Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Patent Leather?

Having a few pieces of patent leather outfits can make your closet resourceful and give you an elegant and shiny look. But if you want to redecorate or paint on patent leather, it can be challenging.

Can you use acrylic paint on patent leather? What paint works the best for patent leather? For any type of painting project, acrylic paint is one of the common ingredients. Using acrylic paint on leather is also common. But as patent leather is artificially processed to make it look glossy, you will need to take care of the smooth finish before using acrylic paint.

That’s not all. I have some tips for handling patent leather and creating the design you want. Let’s get into it.

Can You Use Acrylic Paints On Patent Leather

Does Acrylic Paint Work On Patent Leather?

Seeing the glossy outlook of patent leather, you might think it is impossible to work on that surface. But that’s not true. With proper cleaning and preparation, you can paint on your patent leather and design it however you want.

You can also use acrylic paint on the leather. Though acrylic leather paint works better on patent leather, if you want, you can use regular acrylic paint as well.

Acrylic paint will stick to the patent leather surface if you prepare it and let it dry properly. You don’t have to worry about the paint fading away with time.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint Over Patent Leather?

Patent leather is famous for its high gloss finish. It has been in the fashion industry for more than two centuries. As the leather gets its glaze it through artificial treatment and is covered with a linseed oil-based coat, it is difficult for any paint to set on it.

So, you will need extra care while painting your patent leather. You can paint the leather with acrylic paint. Acrylic leather paint works better, but regular acrylic paint works too.

Before painting on your patent leather, apply a thin layer of primer. Use multiple thin layers of paint to get an even and glossy look.

Uses Of Acrylic Paint On Patent Leather Materials

You will find various items of patent leather in the fashion industry. There are a few that are outside the fashion industry as well. Let’s take a look at those products and understand what you can paint with acrylic paint.

Acrylic Paint On Wallets

The patent leather wallet is quite popular among people of all ages. You will find different styles and designs on patent leather wallets. You can use different types of paint on patent leather wallets.

The wallet does not stretch much and doesn’t change the structure, so you can apply a heavy layer of paint too, as long as the design does not crack up and stays on the leather surface. You can draw almost anything on your patent leather wallet.

Acrylic Paint On Dance Shoes

Yes, you can paint your dance shoes or uniform shoes with patent leather. It is better if your shoe does not have much ornamentation. Ornamentation makes it difficult to paint over the surface.

Shoes endure a lot of pressure and stretch around the ankle area. You cannot use any paint on your shoe, making the material less stretchy and stiff. It will make the shoe uncomfortable.

Especially for dance shoes, it needs to be comfortable for the performer to move in them smoothly.

You can use a bit heavier paint on the front of your shoes where minimal pressure is applied. But make sure that the usability of your shoes does not get damaged.

Acrylic Paint On Thigh-High Boots

The paint on thigh-high boots must be smooth and have an excellent finish. As the boot will feel some stretch every time you walk, you cannot use any paint that makes the leather stiff.

Whether a professional wrestling boot or a regular boot, you will need to choose the paint and painting process wisely. You will see a lot of use of patent leather in thigh-high boots.

The shiny surface of the leather makes it look more beautiful. If you want to paint your boots, ensure the consistency is flowy enough not to become patchy and evenly distributed.

Acrylic Paint On Belts

Usually, belts are not too flashy or do not contain a lot of design. But you still find delicate and refined designs on different types of belts. You can create the design you like on your patent leather belt with the proper procedure.

You can use thin acrylic paint or leather paints to paint on your belt. Belts have to go through a lot of friction and stretching, so using a stiff painting will be a bad idea. Use thin paint layers that can help you make your belt look beautiful and last a long time.

Acrylic Paint On Sneakers

Patent leather is not a common material for sneakers. However, you’ll still find some beautiful limited-edition sneakers. Many of these sneakers come with their unique features and designs, but you can still use thin layers of acrylic paint on them.

It will be better if you use acrylic leather paint, but a combination of regular acrylic paint and thinner can also be used. Sneakers are made for the comfort of the user. While painting on them, you should also consider comfort first.

There is no limitation on which type of design you should choose. It depends on your preference. But using heavy paint can make the paint crack up easily. So I would ask that you choose wisely.

Acrylic Paint On Handbag

Patent Leather handbag is another popular item. You will find various brands making unique and beautiful patent leather handbags. Many of them have sophisticated paint and designs as well.

You can paint on patent leather handbags quite easily. It doesn’t need to be stressed or constantly under pressure. So, you can use almost any acrylic paint on the surface. Before you start painting, prepare the surface so the paint can stay for a long time.

If you want the paint to glide smoothly against the leather surface, it is better to use thin layers of paint. You can also use thick layers to create texture and dramatic effects.

Acrylic Paint On Clothes

You will not see various patent leather clothes in your nearby cloth stores. These clothes are a little expensive. But you will find some extraordinary pieces in the market. Though patent leather clothes are not too common, people like these clothes because of their shiny look.

You will get a flashy look without putting in a lot of effort. You can paint on your patent leather clothes using acrylic paint.

The process of painting depends on the cloth type and texture. But one thing that remains constant is, you need to draw the patterns and apply thin coats of paint carefully.

How To Apply Acrylic Paint Over Patent Leather Without Damaging It?

Working on patent leather can be a little bit tricky or confusing if you are not familiar with working on glossy surfaces. You can use these techniques to paint on patent leather.

Step 1: Clean The Leather

Step 1: Clean The Leather 

Before painting on your patent leather, you need to clean all the dirt and oil built on the surface. You can use strong chemicals like acetone or rubbing alcohol to get rid of stubborn stains.

But you should not let this material stay on your leather surface for long. It might damage the material.

If you are using a new leather product, you might not need to clean it, as it will be cleaned thoroughly. Wiping away the dust using soap water and a towel would be enough for new patent leather products.

Step 2: Mask The Areas

Step 2: Mask The Areas 

If you want to paint on the whole surface, you will not need to mask any area of the product. But if you want to restrict some areas from getting painted, masking will greatly help. Use the masking tape and put it on the area where you don’t want paint or stain.

Step 3: Prepare The Surface

Step 3: Prepare The Surface 

The patent leather is quite glossy and smooth. Applying a thin primer coat will help you settle the paint. Take a leather primer and spray a very thin layer of it on the surface.

Step 4: Paint Your Patent Leather

Step 4: Paint The Patent Leather 

To maintain the glossy look and not make the paint peel off, apply thin layers of acrylic paint to it. You can use acrylic leather paint and mix it with acrylic paint thinner to get your desired saturation.

You can use airbrushing technique or apply the paint using your paintbrush. You can also use leather spray paint. In that case, you will not do not need to add any thinner to the paint. Apply thin and even paint layers. Before applying the second layer, dry the paint completely.

Step 5: Seal The Paint 

After you get the desired color, seal the paint with leather sealer. You can use both matte and glossy sealer on patent leather.

Step 6: Remove The Masking Tape

Step 6: Remove The Masking Tape

After you are done with your painting, you can remove the masking tape.

Step 7: Touch Up

Step 7: Touch Up

After removing the tape, check if any area is left to be painted. Use your brush thin brush to go through those sophisticated areas. Keep the leather aside for one or two days to settle the paint on the surface before using it.

Suggested Materials You May Need

To paint on your patent leather, you need to clean and prepare the leather so that your effort does not go in vain. Here are some materials that will help you in your quest.

#1 Leather Honey Leather Cleaner : (Recommended Cleaner For Leather)

Before you paint your leather, it’s a must to clean them properly. It is even more essential for patent leather. You will need to remove all the oily substances before painting on your patent leather so that the paint can sit on the surface easily.

This Leather Honey Leather Cleaner will eliminate unwanted dust and oil. But it will not damage your sensitive leather surface. Whether your leather is sophisticated or rough, you can use this cleaner. The cleaner is strong, but it takes good care of your leather.

Remove all the piled-up dust without losing your patent leather’s smooth and shiny texture with this cleaner. It is also very affordable. You can clean a large area without worrying about the cost.

#2 Smalltongue Leather Paint : (Proposed Leather Paint)

While painting on leather, you need to consider a few conditions. So you cannot use any paint you want arbitrarily. This Smalltongue Leather Paint set will reduce your worries about painting materials.

It will give the perfect finish to your leather surface. It will not crack up and goes well with your leather. You will find a wide color range at a reasonable price. The application process is also easier. So enjoy your DIY painting project with these acrylic leather paints.

Over To You

Though painting with patent leather can be tricky, it is not impossible. You will find the process enjoyable and more manageable once you know how it works. But there is a limitation of paint varieties you can use on your patent leather.

Now can you use acrylic paint on patent leather? I have described the necessary steps and techniques that will help you. Enjoy your leather painting journey, and let me know how you feel.

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