Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Mesh Fabric?

Mesh fabrics are widely used because of their comfort and variety. Using this particular fabric, you can create dresses, gowns, sportswear bodysuits, and many other sophisticated designs. I know it feels great when you can decorate your mesh fabric however you want. 

But you might think, “Can I use acrylic paint on mesh fabric?” The answer is yes. Acrylics is an excellent medium for painting on any surface. You can get different consistencies and a vibrant outlook using acrylic paint. But there’s a catch – you must be careful while working with mesh fabric. This fabric does not go well with dense paints. So you will need to have the paint in a very fluid condition. Otherwise, it will make your fabric stiff. 

That’s not all. Let’s learn which type of acrylic paint is the most suitable to paint on mesh fabric.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Mesh Fabric?

Will Acrylic Paint Stay On Mesh Fabric?

Acrylic paint stays for a lifetime if you apply it correctly. Even on mesh fabric, acrylic paint works quite well. It is not about how long the paint will last. It is about the changes in the fabric acrylics will cause. 

Usually, mesh fabric is breathable and somewhat stretchable. But the breathability may decrease when you apply a coat of paint on them. If you are not careful enough and apply heavy layers, it can also get in the way of the comfort of the fabric.

What Type Of Acrylic Paints May Work On Mesh Fabric?

All types of acrylic paint do not go well with mesh fabric. Here, I have discussed different acrylic paints and how they will look on mesh fabric.

Can You Use Craft Paint On Mesh Fabric?

Craft paints are one of the easiest to handle. They are pretty consistent. But you can mix water and paint medium to make the consistency up to your liking. 

If you can make the acrylic paint thin enough and not have any trouble applying them, you can use them on mesh fabric. While working with craft paint, ensure you are not applying heavy layers. Try to apply thin layers and give them enough time to dry.

Can You Apply Student Grade Acrylic On Mesh Fabric?

Student-grade acrylic paints are of higher quality than craft paints. These paints have vibrant colors. The application process of student-grade acrylic paint and craft paint are almost similar. 

Though the paint has a creamy consistency, you can make them liquid using a suitable medium. So, before applying student-grade paint on fabric, make sure they are flowing and liquid enough to cover your mesh fabric while not making it stiff. 

If your paint cannot make a good solution, then you should not use it on your mesh fabric. The reason is that it can clog your fabric’s pores.

How Will It Look If I Paint On Mesh Fabric With Soft Body Acrylic Paint?

You can use soft body acrylic paint on your mesh fabric. But you will need to prepare the paint for the work properly. Soft body acrylic paint usually stays in a fluid form. Still, its consistency is quite creamy. 

If you apply the paint to your mesh fabric, it will create a heavy layer. In that case, you need to make the paint thinner before working with it.

The paint will give you a dripping effect on your fabric but still maintain the texture. So, if you want a strong and vibrant outlook, use soft body acrylic paint on your mesh fabric.

Is Painting With High Flow Acrylic Paint Easier On Mesh Fabric?

Yes, high-flow acrylic paint is easy to apply and will stay on your mesh fabric for a long time. The ink-like viscosity of the paint makes it easier to work with. 

Usually, this type of paint is used for spray painting and airbrushing. However, if you are not good with the flowy consistency, you should be careful while applying them. 

High-flow acrylic is fun to work with. It does not make your fabric harder. So many people like to use them for painting on their fabric. Even when you are working with mesh fabric, high-flow acrylic paint will naturally melt in the fabric layer without creating any extra layer.

Does Acrylic Marker Work On Mesh Fabric?

Yes, acrylic markers can be used for painting on mesh fabric. Acrylic markers use liquid inks to make your fabric colorful in an instant. Also, the sharp tip of the marker makes it easier to apply. 

If you are not experienced with working on mesh fabric and want to create a fine design, the acrylic marker can help you to achieve your goal. 

I have seen different types of acrylic markers. Some will give you a thin line to help create borders, while others will cover larger areas. You will find acrylic markers of different colors to create vibrant designs.

How Does Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Look On Mesh Fabric?

You should not use heavy body acrylic paint on mesh fabric. Heavy body acrylic paints are used to add texture to the fabric. 

While painting on mesh, building texture can be unsettling and uncomfortable. If you use this fabric for making dresses, the texture might make it uncomfortable. 

Also, I found it challenging to make a liquid solution using heavy body acrylic paint. The cream-like consistency might become chunky if you mix it with water. So, in most cases, applying heavy body acrylic paint on mesh fabric is not a good idea.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On All Types Of Mesh Fabrics?

There are various types of mesh fabrics. Some are suitable to paint with acrylic paint, but some are not as appropriate as the canvas. Here, I have discussed the types of mesh fabric you can paint with acrylic paint.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Polyester Mesh?

This extremely lightweight and breathable fabric has multiple uses. If you are thinking about any athletic apparel or comfortable dress for wearing on a busy day, the polyester mesh is the perfect material for it. 

You can also design your polyester mesh dress using acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is usually coarse and can become hard after drying. So you need to use fabric medium to make them suitable to apply on any fabric. 

However, you can use polyester mesh as your canvas for drawing and playing with acrylic paint. The paint will make your dress stand out even more while maintaining the fabric’s breathability.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Tulle Mesh?

Yes, you cant paint your tulle mesh fabric with acrylic color. Tulle mesh is widely used for decorative purposes. You’ll find this fabric on the outer layer of gown, wedding veil, and even in flower arrangements. 

Tulle mesh creates volume and texture on your dress. They are a significant element in enhancing the beauty of any dress.

You can add a bit of color if you want to highlight them more. It holds paints quite well. So, you can experiment with acrylics. I think it will look fabulous and last a long time.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Mesh Netting?

Yes, you can use acrylic paint on mesh netting. Mesh netting is a breathable fabric that is usually used for outdoor equipment. But they are suitable for dresses too. 

Acrylic paint on your bag or dress will stand out more if you use mesh netting. Mesh netting is not too stretchable. So it will not create any cracks while the paint dries. It is still better to apply thin layers. 

If you want a brighter color, you can use multiple layers. But applying thick layers will make the fabric harder and difficult to maintain.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Mesh Powernet?

If you are careful and use thin layers of paint, you can color your mesh powernet fabric with acrylics. Powernet fabric is used to make stretchable shapewear. 

As the fabric is stretchable, you cannot use any heavy paint on the fabric because the paint will start to crack when the fabric stretches. 

You can only paint your powernet mesh fabric under some special circumstances. So, if you are doubtful about the paint, it is better not to use them on this fabric.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Power Mesh?

Power mesh fabrics are usually famous for their stretchability and compression ability. So they are used for shapewear and sportswear. These garments need to be breathable and maintain the stretchability intact.

You can paint your power mesh fabric with acrylic paint. But it is better not to do that. It might stiffen the fabric if you start coloring without much preparation. 

Also, heavy acrylic paint might crack when you stretch the fabric. And painting the garments that stay close to your skin can irritate your skin and cause rashes. But if you use fabric medium and apply very thin layers, you can also paint power mesh.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Nylon Mesh?

Yes, you can use acrylic paint on nylon mesh. Nylon mesh is usually used for commercial and industrial purposes. They are not often used in the apparel industry. But you will still find them in lightweight garments. 

Nylon mesh can give a refined outlook and make your evening wear beautiful. You can create different patterns and designs if you want to apply acrylic paint to mesh fabric. 

It is better not to use acrylic paint directly on nylon mesh. But if you mix the paint with fabric medium and apply thin layers, it will be ok and make your fabric beautiful.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Mesh Fabric For Stencils?

Yes, you can use acrylic paint on mesh fabric for stencils. Stencils have been used for a long time for accurate and fine edges. 

Mesh fabrics are sensitive to work with. If you create a suitable paint solution for the stencil, you can paint your mesh fabric with it. Place the stencil where you want your design to be. You can use a sponge or a brush to apply the paint to your fabric.

Always keep a clean fabric and paper towel nearby to remove extra paint. Apply thin layers of paint and let them dry before applying the next layer. Do not remove the stencil until the process is over to get a clean outline.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Mesh Fabric Shoes?

Yes, you can paint mesh fabric shoes using acrylic paint. As mesh fabric shoes will not be directly in contact with your skin, you can use acrylic paint on them without worrying much. 

Even if the acrylic paint is slightly saturated and hardened after the application, it will not make the shoe unusable.

Mesh fabric is a little bit tricky to work with. But if it is a pair of shoes, you can take the risk of painting with acrylic paint and see how it turns out.

Does Acrylic Color Need A Medium To Paint On Mesh Fabric?

Yes, you should use a suitable fabric medium to paint with acrylic color on mesh fabric. As acrylic paint is not suitable for fabric painting, it hardens once the paint dries. 

The paint will not last long on the fabric if you do not use any medium. Also, it will make the fabric stiff and the clothes unusable. It is even more true for mesh fabric. Mesh fabrics have multiple tiny holes all over their body.

If the layer of paint is not thin and flowy enough to keep those holes open, it will damage your fabric’s quality. You must mix acrylic paint with a suitable, good-quality fabric medium if you want to design your mesh fabric.

Suggested Materials You May Need

You will need some high-quality chemicals and tools to make your acrylic paint suitable to apply to mesh fabric. I have recommended some useful products that will help you in your mission.

#1 Jacquard Textile Paint Clear Extender : (Suggested Color Extender)

Jacquard Textile Paint Clear Extender will help you to get a soft, vibrant and even color. It will make the color more transparent and easy to apply thin layers to your mesh fabric. 

If you want to maintain the texture of your color but make the paint softer, this color extender is the perfect product for you. 

Customers who have used it have expressed great satisfaction. You do not need to worry about the paint staying on mesh fabric or the fabric becoming harder if you mix this color extender with your acrylic paint. 

Also, you will get all these facilities at a very reasonable price. It is a great economical option to solve your problem and give you a better solution.

#2 Amazon Basics Paint Brush Set : (Suggested Paint Brush)

You need good quality paint brushes to get the perfect finish and clean outlines. You can opt for Amazon Basics Paint Brush Set. These nylon paint brushes have fine tips and are perfect for working on different fabric types. It will make your work easier and help you to get refind outlook. 

You will get brushes with various widths and styles in this set. Some will help you reach critical corners, while others will power in a larger area. So you will be able to apply your paint however you want using different brushes. 

You do not need to be an expert with paint to work with these brushes. These are very easy to use and can effectively handle paints with a different consistency. Also, you will get the brushes at a reasonable price and be able to use them for a long time.

Over To You

Mesh fabric has gained popularity because of its breathability, vast usage, and various fabric styles. There are multiple types of mesh fabric that you can use for making different things. However, you must be careful when you use acrylic paint on mesh fabric. 

I have explained how you can use acrylic paint on mesh fabric. I hope these techniques help you to get a better hold on your paint and make your DIY project successful. Share your experience with us and let us know how these helped you.

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