removing acrylic paint from cotton fabric. 

  • To stop bleeding, slide a piece of cardboard under the stain.
  • And then dab a rag with paint thinner. 
  • When the cloth starts to gather up paint, dab the area with it and change to a new one.
  • Pour paint thinner straight over the fabric and scrub it with a toothbrush to remove very stubborn spots.

Paint thinner can produce strong fumes and is combustible. Always operate in a well-ventilated environment, and keep excess paint thinner away from open flames in a cold, dry location.

#5 Baking Soda Mixture

Baking Soda mixture will be a straightforward process to pull out acrylic paint from the cotton fabric. It has less chance to destroy your clothes and you can try it anytime.

  • Take a bit of Toothpaste on the spot and add it with baking soda and rubbing alcohol.
  • Then take a Toothbrush and scrub the mixture over the paint.
  • Next, take a bowl where you will mix water with vinegar and soak the fabric in that solution for 10 minutes.
  • Then dry the fabric and you will see your paint is gone.

#6 Commercial Stain Remover

Your best option when learning how to get acrylic paint out of clothes is to upgrade to a Commercial Stain Remover if none of the earlier treatments seem to be working.

  • You should thoroughly clean your clothes in warm, running water.
  • You should place face down the stain on some paper towels that have been spread out on a safe surface.
  • Break up the paint by blotting the stain with stain remover soaked clean cloth. 
  • When the paper towel becomes damp, repeat this process and change it. 
  • After giving the item a final rinse in fresh water, wash it.

#7 Hairspray

Hairspray contains alcohol that has the ability to remove difficult acrylic paint from cotton fabric. Make sure there is alcohol in a bottle of hairspray by looking at the ingredients list.

  • Spray the stain on your garments directly. 
  • After spraying it with hairspray, try scraping the paint stain’s edge with a knife.
  • It might have become loose enough because of the alcohol in the hairspray so that you can just scrape it off.
  • Try again if it doesn’t come out the first time.

#8 Denatured Alcohol

You can break down acrylic paint by denaturing alcohol. It works almost like isopropyl alcohol but it contains ethanol that is suitable for cotton fabric.

  • Dip a cotton ball into denatured alcohol and use it to treat an old or dry stain on your clothing. 
  • Rub the stain gently with the alcohol before rinsing it with soap and water.
  • Take some time and you will find the paint is finally gone.

#9 White Vinegar

Vinegar is frequently recommended as a method for removing acrylic paint from cotton cloth. 

Even though vinegar is a fantastic all-purpose cleaner, it works best on paint stains when they are still wet. Vinegar will not be able to remove paint off fabric after it has dried.

Just mix vinegar and water in a bowl and dip the stain part. Soak it for 10-15 minutes. Try to scrape off the paint with a blunt knife. Keep repeating the process and your work is done.

#10 Ammonia 

Ammonia is frequently suggested to remove acrylic paint that has dried on cotton clothes. With this inexpensive remedy, you can get rid of odors and paint stains on your garments.

  • Simply buy ammonia in the majority of pharmacies, hardware stores, and grocery stores. 
  • You should treat the contaminated area with a modest amount of ammonia.
  • The paint stain or odor may go away with the use of this solution. 
  • If the paint doesn’t come out right away, just soak your clothes for a few hours, wash them, and then repeat the process.
Remove Acrylic Paint From Cotton Clothing With Acetone

#11 Acetone

The fact that Acetone is designed to remove acrylic paint from surfaces is fantastic.You should use it in a room with good ventilation because of its potent smell.

  • Apply acetone on a cotton ball, cotton swab, or rag and let it sit on the stain for a while.
  • Use a bristles brush or an old toothbrush that has been dampened with cold water to gently scrub the stained area. 
  • Put the garment in the washing machine. Use the correct temperature setting while washing your clothes 
  • Examine the stain after the garment has dried, and repeat if required. 

#12 Lemon-Based Cleaner 

Making a homemade natural cleanser with orange or lemon peels or juice is another method for removing acrylic paint stains and odors from cotton clothes.

  • By combining water and lemon juice, you can quickly create an all-purpose cleanser.
  • Take three cups of water and one cup of lemon cleanser.
  • Apply the solution to the stain and leave it to soak for at least 30 minutes.
  • Wash it under running water and then you will have your clean cotton fabric without the paint stain.

#13 Coffee Ground Mixture

Some textiles can get severely damaged by the noxious and overpowering odor of acrylic paint. If you’re not careful, paint could even ruin your cotton clothes. Use coffee grinds to remove paint from your clothes and shoes.

  • Baking soda and coffee grinds can have the same effects on your things. They work just as well as baking soda at removing paint spots and odors.
  • Simply apply some hot water and coffee grinds to the stained area
  •  Let it sit for at least an hour. 
  • You can start brushing them off and washing the stains as soon as you’re happy with the outcome.
Remove Acrylic Paint From Cotton Clothing With Mineral Oil

#14 Mineral Oil        

Mineral oil can also assist in removing odors and acrylic stains from cotton clothing. 

  • Just apply the natural oil directly to the stain and gently rub.
  • Let it soak and dry, 
  • Then clean and blot with cold water.
Remove Acrylic Paint From Cotton Clothing With Hand Sanitizer

#15 Hand Sanitizer       

To get acrylic paint off of pure cotton clothing, see if you have any hand sanitizer lying around the house. 

Use an old toothbrush to scrape the stain away after thoroughly covering and saturating it with hand sanitizer. Then run a machine wash afterward.

#16 Laundry Detergent

You can easily and safely remove paint off your cotton clothing by using laundry detergent.

  •  If your liquid laundry detergent is too potent, you can weaken it a little by adding water
  • Use some warm water and washing detergent (or a soapy water mixture) to treat the stain. 
  • With your hands or an old toothbrush, scrub to create a lather. 
  • Use warm water to rinse or machine-wash it.

#17 Window Cleaner 

Window Cleaners usually contain acrylic softening liquids that can wipe out acrylic paint from the cotton fabric. Though most people do not even know of this trick but you can try it for sure. 

To peel off the dry paint use a plastic knife or a scrapper. After 2-3 repetition your acrylic will come off the fabric.

#18 Mixture Of Deodorant, Dishwash Liquid, Nail Polish Remover

If one process is not enough to bring out paint from the cotton fabric then try a few of these products together.

  • Spray some deodorant over the stain and scrub it with a blunt knife.
  • Then add some dishwash liquid and some water. Soak it like this and then scrub the paint off.
  • Then apply some nail polish remover to the paint. Just keep rubbing the clothing until the paint is all gone.
  • When the paint is gone, dry it well and you have your cotton fabric like a new one.

#19 Mixture Of Acetone, Ammonia And Vinegar, And Isopropyl Alcohol 

If your paint is dry and it has been really long then you need to apply some strong product to get that stain out of cotton. 

You can use acetone, ammonia, isopropyl alcohol and vinegar in turns to soften the paint. Use nails and scrape out the paint. 

What If Nothing Could Remove The Acrylic Paint From Your Cotton Fabric?

Tried all of the above methods while acrylic paint still not coming out of your favorite cotton clothes? Do not be sad because there is always an expert solution at the end. 

You can give your fabric to a professional dry cleaner who will swipe out the paint like magic. I know that will cost you a little extra but it will not be that much.

Over To You

At the end of this discussion, you should be able to remove your acrylic paint from cotton clothes when you try many techniques. It will both save time and money if you try things available at your home. 

I believe all the tips I have mentioned above will help you to a great extent. However, if I have missed something, then please let me know in the comment section below.

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