Can You Color Your Hair With Acrylic Paint?

Acrylic paint might seem like an easier option, also an available one when you want to color your hair. It is easier to find in your nearest Walmart. They are affordable too.

So, now the question is Can you use acrylic paint on your hair? The answer to your question is sadly “No, you can’t use acrylic paint directly on your hair”. As the chemicals are bad for your skin and you might react to the chemicals. It is not only toxic for your hair and skin but also it will wash off. But the good news is you can color your wigs with acrylic color. 

So, in this article, I’ll be your guide to using acrylic paint on your artificial hair or wigs. I’ll discuss what kind of colors are safe to use, recommended brands, how to use them on your wigs, and how to make sure they last long. 

Can I Color My Hair With Acrylic Paints?

Can You Put Acrylic Paint On Human Hair Wigs?

If you have a human hair wig and want to do some experiments on it with acrylic paint, well you might be disappointed with the result.

Even though you are not directly putting acrylic paint on your scalp and it might seem safe, but you have to remember that hair dyes are specifically made to penetrate human hair and set color on it.

As acrylic color is not made for that purpose, it will not stick and wash off easily. You should use hair dye to dye your human hair wigs for maximum results. It will stick to your hair wigs better and give your wigs a vibrant look.

Can You Put Acrylic Paint In Artificial Baby Hairs?

Artificial baby hairs are made to give you a more natural look when you are wearing a wig. Styling baby hairs are also in trend right now. They come in different colors and styles. You can also style them after putting them on.

Now, as they are too close to your skin, it might irritate your face, if you use acrylic paint on them, no matter what kind of material they are made of.

So, if you are using acrylic paint to dye your baby hair make sure the hair is made of synthetic material and also dry them properly before using them.

Can You Put Acrylic Paint On Machine-Made Hair Wigs?

Machine-made hair wigs are wigs created by machines with sewn-in hair. Customers purchase real human hair bundles or hair weft, which they then sew into the wig cap along with the hair tracks.

The processing period is less than for other lace wigs. They don’t look as natural as lace wigs. As these kinds of wigs use real human hair you can’t put acrylic paint on them either. It will wash off and ruin your wig.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Blended Hair Wigs?

A human hair blend wig combines human and synthetic hair. These wigs have several advantages, including the ability to retain style longer due to the synthetic fibers, as well as a natural look and feel thanks to the real hair.

Synthetic hair is made out of thin plastic fibers that are designed to seem like real hair. As these wigs do have human hair blended in them trying to dye them with acrylic paint might not be the best idea.

As the result wouldn’t be satisfactory and there’s a chance it wouldn’t work. 

Can You Put Acrylic Paint In Your Cyberhair?

Cyberhair is a hair system that makes customized hair strands for men, women, and children. Each strand of hair has ridges and recesses akin to human hair, giving it a genuine texture and real hair look.

It is also high in moisture, letting it respond to water in the same way that healthy human hair would.

They are not made of real human hair. But ss it is an expensive option for a non-surgical hair replacement, it would be ideal not to use acrylic paint to dye them.

The chemicals can be harmful to the hair strands and also to your scalp.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint In Your Wefted Hair?

In its most basic form, a hair weft is a collection of hair strands sewed onto a super-thin cloth strip ready for your stylist to incorporate into your hair.

There is machine-sewn Wfted hair also hand-sewn ones. Wefts that are hand-tied are a little more delicate. They cannot be trimmed, but they are significantly lighter.

You can cut machine woven wefts, but they’re significantly heavier and often thicker at the seam. Both have their advantages.

Wefted hair is often made from real human hair. And as they are real human hair you can not put acrylic paint in your wefted hair. 

Can You Put Acrylic Paint On Wiglet Hair?

Wiglets include a variety of hair toppers, top pieces, and even human hair integration wigs that are designed to cover thinning hair or simply provide a little more volume and fullness around the top of your head.

They are miniature hair wigs, similar to toppers. They can be made of real human hair, synthetic fibers, and animal hair. So, if you want to color your wiglet hair and thinking of using acrylic paint, make sure they are not made from real human hair.

For best results choose a wiglet that is made from synthetic fiber. They are an ideal choice when you want to use acrylic paint.

Can You Color Your Hand-Tied Hair Extensions With Acrylic Paint?

Hand-tied extensions are a technique in which a stylist ties beads to a row of a client’s natural hair, similar to the beaded weft method.

The precise process is perfect for people who want to add more volume and length that looks natural without placing too much tension on the scalp or hair.

Hand-tied extensions are created by hand from 100 percent Remy human hair. This enables the wefts to be seamless, thin, flexible, ultra-lightweight, and near to the scalp.

Again as human hair isn’t the ideal material to put any paint on, acrylic paint will not work on hand-tied hair extensions.

Can You Put Acrylic Paint In Hairpieces?

The most common method of hair replacement is hairpieces.

A hairpiece is a piece of fake hair that some individuals put on their heads when they are bald or want to make their hair appear longer or thicker. Less-priced hairpieces’ hairs might be manufactured of either moderate-quality human hair, animal hair, or synthetic fibers.

The most expensive and mid-priced hairpieces are created from European hair that used to grow naturally in a wide range of colors, textures, densities, and degrees of curl, wave, or straightness.

Hairpieces come in all materials. And it is possible to use acrylic paint on hairpieces made of synthetic fibers.

Can You Color Your Daily Wear Cranial Hair Prosthesis With Acrylic Paint?

A hair prosthesis or cranial prosthesis is a custom-made wig manufactured for individuals who have lost their hair due to medical disorders or treatments such as alopecia areata, trichotillomania, alopecia totalis, chemotherapy, or any other clinical disease or treatment that causes hair loss.

A cranial prosthesis is developed with the wearer’s comfort in mind. A cranial prosthesis, unlike a wig, is constructed with a blend of real human hair that has been developed to reduce irritation.

To ensure a flawless fit, each customer is subjected to a variety of head measurements. Because there is human hair in the blend you shouldn’t put acrylic paint on the carnival prosthesis.

Can You Put Acrylic Paint In Your Hair Caps?

Sleeping with a silk cap can assist if your hair is prone to split ends. It reduces friction between your hair and the pillow, which aids in the prevention of hair breakage and split ends.

A sleep cap or a hair cap for long hair can help keep tangles and snarls at distance.

If you are using a plastic hair cap the acrylic paint will not ruin your cap. But in the case of a silk hair cap or any hair cap made from cloth may get ruined if you’re using acrylic paint.

Can Acrylic Paint Be Used On Capless Hair Wigs?

A basic wig cap which is also known as a capless, wefted, or open-cap is a machine-made wig cap constructed by sewing “wefts,” or hair curtains, onto a strip of thin, elastic cloth.

To hide the wefts from visibility at the portion area, they are hidden utilizing a technique known as “permatease”. One of the key reasons is that you will not feel as hot with a capless wig since your hair and scalp will be able to “breathe” much more than with a regular cap wig. Capless wigs provide excellent airflow due to the open space between the wefts.

Now as there is open space in the capless hair wigs exposing your scalp, no matter what material your wig is made of, using acrylic paint will irritate your scalp.  

Can You Put Acrylic Paint In Vacuum Base Hair Wigs?

A vacuum or suction type wig is also known as a cranial prosthesis is a one-of-a-kind fit since it is manufactured from a bespoke mold or a laser scan of your head and all of its characteristics.

This technique requires that there be no hair or that it be shaved beneath. Then it attaches to the skin without the need for tapes or glues, avoiding extended maintenance and processes that destroy base and hair.

They are produced from highly processed Asian or Indian hair that has been stripped of cuticle and color and dyed for the European market. Real human hair won’t hold the acrylic paint so, you can’t put acrylic paint in vacuum base hair wigs.

Can I Mix Hair Gels With Acrylic Paint?

Acrylic paint can be mixed with hair gel when you’re using it to paint a canvas. The hair gel gives the acrylic paint a smooth and shinier finish. You can also change the texture of the paint with different hair gels.

So, when it comes to using hair gel when you used acrylic paint on your hair, you can. You can use hair gel to style your artificial hair or wig even when it has been dyed with acrylic paint.  

Recommended Materials You May Need

You can dye your light-colored wig using acrylic paint without hurting the strands. A small amount of acrylic mixed with rubbing alcohol creates a powerful color that will leave your wig appearing vivid and brand new.

Now that you know which material of wigs is suitable to use acrylic paint on, you need to know what sort of materials you’ll need when you’re going to dye your wig with acrylic paint. Here’s the complete list:

  • Light-colored wig made of synthetic fiber
  • Comb
  • Acrylic paint
  • Rubber gloves
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Spray bottle
  • Plastic cover or tarp
  • Mannequin head

#1 Framar Power Painter Hair Color Brush : (Best For Dyeing Hair Wig With Acrylic Paint)

As you are planning to color your wig with acrylic paint one of the most important material you’ll need is a hairbrush. Hairbrushes that are used while dying hair are different than a normal hairbrush.

So, you need to carefully choose a brush for the best result.

Framar Power Painter Hair Color Brush is one of the best options for coloring your hair. It has a strong curved handle that is gentle on the hand and wrist even during prolonged use.

Its brushes include AccuSoft bristles that are the ideal blend of soft and firm. Large sections of hair can be painted at once, saving you time on color applications while yet providing dimension.

A user also said because of the number of bristles on the brush, the Framar Power Painter brushes save application time.

When compared to our regular brush, this brush has around three times the amount of bristles, making balayage and hair painting considerably easier.

Final Thoughts

Coloring your hair can be a daring decision. So, coloring a hair wig is definitely easier and safer.

This way your hair keeps intact and you can do all the experiments you want on your wigs. So, when you are thinking of painting your wig with acrylic color, if it’s your first time use an old wig. Use proper precautions and let the color dry completely.

Now you just have to put on your colored wig and enjoy your new look.

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