Can You Use Permanent Markers On Acrylic Paint?

As an artist, I always like to experiment with new tools available in the market. But few people think that permanent markers do not fit well with acrylic paint. 

Instead of believing them blindly, I started to dig for the truth, and I have interesting facts to share with you.

Can you use permanent markers on acrylic paint? As per my study, you can definitely use permanent markers on acrylic paint. But for that, the acrylic paint will need to dry out entirely first on a primed surface. Because indelible markers work best on dry and non-porous areas. You may get bothered by the odor of alcohol-based ink but the result will wipe out all your worries.

Keep reading the article if you are here to know the truth in detail. I believe you will love exploring the facts that I mentioned below.

Can You Use A Permanent Marker On Acrylic Paint?

To give an outstanding look to your acrylic paint all you can do is use a permanent marker on it. Because an outline with a waterproof marker can pop out your paint to everyone. 

The reason why I suggest a permanent marker for acrylic is that it has a super drying ability. and it does not rub off paint from the original image.

Some think that permanent markers leak through acrylic paint. But if you have primed the surface before painting, then it will not leak at all.

Even it will not smudge over the paint and you will have an intact masterpiece for a long time.

Do You Need To Seal Permanent Markers On Acrylic Paint?

Permanent markers are easily applicable on acrylic paint. But some believe that it fades away. But according to my research, it is partially true. 

Some alcohol-based permanent markers will fade away if it comes in contact with the sun. Even the brands that demand their marker is “fade resistant” also fade after a while. 

You may use a spray sealer or even Mod Podge to seal the ink. But this does not guarantee for how long your indelible marker will stay the same. 

Are All Permanent Markers Water Resistant?

Permanent markers have substances like glyceride, pyrrolidine, resin and pigments. These, all in total, resist the marker from water. This is why you can also call them waterproof markers. 

After they dry on acrylic paint, it will be hard for you to remove marker marks with water. Their water-resistant nature makes them stand out among all other types of markers. For example, highlighters, whiteboard markers, and so on.

What Makes A Permanent Marker Suitable To Use On Acrylic Paint?

So far, you have known that we can undoubtedly use permanent markers on acrylic paint. But the facts that make this marker more suitable I have discussed below.

Ink Type

Look at the ink type of a permanent marker. Then you will know it contains an alcohol-based ink that is completely resistant. 

What makes it more durable are the toluene and xylene mixed in their solvent that has resin (urethane) too. All together, they guard the ink until it dries out. 

When the ink dries, it becomes waterproof. Because the glyceride it contains always repels water. In short, the ink is completely a magic solution in itself.

Drying Period

If you are working on a before dried acrylic paint, then you can work easily on it. Because permanent marker ink dries as soon as you apply it on a non-porous surface. 

The alcohol-based ink has a super drying nature. After applying, the alcohol evaporates leaving the coloring pigment intact on the surface.


As long as your permanent marker stays on the artwork it will make your painting beautiful. That is why makers of permanent markers came up with some brilliant ideas. 

They thought of water resistance and non-fading techniques. According to that, once the marks dry on acrylic paint you will not be able to get it out using water or force. 

But if you have made any mistake and need to correct that then use a small amount of rubbing alcohol. It will re-wet your ink, and you can fix the mess. 


If you are sensitive to health issues then need not worry about the safety of permanent markers. Their ink is non-toxic and can be used easily without any dire consequences. 

Yet, if you are not good with a strong odor, you will need to use indelible markers in an open space. But no matter how non-toxic the marker is, keep it out of your kid’s reach.

Outline Acrylic Paints With Using Permanent Marker

An acrylic painting without detailing looks incomplete. You may have used black acrylic to draw outlines, but those are not even perfect. 

Tension not, because permanent markers are at your service. There are some fine-tip waterproof markers that you can use to draw outlines. 

For example eyes, skin marks, trees and so many other elements in the paint. Thus your acrylic paint will pop out and you will love your artwork even more.

Suggested Materials You May Need

#1 Sharpie Extreme Permanent Markers : (Recommended Permanent Marker) 

Sharpie Extreme Permanent Markers is something that you should add to your desk. Because it is famous for its durable fin tip that can tolerate any sort of harsh usage.

This waterproof marker dries out rapidly and does not allow the ink to fade away due to UV rays and water. 

I prefer this product as it comes in a set, and the ink has strong pigment. Most of its users shared that they use this on any surface and acrylic paint is no exception.

Hurry up and grab this fantastic waterproof marker at a very reasonable price. 

#2 BIC Intensity Fashion Permanent Markers : (Recommended Permanent Marker For Outlining)

BIC Intensity Fashion Permanent Markers is the best for outlining your acrylic paint. It makes it possible with its fine tip. 

If you are afraid of permanent marker drying out, then relax. Because BIC has got a vapor seal locking feather to prevent drying out markers. 

I personally prefer them for their variety of color selections. Their fine-tip model will help to draw outlines as per your need, and it has smooth grips too. 

Some of the artists believe that it has less odor which makes it safe for everyone’s use. One worked on acrylic painted rock, and the result was gorgeous.

Try out these amazing fine-tip markers and make your acrylic paint a bit exciting to look at.

Over To You

Experimenting with permanent markers on acrylic paint is also fun. So, if you are a true artist, you will try using indelible markers on any surface. Especially that have acrylic, you’ll see amazing results. 

I tried to cover all the possible reasons why you should give a permanent marker a chance over any other marker. I hope you have found all the necessary information. 

Still, if you think you can add some valuable thoughts that I missed, then share them in the comment section. I am always keen to hear from you.

If you have any queries, then please let me know. I will try to solve your issues as soon as possible.

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