Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Gaming Controllers?

If you’re like me, you’ve always wanted to try acrylic paint on a gaming controller. But you may wonder whether you may try it out on your favorite fabric or not. Well, I have come up with some interesting facts that will ease your work.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Gaming Controllers? Yes, you can be creative with acrylic paint on a gaming controller. However, your plastic shell may not be the same as before. For proper adhesion, apply a primer and cover the paint with a top coat to make your design permanent. Otherwise, your paint may rub off due to excess use.

In this post, I will be discussing the topic in detail. Keep reading to gather professional knowledge about acrylic paint and its application over controllers.

Can You Use Acrylics On Gaming Controller?

Can You Customize Any Gaming Controller With Acrylic Paints?

Painting over a gaming controller with acrylic is something that will change your device into something unique. 

However, being a gamer, you already know that there are multiple types of gaming controllers and you need to follow a different process for each.

Xbox Controller

If you have an Xbox one or Xbox 360 controller you must know they come in different colors. Yet, you can customize them with acrylic with a little preparation for sure. 

The most interesting fact is that you can separate the controller shell from the body and then paint the entire surface. Proper sanding and topo coating can save your work for a longer time.

Playstation Gaming Controller

Just like the Xbox controller, you can also paint the Playstation controller and it is even easier. Because you do not have to worry much about covering the battery cover region. 

Playstation controllers like Ps4 or Ps5 fall in the same category when you think of painting them with acrylic. But you must prepare the surface before painting, or else the paint will just come off.

GameCube Controller

Just pull out all the screws and separate the internal part from the cover. Now you have the GameCube controller where you can apply acrylic liquid paint or even spray paint. 

Just remember to prime the entire cover, as this helps to stick the paint on the surface. Sanding cover can help too in this regard. 

Wii Controller

The Wii controller totally works on a motion sensor which means you need to be extra careful before using acrylic on it. If acrylic dries on the sensor, then you will ruin the device forever. 

So try to seal it with masking before painting. In addition, you cannot separate the cover from the internal body, so try to seal the buttons and pores too.

Will Acrylic Paint Stay On Buttons Of Your Gaming Controller?

Will Acrylic Paint Stay On The Buttons Of Your Gaming Controller?

If you are super excited to paint the buttons of a gaming controller with acrylic, then I must warn you.

Acrylic Paint On Controller

Because even if you paint those buttons, the paint will come off gradually due to sweat and excessive rubbing. 

Even if you think to coat the paint it will not work much, according to a review that a gamer shared on Reddit.

Do You Need To Use A Primer Before Applying Acrylic Paint On A Gaming Controller?

Do You Need To Use A Primer Before Applying Acrylic Paint On A Gaming Controller?

Priming the gaming controller before applying acrylic paint on it is a must. Because this helps your paint by creating a surface that can stick properly. 

Moreover, a white primer can pop the color brighter and make it look different in a good way. 

You can also use an adhesion promoter, as the covers are mostly made of plastic. The promoter helps acrylic stay on the plastic surface and also dries quickly on it.

How To Paint Your Gaming Controllers With Acrylic Colors?

There are multiple ways to paint your gaming controller with acrylic paint. Some are tricky to apply but some are super fun. If you want to explore these processes, you will need to read below. 

Disassemble Parts For Acrylic Pour Paint

Acrylic Pour Paint

Disassemble The Parts

First, take the gaming controller and lose all the screws carefully. Then remove the internal part and then take out the shell.

Sand The Surface For Acrylic Pour Paint

Sand The Surface

Now, sand the surface cover with a 1000 grit sandpaper. Take some and continue until the surface is slightly rough. Then wipe the shell with a damp cloth.

Apply A White Primer

Apply A White Primer

When you have the fresh shell, apply a white primer to the upper portion. The white color helps the acrylic color to shine brighter. It will help the acrylic paint to stick properly.

Mask The Pores For Acrylic Pour Paint

Mask The Pores

There are some pores that you need to seal with masking tape. You should not make any mistakes.

Prepare The Coloring Tub 

Take a big plastic tub and place each part inside. This will help you to resist the flow of paint everywhere.

Prepare The Color

Take a plastic cup and pour multiple colors one by one. As you will use pouring technique you have to have a bunch of colors.

Pour The Color

Now pour the entire paint gradually. Look for uneven paints and flow these away before drying. Leave it for almost a day to dry.

Acrylic Spray Painting

Disassemble The Parts For Acrylic Spray Paints

Disassemble The Parts

First, separate the gaming controller cover from the core part with the help of a screwdriver. Then keep them in a safe place so that you can assemble them later.

Mask The Pores For Acrylic Spray Paint

Mask The Pores

Use masking tape to cover those places where you do not want any color. This also includes the vents and openings that you need to mask mostly.

Sand Surface For Acrylic Spray Paint

Sand The Surface

Take a light grit sandpaper and start sanding the surface evenly. The more you sand the area the more it will clear any dirt or layer present. But do not sand too much or else the cover will lose strength.

Apply Primer

Apply A Primer

For spray painting, you can also take a spray type primer that will cover the entire object easily. You can use a white or a gray primer for this work. 

Spray Acrylic Paint

Spray Acrylic Paint

Now, It is time to be creative. Grab a can of spray acrylic paint and start applying over the shell. Try to pick a product that produces less odor like or else you need to have a ventilated room for this work.

Seal The paint

At last, let the color dry. It will take less than a day to complete drying. Then apply a matt finish like Rustoleum Matt Finish to seal the color for a long time. You can also get a glossy touch if you use a glossy top coat.

Acrylic Paint Pens

Mask The Pores And Battery Cover

Mask The Pores And Battery Cover

As like before you can mask the buttons and and battery section if you are working with acrylic marker pen. You will not need to worry about the delicate parts as marker ink does not drip. But if you want a base paint then cover every pores. 

Spray A Base Paint

Spray A Base Paint

Now take your favorite spray base paint. This will change the surface adhesion nature and you will love to draw over it.

Start Using Marker Paint

Start Using Marker Paint

Grab your acrylic markers and start drawing your desirable design. I bet you will love the process.

Draw The Outline

Draw The Outline

After you have done coloring, take a fine outline marker to draw details. This will give a defined look to your design.  Now you have your very own customized video game controller.

Do You Need A Top Coat For Using Acrylic Paint On Game Controller?

Do You Need A Top Coat For Using Acrylic Paint On Game Controller?

If you completed your acrylic painting over a gaming controller but do not bother to seal the paint then it will be a waste. Because you use a gaming controller to enjoy your gaming period. 

But if your paint comes off, then you will have an ugly controller to play with. To keep your paint intact, use a top coat or a sealer for sure.

Can You Use Hydro Soaking Technique With Acrylic On Gaming Controller?

Yes, you can use hydro soaking technique with acrylic to paint your video gaming controller only if you know what the process is actually. 

By hydro soaking or dipping, what I can say is – you will have a tub full of floating acrylic colors in pattern. You will dip the entire controller cover slowly letting the color set the surface entirely. 

This is easy and the paint does not trouble you much in case of sticking on the surface. But after the paint dries you must seal the surface with a top coat. 

Does Acrylic Paint Make The Game Controller Hard To Vent And Stay Cool?

Does Acrylic Paint Make The Game Controller Hard To Vent And Stay Cool?

To my understanding, acrylic paint will not heat up the gaming controller if you keep the pores and vents open. Because you will actually paint the plastic body so heating up will not be a problem. 

Acrylic Paint Will Not Heat Up The Gaming Controller

However, if you close the vents with acrylic then the heat will not go out of the controller and it will push you to danger.

What Other Different Kinds Of Paints Can You Use On Your Video Game Controller?

Besides acrylic paint, you can also use some other paints that will more or less stick to video game controllers. 

You may choose watercolor for any sort of color splash design but that will not last long. If you use lacquer paint for airbrushing and seal it afterward, then it can be a good option.

But do not try any oil paint for this purpose. It will completely ruin your device and you will have a damaged controller in the end. 

Suggested Materials You May Need

To paint over a gaming controller you need to have a few things to make your painting experience easier. I will mention some of them below.

#1 Krylon Fusion Spray Paint : (Recommended Spray Paint)     

Krylon Fusion For Plastic Aerosol Spray Paint is a cool product to add to your desk. Because this will spark up your xbox controller with a glossy finishing. The durability and adhesion quality of this spray paint is quite impressive.

I highly recommend this product because I found it easy to form a base even layer over a plastic object. Some say it may fade a bit if you do not seal it. But trust me that this will not come off easily. 

So, what are you waiting for? Try out this amazing plastic aerosol spray paint at a very reasonable price.

#2 Dupli-Color Adhesion Promoter : (Recommended Adhesion Promoter)

Dupli-Color Clear Adhesion Promoter Primer is a product that works perfectly as a primer on a plastic surface. This allows any type of paint to stick over it.

I personally like this product because it has a fine spray tip that allows even spraying. Though some of the users say that it has a bad smell, you can overcome the issue if you work in an open space.

Hurry up and buy this amazing product for your gaming controller.

Over To You

In conclusion, the best way to get your acrylic paint to stay longer on a video gaming controller is to use an acrylic primer. Then make sure that the shell is clean and free of any extra layer. 

I hope my findings have been helpful to you. However, if you have any queries regarding acrylic spray paint, then do let me know in the comment section.

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