Can I Use Any Type Of Mod Podge On Acrylic Paint?

Let me make a guess regarding your condition. You might be working on an acrylic painting project. And you’re worried about how to protect your paint, make it last longer, and improve the brightness of the paint.

So, Can you put Mod Podge on Acrylic Paint? Yes, you certainly can. Modge Podge is a widely used and flexible art medium. You can use it as an adhesive as well as a sealant.  It dries rapidly and leaves a long-lasting sheen to artwork.

In this article, you will be able to know about the different usage of Mod Podge. Hope it will assist you to know more.

Can You Use Mod Podge On Acrylic Paints?

Does Mod Podge Work On Acrylic Paint?

Mod Podge is a type of decoupage glue. It’s an adhesive, sealant, and finisher for crafts and art projects. It sticks to just about any surface, including cloth, paper, and other porous materials.

It’s acrylic and water-based. Even though it isn’t painting, it smears firmly to acrylic paint and dries completely transparently. If you want to paint over any spots, wait until the Mod Podge is totally dry and sealed before doing so.

Do You Need To Put Mod Podge Over Acrylic Paint?

Mod Podge is a substance that you can use in a variety of ways.  You can use it as a sealer as well as a protector for acrylic paint, decoupage, stain, cloth, and a variety of other products. To keep the paint from peeling away, coat it with extra Mod Podge.

The finish will be sturdy, glossy, and swift to dry. That is why you need to use Mod Podge on top of acrylic paint.

Can You Paint Acrylic Paint Over Mod Podge Sealer?

It’s a smart option to coat your acrylic paintings to safeguard them. If you’re stumped for a sealer, Mod Podge is a good choice in that instance. It is created for paper crafts and to seal your paintings.

You can use an acrylic paint sealer as it performs better with acrylics. But Mod Podge will work more effectively with acrylic paint. To achieve a superb finish, you must apply it before painting. You should also ensure that it has dried completely. Then you have to put acrylic paint over the Mod Podge sealer.

Can You Use Mod Podge On Top Of Acrylic Paint?

Yes, you can use Mod Podge on top of acrylic paint. If you use Mod Podge over acrylic paint to seal your artwork, it will protect your paint efficiently and simply.

  •  After you’ve finished painting, wait until the acrylic paint has completely dried before applying Mod Podge to the surface.
  • Apply Mod Podge to your painting’s surface in light, uniform coats. 
  • Finding the appropriate amount for use might be challenging. If you get too much, your paint will crumple and bubble. And if you use too little, it will take a very long time to dry adequately.

Can You Mix Acrylic Paint With Mod Podge?

Acrylic paints and mod podge are a great combination. You have to maintain a 2:1 ratio for the best results. Completely mix one component of Acrylic Paint with two parts of Mod Podge glue. After that, add half a cup of distilled water. Mix everything together until it resembles pancake batter.

Rather than making your own, you should buy and use high-quality Mod Podge. Homemade materials may not work well with acrylic paint on a painted object or adhere well to it. Also, it has a short lifespan.

What Types Of Mod Podge To Use On Acrylic Paint?

Mainly there are different types of Mod Podge to use as a good sealer for Acrylic Paint. It can be both water-based and oil-based.  Furthermore, there are three different sorts of Classic Mod Podge: gloss, matte, and satin.

Can You Use Mod Podge To Seal Acrylic Paint On Paper?

Mod Podge is glue as well as a good sealer. It’s great for gluing paper. Before using it, apply multiple coats of transparent acrylic sealant to both sides of the paper. Allow time for it to dry. Then dye both sides with a small layer of Mod Podge and let it dry. 

On paper, Mod Podge might take a little more time to dry completely. Within an hour, it seems dry to the touch, but give it a day to dry. It may feel dry within just 24 hours, but it will take several weeks to fully cure.

Can You Use Mod Podge To Seal Acrylic Paint On Fabric?

You can use Mod Podge to seal acrylic paint on fabric. It sticks to the fabric firmly and dries quickly. You must follow the following guidelines for sealing:

  1. Before assembling the fabric, coat both sides with Mod Podge. For a short while, the fabric will be damp. Temperature and humidity affect how long Mod Podge takes to dry. 
  2. Apply more than two coats of Mod Podge over the fabric after the Mod Podge has dried completely to seal and preserve it from damage.
  3. Between coats, allow the Mod Podge to dry completely. Reapply the next day.
  4. Finally, apply the acrylic paint over the fabric and dry it properly.

Can You Use Mod Podge To Seal Acrylic Paint On Ceramic?

Customizing ceramics by painting them is a fantastic technique to do it. But it’s necessary to make the paint long-lasting. Mod Podge works well with ceramics. It works as a sealant as well as provides a gloss or matte finish. 

You may apply paint to ceramic in two ways to help it last longer. To seal acrylic paint on a ceramic surface, heat is required. Instead of allowing the painted object to air dry, bake it. After it has been baked, you can seal it with Modge Podge.

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Can You Use Mod Podge To Seal Acrylic Paint On Rocks?

It’s a popular hobby to paint rocks. However, if the paint isn’t adequately sealed, it won’t last much longer without peeling or fading. In this scenario, you can absolutely use Mod Podge to seal painted rocks. 

Mod Podge dries with a transparent finish on rocks. You’ll be able to adequately seal your rocks and preserve the paint from crumbling or cracking if you use the right procedure.

Can You Use Mod Podge To Seal Acrylic Paint On Leather?

You can use Mod Podge as a medium to seal acrylic paint on the leather surface. 

  • The first step is to properly clean the leather.
  • Use acrylic paint to decorate your leather. Before you begin, thin your paint with one ounce of paint to one part of water.
  • Apply several layers of paint to the surface. Allow sufficient time for each coat of the paint to dry.
  • Then use Mod Podge over the paint as a sealer and finisher. It will help your leather things to last long in all kinds of weather.

Can You Use Mod Podge Over Acrylic Paint On Cosplay?

You can use Mod Podge as a durable finish over the final layers of your cosplay. You have to put just a thin layer of Mod Podge for a better result. Only a single layer is sufficient for your cosplay. It’s a simple technique to keep your cosplay paint from flaking or splitting.

Can You Use Mod Podge To Seal Acrylic Paint On Canvas?

Yes, it’s possible to use Mod Podge to seal acrylic paint on canvas. You can apply Mod Podge as a glue to effectively adhere the acrylic paint on canvas as well as to create a unique look. When you Mod Podge over the canvas, it gives the painted canvas an artistic look. For a sophisticated effect, it even mimics the brushstrokes of a painting.

Can You Use Mod Podge To Seal Acrylic Paint On Glass?

You can use Mod Podge over acrylic paint on any of your glass projects. Mod Podge adheres well to the glass.

  • Clean your glass first. 
  • Then use Mod Podge to coat the stained glass. 
  • When you use it over the glass, it leaves a clear protective layer behind. Check to see if it’s completely dry. 
  • Next, paint over the Mod Podge with acrylic paint.

Can You Use Mod Podge To Seal Acrylic Paint On Plastic?

You can use Mod Podge to seal acrylic paint over any porous plastic surfaces. It’s also good for gluing porous accessories to plastic surfaces. Mod Podge dries transparently on Plastic surfaces.

You may need up to 24 hours to dry off the Mod Podge on plastic surfaces. Within an hour, the surface will seem dry to the touch. But leave it 24 hours to fully dry.

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Can You Use Mod Podge To Seal Acrylic Paint On Wood?

Mod podge is easy to apply over acrylic paint. This sealer provides adequate coverage for wood. It’s available in both a gloss and a matte texture. This solution dries quickly and is non-toxic and non-flammable. 

Mod podge is also waterproof and won’t turn yellow throughout time. It is also waterproof and won’t turn yellow over time. If you’re going to use Mod Podge, make sure the wood is perfectly clean and smooth.

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Can You Do A Glitter Mod Podge On Acrylic Paint?

It’s possible to use a glitter Mod Podge on acrylic paint. It results in a better and brighter color if you apply it on the top of the paintings. It will also provide the paint with a lustrous sheen.

In this case,  wait until the paint is completely dry. Then apply the glitter Mod Podge.

Does Mod Podge Make Acrylic Paint Waterproof?

No, Mod Podge does not make acrylic paint waterproof. Mod Podge and acrylic paint work together to create a water-resistant product. It is not, however, water-resistant. You will need to use an extra sealer to keep acrylic paint watertight.

A few drops of water are all it takes to spoil your work. You don’t want it simply for a few droplets of water, do you? If water gets on your Mod Podge project, you may easily wipe it away.

Can Acrylic Paint With Mod Podge Make Transparent?

You can acrylic paint with Mod Podge to make it transparent. To do so, fill the disposable bowl halfway with Mod Podge and a few drops of paint. Allow plenty of time for the ingredients to come together.

By adding more Mod Podge to it, you can give it a more watercolor look. Reduce the amount of Mod Podge used if you want the paint to be less translucent.

Will Water Color Mod Podge Mess Up Acrylic Paint?

No. Watercolor Modge Podge won’t mess up acrylic paint. It was created with the intention of being used in papercrafts. But it is not particularly good in this case.

When it’s dry, it’s still sticky. If you want to seal your acrylic painting, use a medium-specific sealer.

Suggested Materials You May Need

If you’re like most of us, you probably have a ton of different materials lying around your house that you could potentially use to apply Mod Podge to your Acrylic Paint.

#1 Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer : (Best Watercolor Mod Podge)

Mod Podge Waterbase Matte Sealer dries quickly and leaves a clear finish. It has a matte, smooth finish. You can quickly clean this medium. It is available in a range of finishes, including gloss, matte, glitter, and satin.

Except for a handful, I found the majority of the clients to be satisfied. According to some of them, you may use this Mod Podge to add any medium, such as glitter, coffee, or cinnamon. This is fantastic for little pieces of art, according to several customers.

A small percentage of buyers suggested doing some study before utilizing it. You must be patient at all times.

#2 Mod Podge Extreme Glitter : (Best Glitter Mod Podge)

Mod Podge Extreme Glitter is a useful decoupage adhesive that has a lovely gleaming gloss appearance. It keeps your decoupage paper and decoupage tissue paper products looking beautiful. On a variety of surfaces, it dries rapidly. It’s simple to clean.

This is a very fine iridescent glitter, according to numerous customers. It’s simple to use and looks beautiful once it’s done.  Most of them advised the new customers to apply multiple coats if they want a highly glittering look.

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Over To You

It’s a lot of fun to use Mod Podge on acrylic paint. It will give your painting project a fresh look while also extending its life. I did my best to answer any and all queries that may have arisen in your thoughts.

Please let me know how you like this decoupage medium if you’ve tried it. If you have any suggestions or additions, please leave a comment below.

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