Can You Use Acrylic Paint On A Snowboard?

Do you want to give a colorful touch to your snowboard but do not know whether you can use acrylic on it or not? Then you came to the right place. I have done some research and I really got some interesting facts to share.

Can you use acrylic paint on your snowboard? Though acrylic paint is versatile and usable on any surface, you should refrain from using this on snowboards. Because acrylics cannot stay for long on your board after rough use. Even a sealer or clear coat cannot protect the paint for an extended period. Instead, you can use acrylic spray paint and customize your snowboard with colors.  

Below I have shared much more information that will definitely help you. Keep reading the article.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Snowboard?

Can You Use Acrylic On Different Types Of Snowboards?

Using acrylic paint on different types of snowboards shows different results. As I have mentioned before, there are better options than liquid acrylic for painting snowboards. It can easily come off the board at simple friction.

Some boards are made of fiberglass, wood made of beech and poplar, and aluminum. These surfaces serve as a strong base to stick acrylic.

But they cannot hold the paint for long. You need to repaint after some intervals, and eventually, it will come off. 

There are splitboard, freestyle boards, and mountain boards that you usually use for rough rides. 

Even if you paint them with acrylic, it will come off of the edges even after sealing. So, you better choose spray paint instead.

Is It Possible To Use Acrylic Over Snowboard Binding? 

Is It Possible To Use Acrylic Over Snowboard Binding?

Snowboard bindings hold the rider’s boot to the board strongly. Some boards have hard or soft boots attached to them. 

If you wish to paint them with acrylic, then I recommend not doing so. Because a few of the users feel acrylic cannot tolerate rough uses and rub off soon. 

Rather they pick acrylic spray paint that dries fast and does not crack like any other latex paint.  

Yet if you want to use acrylic then you may use a primer and a strong coating to make it last longer. 

Do You Need To Prime Snowboard Before Applying Acrylic Paint?

Of course, you will need a primer to cover the snowboard before applying acrylic paint. Though acrylic paint is not a perfect choice yet, a primer can save your paint on the snowboard. 

A primer can stick the paint properly on any surface for sure. But this may be temporary as you go on a harsh ride, and the friction can pull out paint after a while. 

Try to use 2 or 3 layers of primer to make the base strong for your liquid acrylic. 

Will Your Acrylic Paint Rub Off Of The Base of The Snowboard?

Acrylic paint will not last for long at the base of your snowboard. But you will definitely face some issues with the function of your board. 

Because the base of the snowboard has a layer of wax that helps it to slide over snow smoothly. If you sand out the wax and apply acrylic at the base, then your snowboard will not work fine. 

It will become slow, and you will not enjoy the ride like before. So, it is better not to touch the bottom layer of the snowboard in any manner.

Can You Use Spray Paint Acrylic On Your Snowboard?

Can You Use Spray Paint Acrylic On Your Snowboard?

Yes, you can use acrylic spray paint over a snowboard without any issues. Because spray paint usually dries after leaving a flexible acrylic layer. It becomes waterproof after drying and then it does not chip off after use. 

But after a few years, you may need to spray paint your board again. It is better to sand the surface before applying spray paint. This helps the paint to stick better.

How To Paint A Snowboard With Acrylic Spray Paint?

Painting a snowboard is a challenging task. You need to take a lot of preparation and material for your work.

Prepare The Area (Cover The Table)

Prepare The Area

Cover the floor with old newspaper and stick plastic on the wall. Choose an open place for your work. Spray painting can be suffocating in closed areas.

Clean Your Snowboard

Now you can remove all the dirt from the surface using an ordinary cleaner or rubbing alcohol. If there is any sticky substance, then pull it off the board. Let the area dry after wiping, and move to the next step.

Sand The Surface Of The Snowboard

Sand The Surface

Use lower grit sandpaper on the board and make it suitable for the acrylic to sit properly. The rough surface can hold the spray paint strong. But do not sand much, or else the board will become useless.

Use Tape For Base And Edge

Use Tape For Base And Edge

Now secure the small pores and also the edge before you start spray painting. This will also save the base of the board because paint can lessen the capability of the board.

Prime The Surface

Shake the can and apply primer equally over the surface. Let one layer dry first, and then apply another layer of primer for better results.

Spray The Base Paint

Spray The Base Paint

Now you can use your base paint. This will give a proper look to your design. Try a darker background, for sure. Your artwork will pop out on such a background. Let it dry for 4-5 hours, and then do the rest.

Add The Design On Snowboard

Add The Design

If you have a stencil, just use it or you can tape masking to create a pattern. Then spray your paint from a safe distance. Either way, your snowboard will look fantastic after drying.

Apply Clear Coat On Snowboard

Apply The Clear Coat

Now it is time to seal the spray paint. You can use a clear top coat for this job. Multiple layers can save your color for a long time.

Let Paint On Snowboard Dry

Let The Paint Dry

Just leave your snowboard to dry naturally for 4 to 5 days. Then you are all set to use your customized board on snow.

Do You Need To Seal The Acrylic Paint On Snowboard?

Yes, definitely. You will have to use a clear spray to seal the acrylic paint or the spray paint over the snowboard. 

This will protect the paint from any friction and prevent chipping off. But this may not serve much at the edge of the board. 

Because snowboard edges are exposed and any other metal object can hit it and peel off the paint. 

What Other Sort Of Paint Can You Use On Your Snowboard?

Besides acrylic paint and spray paint, you can also use Lacquer paint and varnish over the snowboard. Though they do not guarantee longer stay than spray paint, they are easy to use too.

What Other Sort Of Paint Can You Use On Your Snowboard?

You can also use vinyl wrap that already has a print on it. It will sit over the board like a sticker. It can also stay long and won’t peel off much.

Over To You

To sum up, acrylic paint works almost fine on snowboards of all types. If you know how to control the spray paint on the board, you are good to go. 

I have tried to explain everything above to help you. Let me know if I forgot to include anything. It will help other readers too.

If you have any other queries, then do not hesitate to ask. I will be more than happy to solve your doubts. 

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