Can You Use A Sharpie On Acrylic Paint?

Being an artist, I always like to experiment with new tools available in the market. But few people think that sharpie markers do not fit well with acrylic paint. Instead of believing them, I started to dig for the truth, and I have a lot of info to share with you.

Can you use a sharpie on acrylic paint? According to my findings, you can definitely use a sharpie on acrylic paint. But for that, the acrylic paint will need to dry out completely first on a primed surface. Because such markers work best on dry and non-porous areas. The result will wipe out all your worries.

Keep reading the article if you are here to know the truth in detail. I believe you will love exploring the facts that I mentioned below.

Can You Use A Sharpie On Acrylic Paint?

Can You Use All Types Of Sharpie Markers On Acrylic Paint?

If you have a sharpie marker pen, then you can draw around any surface, including acrylic painting. It has just the perfect tip and multiple types of ink, which function more or less the same as acrylic.

Water-Based  Sharpie Markers

A water-based Sharpie marker is quite durable and it sits so well over acrylic paint. They usually do not bleed through the dry acrylic.

The water-based Sharpie is water resistant. So, if you ever try to reactivate the acrylic then the marker paint will not easily move out or spread.

Oil-Based Sharpie Markers

Though there is no defined answer to this question, however, according to my understanding, you can use oil-based sharpie markers on acrylic. Because it is both fade and water-resistant which makes it applicable to acrylic paint.

Alcohol-Based Sharpie Markers

An alcohol-based Sharpie marker is a suitable option to work on any surface that has acrylic paint on it.

Some think that alcohol ink can wipe out acrylic but relax because nothing such thing is reported yet. So, try out alcohol-based Sharpie markers on acrylic and get a permanent finishing.

Does Sharpie Ink Bleed Through Acrylic Paint?

You may think that the marker pen of Sharpie may spread out over the acrylic paint. But do not worry because no such thing happens for this marker.

They make quick-drying ink that does not even get a chance to bleed. But it is better if you have previously primed the surface where acrylic paint was set.  

How Do You Use Sharpie Over Acrylic Paint?

There is no hard process to follow for applying sharpie marker over acrylic paint.I will mention few tips below:

  • First, dry the acrylic painting on the canvas because sharpie ink will not set on wet paint
  • After that, use a clean piece of cloth and gently wipe over the paint to remove any residue.
  • Next, take your favorite sharpie marker and start outlining the picture.
Use Sharpie Over Acrylics
  • Once you are done, let the marker dry without any artificial airflow.
  • Now you have your sharpie on acrylic paint that will neither fade nor change color.

Do You Need To Seal The Sharpie Over Acrylic Paint?

If you really wish to seal the sharpie marker ink over acrylic paint then try to use Mod podge. This will protect the color of the ink which means no fading away. But avoid using a spray sealer because it may spread the ink over other places.  

Does Sharpie Marker Fade Away From The Acrylic Paint Surface?

Some say it fades away and some say it does not fade away from the acrylic paint surface. The fact is that the sharpie marker does not fade away with time if you seal it with Mod podge. So, you can draw over acrylic paint which is all-over made to resist fading.

Suggested Materials You May Need

#1 Sharpie Water-Based Marker : (Recommended Water-Based Sharpie Markers) 

Sharpie Water-Based Marker is a set of markers that is formulated to work on any type of surface. It has a fine tip that roll over acrylic paint with ease.

I personally like this marker as they are water resistant and acid-free which makes them usable by all. 

Some of the users say that the ink dries fast and there is no odd smell which makes it the best choice. Moreover, it does not bleed on acrylic paint after a while.

Grab this amazing set of markers at a very reasonable price. 

#2 Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Marker : (Recommended Oil-Based Sharpie Markers) 

Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Marker is an excellent product that just sits permanently on many surfaces, including acrylic paint. It has an opaque finishing which makes it unique.

For me, this marker is a game-changing product. Some of the reviewers say that the marker tip is made so that it flows freely over the page smoothly. This has no odor and is made of non-toxic chemicals.

Go and grab some of this amazing product before they just get stock out.

#3 Sharpie 30003 Permanent Markers : (Proposed Alcohol-Based Sharpie Markers) 

Sharpie 30003 Permanent Markers is a marker that you can work on all types of surfaces. It has a strong ink that can even bond well with acrylic paint.

I personally recommend this product as it has fast-drying ink that will be of great use. Although some people believe alcohol ink can remove acrylic, there have been no such reviews of this happening. 

So, to obtain a permanent finish, try using Sharpie alcohol-based markers on acrylic. Try out this popular alcohol-based marker for your artwork and share your experience with us below.

Over To You

Experimenting with sharpie markers on acrylic paint is also fun. So, if you are a true artist, you will try using such markers on any surface. I tried to cover all the possible reasons why you should give a sharpie marker a chance over any other marker.

I hope you have found all the necessary information. If you have any queries, then please let us know. We will try to solve your issues as soon as possible.

Still, if you think you can add some valuable thoughts that I missed, then share them in the comment section. We are always keen to hear from you.

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