Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Good? 12 Great Things To Know

You must have tried several acrylic brands. Some must have succeeded in multiple art tests and some may have faced massive failure. But have you tried acrylic paint by Craft Smart? If not, then I will tell you why you should definitely use this acrylic paint for your craft projects. 

Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Good? Undoubtedly, Craft Smart acrylic is a game changing paint that is suitable for both students and professionals. It dries fast and allows the paint to blend perfectly. But the paint is thin and you need to apply multiple coats to get the opaque appearance.

If you are excited to know more about Craft Smart acrylic paint, then keep reading the article. I am sure there is some information that will amaze you a lot.

Is Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Good?

Why Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Is Suitable On Most Surfaces?

Craft Smart acrylic paint is best known for being able to suit any type of surface. It has a very nice texture and it is thin in nature which helps it to spread over the canvas surface quite easily. 

Though you may need to apply a coat of primer on a leather object, shoes and glasses before you apply this acrylic on it but that definitely helps the paint to adhere. 

But if you consider hard surfaces like plastic and wood, then first sand out the surface then apply primer or directly add craft smart acrylic on the rough surface with a white base.

12 Exclusive Properties: Those Make Craft Smart Acrylic Paints Useful For You

As you already know, Craft Smart acrylic is quite useful, but I will tell you 12 interesting points that will definitely make you fall in love with this paint. And I am sure you will love to add this paint set to your desk soon.

#1 Application

If you talk about the smoothness of this paint, then you must know the paint is not creamy or thick. It has a thin appearance that is definitely helpful for your desired surface. 

It will not form any uneven bumps on the surface, which means with every stroke, it blends much better on the platform. In short, it applies best to anything anyway. 

#2 Non-Toxic

Each and every craft smart acrylic paint guarantees to be non-toxic paint. It is all written on the bottle which means from kids to adults, everyone can use this paint for sure.

There are no harmful chemicals in it, so even after drying the fumes it releases will not affect you much.

However, it is not entirely safe for the skin because the skin is the most sensitive part of the body so it may irritate a bit.

But you can relax as that will not do much harm as it is not toxic. Yet do not let your kid swallow the paint as this is not suitable to eat at all. 

#3 Pigment

Overall, Craft Smart has sharp, vibrant colors and does not have a muddy look. Although Craft Smart makes colors keeping everyone in mind this brand has almost 99 different colors.

Most of its colors are created using a combination of pigments rather than a single pigment. Purchasing individual pigmented colors saves money because you may blend the various pigmented hues yourself. Additionally, you’ll learn more about blending colors.

The label of the tube contains information about the pigment. When compared to any craft or hobby-grade acrylic paint, this paint is superior.

#4 Fillers

Since this information is confidential, Craft Smart manufacturers do not list any additional chemicals in a paint tube. However, there may be some fillers in large containers that have a lower pigment load.

Only water, additives, a binder, and pigment are present in the paint. To my understanding, if they had any filler, I think that would enhance the quality of the paint.

#5 Coverage

Different paint brands have different opacity categories. In Craft Smart, there are two opacity categories.

They are opaque and semi-opaque though it is not indicated on the paint tube clearly. But if you add acrylic medium to the paint, then it will definitely work well for the acrylic pouring technique.

Craft Smart Metallic Paint

Craft Smart acrylic has excellent coverage when compared to any other student-grade paints. As you know, metallic colors are opaque single pigmented colors. So they may be the highest opacity in this range for single pigments.

However, It has a very decent coverage compared to the other cheap acrylics I have used before.

Craft Smart Neon Acrylic Paint

The neon colors are semi-opaque, which will give your paintings dramatic look. You can use 2-3 coats of the paint to make it opaque, and these colors individually illuminate in a blue light test.

#6 Color Mixing

To test for color mixability, you can combine 2 or 3 colors. The color blending is really fantastic. It can produce vivid colors that are fabulous to look at. The mixed paint has good coverage and is also fairly opaque.

The most interesting fact is that you can use this on fabric as fabric paint. All you need to do is fabric medium with the paint and mix it well. I have written an article in detail about this, and I think that will help you a lot.

#7 Drying Qualities

Within 10 to 15 minutes, craft-smart acrylic paint dries to the touch. It might become touch-dry in a split second or a few minutes if you applied it extremely thin.

Layering will be simpler because it dries as quickly as most other acrylic paints.

If you combine it with Liquitex Slow-Dri Medium, the drying period will be prolonged. The drying time will go up by 40%. The cheapest approach to keep the paint wet for longer is to use a stay-wet palette, which you can simply manufacture or purchase.

#8 Texture And Consistency

The viscosity of Craft smart acrylic does not prevent it from flowing very well. It is a thin paint. Thus it lacks a creamy, buttery consistency as well. It is not a type of heavy-body acrylic paint or soft-body acrylic paint.

I really appreciate how it has no slightly chalky or grainy texture. Additionally, compared to other paints, the paint appears to be more pigmented.

#9 Finishing

The Craft smart acrylic Bright Red has a very matte finish. But there is a faint gloss to silver. Acrylic paintings typically have a little gloss after drying.

This could vary depending on the color. But whatever their look is when you touch the dry paint your fingers will slide smoothly over the surface.

You can varnish the painting with an acrylic clear coating to bring the colors together and add luster to the finished product. Krylon is the greatest brand that I’ve found for acrylic clear coating.

You can use Liquitex Basics Acrylic Varnishes as a varnish for your paint as well.

#10 Thinning With Water

More or less Craft Smart acrylic paint is thin in nature. Whether you add water or not, you can simply use the paint on canvas without any fuss. Still, you can thin it with water to create a water wash effect on paper. 

The interesting thing is the paint is water-based and works exactly like the other acrylics. When the paint remains in liquid form, it does not harm you, as discussed before.

It is totally not flammable. Even after drying, it might not catch fire, yet try not to keep it near a burning area.  

#11 Permanence

After drying, craft smart acrylic paint is irreversible. Consequently, after drying, it remains waterproof.

This is designed to be strong, resistant to UV rays, non-yellowing, tolerate color shifting or fading, and have the highest level of archival quality. With the help of a sealer, you can make it permanent. 

However, the paint is washable with water and soap. So if you make any mistake or you want to remove old craft smart paint from an object that had no sealer on then simply wash it with soap and water.

#12 Accessibility

Craft smart acrylic products come in a variety of sizes and are sold in most art supply stores. Only tubes and sets are available for the smaller ones. Single colors are typically available in 2 oz tubes and 8oz. Even the basic colors come in big 64 ounce tubs. 

If you are a lazy bee just like me, then you can also surf the internet to purchase Craft Smart acrylic online.

You can look into Amazon, Michaels, Walmart and many more online stores for such paint. You can get these paints at a very reasonable price. 

Who Should Buy Craft Smart Acrylic Paint?

I know craft smart paint is quite handy, but it will surprise you because besides students, even kids and professionals can use the paint in their own way. I will explain to you which paint will suit best for whom. 


Students can use the set of matt acrylic paint for their school project. It flows great and dries fast which is everyone’s favorite. You can easily blend the paint and apply on canvas.

I can suggest the Matte Acrylic Paint Value Pack of a total 12 bottles. This water-based paint is non-toxic which makes it more appropriate for use by students of all ages.


When you are talking about professionals then you must know they are good at handling their artwork quite efficiently.

That is why Metallic Acrylic Paint Value Set by Craft Smart is the best choice for them. They can outline their projects with these aesthetic paint colors.

And trust me, with a simple stroke, you can get opaque paint marks on your canvas. And professionals can also handle them even though these paints dry so fast. 

Over To You

Overall, Craft Smart acrylic paint seems to be one of the best brands that you can try for sure. I have tried to explain all the properties it has that every artist should know in detail.

But if you have any other questions, then please write them in the comment below. I will come right back to you as soon as possible. 

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