Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Roller Skates?

Painting roller skates is a dream for people who are obsessed with them or maybe trying to learn how to skate. If you wish your skates to be decorated with pictures, your favorite anime character, or anything that you find incredible, then be ready to see how painting your skates can turn your imagination into a reality.

Choosing a perfect type of paint is essential. To clear your confusion, I’ve decided to answer this question –

Can you paint Roller skates with Acrylic paint? To create a fashion statement, you can easily paint your roller skates with acrylic colors. With proper preparations and cleaning, skates become a great surface to put acrylic paint on. Applying acrylic paint is not only easy but also affordable and long-lasting.

To make it easy for you, I’ve mentioned everything you need to know about how to paint your skates with acrylic paint, what to use, how to prepare them, and what products you should go for. Without delay, let’s jump on to the details.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Roller Skates?

Can You Hand Paint Your Roller Skates?

Whether the skate is black or white, it can be hand-painted. The roller skates must be new as damaged, or scratched skates can hamper the paintwork.

First, the hand painting process will start with prepping the skates by removing the finishes from the factory and applying adhesion where needed. The design is then applied with an airbrush.

In the end, an acrylic top coat is provided. You may decorate it with different accessories too. The exact process for customization is followed to hand-paint any kind of roller skates.

Can You Paint Your Roller Skate Wheels?

It doesn’t even take an hour to paint your roller skate wheels. Sounds easy, right? It is an easy process; you must be careful while choosing the dye as you need the perfect one. You can use fabric dye as paint to color your roller skates.

Detach the bearings and clean your wheels with soap and water. Warm water, and after the cool water downs a bit, mix your paint onto the water. Leave wheels in that colored water for five minutes to one hour, depending on how deep color you want.

Dry the wheels after picking them up from the water, and you’ll see how beautifully painted your skate wheels are.

Can You Paint Roller Skates With Acrylic Paint?

Yes! You can paint your roller skates with acrylic paint. Painting roller skates are the best way to make them exceptional. To successfully achieve that, you need actual color.

Acrylic paint is ideal because it is long-lasting, water-resistant, can be applied to any surface, and dries very quickly.  However, before you paint, you must carefully know the steps and prepare your skates for painting.

Choosing a good quality acrylic paint and smooth paint brushes are vital to complete painting the roller skates.

What Types Of Acrylic Paint Can You Use For Coloring Roller Skates?

Acrylic paint depends on whether you’re an amateur or a professional. Acrylic paint has two categories- one is for students, and the other one is for artists.

In the artist category, single pigment colors are at a higher rate, but in the student category, it is replaced with alternative properties. So, if you’re professional or doing a job of customizing roller skates, go with the artist category.

If you’re trying to paint your skates on your own for the first time, the student category is what you should go for. Depending on viscosity, types of acrylic paint also differ.

Heavy body acrylics with thick texture, soft body acrylics with a smooth surface, and acrylic gouache that dries quickly and doesn’t hold onto brush strokes are primarily used to color roller skates. Among them, Acrylic gouache is favored by new designers.

How To Paint Roller Skates With Acrylic Colors?

If you want to sum up the whole process, there are seven steps you must follow to paint roller skates with acrylic paint.

  • Step 1: Collect all the materials you’ll need. The list includes brushes(fabric paint), Acrylic paint (preferably dense pigment), glaze or glitter, cleaner, tape, pencil, and stuff to put inside the skates.
  • Step 2: Fill your skates with the material you brought for stuffing so that it looks like someone is wearing the skates.
  • Step 3: Clean your skates with cleansers like rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.
  • Step 4: Mix your acrylic paint with water and ensure the consistency is not too liquidy. Now, apply the first and base coat. But make sure to brush from one direction only.
  • Step 5: After the first coat dries out, apply the second coat in the opposite direction from the first coat you used.
  • Step 6: If you want to design, using a pencil, draw that onto your skates and fill in the outline of your design. Then just paint your design using acrylic paint, but this time, the color shouldn’t be as dense as it was for applying the coat.
  • Step 7: Finally, apply glaze or glitter, whatever goes with how you view your skates. Oh! And don’t forget to let it dry for at least a day.

What Kind Of Roller Skates Can You Paint With Acrylic Colors?

Roller skates are of different kinds. Some are used for outdoor activities, some for indoor, some for speed skating, etc. Acrylic color is a great medium to paint different types of roller skates.

Can You Paint Indoor Roller Skates With Acrylic Paint?

The only difference between outdoor and indoor skates is their wheels. To skate indoors, you need shorter wheels. So, you can easily paint your indoor skates with acrylic paint. You can spray paint or use a brush to create different styles. While coloring, tape the area you don’t want the color to touch. And apply adhesion so that it becomes easier to paint.

Can You Paint Outdoor Roller Skates With Acrylic Paint?

Outdoor roller skates, just indoor skates, can be painted with acrylic paint. But the preparation method for painting is different. You’ve to deglaze your skates first before putting on adhesion or cleaning. During the coloring process, start by applying a thin layer of color and give it time to dry.

Can You Paint Leather Roller Skates With Acrylic Paint?

To prepare your leather roller skates for painting, you’ve to put in a generous amount of preparer and deglaze and rub them. Make sure to remove laces, wheels, and tiptoes before painting.

Instead of applying one or two thick layers, for leather skates, apply many thin layers and let them dry after every application. Using an airbrush or paint brush, apply acrylic paint; after the paint dries out, use a finisher to protect your color.

Can You Paint Speed Roller Skates With Acrylic Paint?

Tiptoes are a unique feature of speed roller skates; the skate is made with a boot that looks like a shoe. You can paint tip toes using acrylic paint and water.

The boot is either made of leather, PVC, or vinyl / vegan leather, providing a perfect surface for acrylic colors. Following the same method as a leather skate, you can easily paint your speed roller skates with Acrylic paint.

Can You Paint Ice Skates With Acrylic Paint?

If you want to color your ice skate one primary color, use the acrylic spray after removing the laces and taping the wooden part of the skate. If you have any design in your mind, use a paintbrush and mix your Acrylic color to draw.

Can You Paint Derby Roller Skates With Acrylic Paint?

Derby roller skates don’t look different from regular roller skates. However, it has more padding, additional velcro straps, and accessories to protect it from all the bumping in a competition.

So, if you’re planning on painting your speed roller skates, you should be ready to do some extra work. Though the painting method with acrylic is the same, you have to remove the extra paddings, make sure it misses colors; remove laces and velcro straps and color them to match your skates.

Also, you need to be extra careful with the accessories to protect the speed roller skates. You can also add your accessories to make your skate look more appealing.

Can You Paint Suede Roller Skates With Acrylic Paint?

For suede roller skates, it’s easier to dye them with acrylic paint than to paint a design, as the surface of a suede skate is not as smooth as a leather skate.

You can use a foam roller to paint suede skates as foam rollers are used on rough or semi-rough surfaces. Or you can pour acrylic paint on water, dip your suede skates, and let them dry for at least 24 hours.

Can You Paint Aggressive Roller Skates With Acrylic Paint?

Wondering if you could paint your aggressive roller skates with acrylics? I’ve got good news. You can spray acrylic paint or paint with brushes on aggressive roller skates.

After researching, come up with a unique look for your aggressive roller skate so that it doesn’t become a copycat version of another person’s design. Buy stencils, and then use acrylic spray paint to color your aggressive skates.

This is considered to be the base color. Wait for 24 hours. Attach the stencil with tape, and then you can either spray or paint using brushes over the stencil. After drying, remove the stencil, and you’ll get the unique-looking aggressive skate you wanted.

Suggested Materials You May Need

Apart from good quality acrylic paint and roller skates, you only need brushes set and glaze to finish your painting. Other things like tape, rubbing alcohol, and water are available everywhere, even at home.

#1 Royal & Langnickel Crafter’s Choice Pro : (Proposed Brush Set)

While painting your roller skates, avoid buying cheap brushes. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but the cheap ones can ruin your skates and hamper your color’s quality. Royal & Langnickel Crafter’s Choice Pro is the one you should pick because it is affordable and of good quality.

#2 FolkArt Extreme Glitter Acrylic Paint : (Suggested Acrylic Paint For Skates)

This FolkArt Extreme Glitter Acrylic Paint glaze not only makes your skate looks attractive but also protects it without being sticky. A good glaze is essential to finish your painting and make the color long-lasting.

Over To You 

Skaters always want to stand out among others; they learn different tricks to woo their audience.

Apart from their schemes, the look of their skates can make a difference; as the case, many opt to paint their skates to make them look striking.

Hence, using acrylic paint to color your roller skates is great as whether you’re an amateur or a professional, you can easily color your roller skates with acrylic paint.

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