Can You Paint All Types Of Foam Boards With Acrylic Paint?

Foam board is a lightweight, flexible, and long-lasting board. It is available in a large range of grades and colors. It’s common in crafts because it’s affordable and easy to mold into varying shapes for many types of DIY projects.

Even laminating is possible with foam board. For 3D effects, you can emboss and deboss foam boards without using heat.

Now you may want to know Can you use acrylic paint on foam board? Water-based acrylic paint is best for foam board painting. You must keep in mind the properties of foam core board if you wish to paint on it. Foam is a very delicate material. Acrylic dries fast, is long-lasting, and sticks to most surfaces. This paint is suitable for use on foam core since it does not need the use of solvents, as do oil paints. 

In this article, I’ll try to tell you about different types of foam and whether you can use acrylic paint on that foam or not. Hope you’ll find it helpful.

Can I Paint Foam Boards With Acrylic Paint?

Will Acrylic Paint Stick To Foam Board?

For foam boards, it’s an excellent paint to use. You can use it right away. Although you may need many coats of acrylic paint to get the shade you want. Because it can soak into the foam’s pores. It also has a consistent shine and requires no base coat. Acrylic paint is accessible in a variety of colors. You can find it at any craft store.

Will Acrylic Paint Stick To The Plastic On Insulation Foam Board?

Foam board insulation comes with a very thin plastic sheet. The plastic sheet is a vapor barrier for the insulation. Water-based acrylic paint will not adhere to plastic. Peel it off and start carving and painting. 

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Polyisocyanurate Type Foam Board?

Polyisocyanurate is a closed-cell, rigid foam board insulation. This board has foil facers on both sides. People use this board on roofs, walls, and ceilings. And specialty applications within commercial and residential buildings of all types. If you want to paint the foil on polyiso, you’re painting the metal.

So a paint designed for a metal surface should definitely work. If you want to use acrylic paint, then you need some extra preparation to adhere it to the metal surface. You shouldn’t have to sand anything. Because that’s not usually a prep step for painting metallic surfaces.

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Can You Paint Foam Board Wall With Acrylic Paint?

Painting foam insulation in your house help to improve the look of a garage or basement. You can use water-based acrylic paint on your foam board wall. You should avoid oil-based or other solvent-based paints. Because they contain compounds that can harm foam board.

Can You Paint Foam Board Boxes With Acrylic Paint? 

Foam boxes are made from a plastic called Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). This type of foam is durable, temperature resistant, light-weighted, and shock-resistant. You can paint these boxes using waterborne paint. Acrylic or vinyl lattices are suitable to paint for this type of foam.

Can You Paint Foam Board For Pin Board With Acrylic Paint?  

Pinboards are often used as memo boards or notice boards in schools, offices. You can generate new ideas and make art pieces with them. Pinboards available in the store are two-sided. One side is cork and the other side is foam. You can also make your own pinboard with only a foam board. You can use interior acrylic latex paint or spray paint on the cork side. You can also decorate the foam side or foam board with water-based acrylic paint.

Can You Paint Foam Board For Menu Board With Acrylic Paint?

When starting a food company, such as a restaurant or café, it is important not to forget the menu board. So, if you want to create a menu board out of foam board, all you have to do is print it on foam board. You may also use PVC foam board as an alternative. Apply acrylic latex paint of your chosen color/finish. You can use a foam brush, roller, or electric paint sprayer. You may need to apply several coats.

Can You Paint Foam Board For Frame And Mount With Acrylic Paint? 

There are boards available in the market called mounting boards. These boards are perfect for mounting and framing your pictures. If there is any leftover board after mounting, you can draw a picture on it. Or you can color the frame to contrast with the photo. In both cases, you can use water-based acrylic paint to improve your art pieces

Can You Paint Foam Board For Photography With Acrylic Paint? 

Foam boards gain popularity in the product and e-commerce photography industry nowadays. The reason for that is quite simple. It’s an excellent budget photography trick that can take your work to the next level. Photographers often use white or any solid color for better clicks.

You can paint it with acrylic paint to make a dynamic backdrop for your photo.

Artists, photographers, and exhibitors love foam boards as an inexpensive yet very attractive material. They use it for displaying their work for short-term, promotional, or personal purposes. And if you have a favorite band or movie, foam board poster printing is a great way to display.

For printing any photo, PVC foam board is a great choice. It has a smooth surface. So you can print on it straight. You can paint PVC foam boards with acrylic latex paint if you want. 

Can You Paint Foam Board For POP Displays With Acrylic Paint? 

POP displays are one of the most cost-effective, efficient methods to grow your brand. With their attractive graphics, colorful images, these displays are definitely turning heads. There are many materials available for making POP displays. Yet, Foam Board, Gatorfoam, Ultra Board, PVC are the best choice.

You can paint Gatorfoam with acrylic base enamels (water base or oil base). Or you can use oil base lacquers (solvent base). You can also paint foam core board and PVC with acrylic paint.

Can You Paint Foam Board For Exhibits And Kiosks With Acrylic Paint?

Low-density expanded PVC is an ideal material for light-duty applications. People use it from retail POP and displays to tradeshow graphics, exhibits, and kiosks. PVC board is easy to DIY and print. Also, you can paint it with water-based acrylic paint.

Can You Paint Foam Board For Lobby Decor With Acrylic Paint?

People like to use foam core board to decor their house and lobby. Compared to other types of boards, foam boards have a solid core and are completely rigid. The material lies flat without aid. It can stay straight when propped up or hung.

You can print pictures and designs right onto the foam core. And also you can paint it with acrylic color. You can laminate or frame your foam board for a waterproof finish. And also choose from a variety of finishes such as glossy, textured, or matte.

Can You Paint Foam Board For Interior Signage With Acrylic Paint? 

Expanded PVC is rigid and lightweight foam. It is very tough, rigid, and versatile for many types of signage applications. Also, you can use a foam board or a gatorboard sign. Both have a dense foam core. Gatorboard will have a glossier finish than the matte finish of foam board signs.

Gatorboard is the ideal choice for frequent use and transportation. Such as trade shows, promotional displays, conferences, or event displays. You can use acrylic paint on all types of boards above-mentioned.

Can You Paint Foam Board For Sets and Props With Acrylic Paint?

Films or theater productions depend a great deal on the props and the set design. Most of the props that you see on set are actually made of EPS foam. Special artists crafted and designed it.

EPS foam refers to any type of expanded polystyrene. Expanded polystyrene insulation encompasses lightweight yet durable insulation. It is able to withstand incredible weight and force. Artists use acrylic or spray paint to make authentic-looking props.

Can You Paint Foam Board In Building And Construction With Acrylic Paint? 

Utilizing foam in domestic housing has been increasing day by day. For its ceiling and thermal insulation properties, people use it in the building. Its flexibility and non-fibrous properties make it an ideal thermal and acoustic insulator.

Materials for making rigid foam include polyisocyanurate, extruded polystyrene, and expanded polystyrene. They offer durability, energy savings, and moisture control. Usually, people don’t paint these forms. But you can paint it with acrylic color if you want.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Surfboard Foam?

Surfboards are a complex formula that involves the design, hydrodynamics, and materials. You can paint on the foam, before having it finished. Apply the acrylic paint. You can use spray paint, or better yet, bicomponent paint in a spray gun. Spray paint is fine for Polyurethane blanks, but not EPS foam. Because the solvents in a rattle can spray paint will melt EPS.

You can always use an HVLP gun, a brush or roller, and acrylic paints. For painting PU blanks with a rattle can you will need several light coats of spray paint. Allowing each coat to dry for about 10 minutes before applying the next coat. Let the paint dry for a day before fiberglassing or it may run and smear with the resin.

Will Liquid Flow Acrylic Paint Work On Foam Board?

Liquid flow acrylic paint will provide the same depth of color in a less viscous binder. Fluid acrylic flows from the brush and it is self-leveling.  If you use a soft synthetic brush, it will give you retention of visible brush strokes.

Painting on Styrofoam is quite straightforward. You will use a little more paint than you would on other surfaces. Because of all the small air pockets everywhere in the Styrofoam. It is a great way to make unique and exquisite science project materials.

Will Acrylic Paint Bleed On Paper Foam Board?

The answer is No. Because it sticks so well on Styrofoam. Water-based acrylics are one of the finest paints to use on them. You’ll need many coats of paint to achieve the desired effect.

A foam brush is an ideal brush to use for painting Styrofoam with acrylic paint. Try to avoid using spray paints at all times. They will shred the Styrofoam and destroy whatever item you are working on. You may also use latex paint that is water-based.

4 Tips For Acrylic Painting Foam Board

Spray Paint:

If you have a choice, use spray paint over brush-applied paint. Spray paint does not leave streaks when applied. And you have as many color options with spray paint as you do with other paints.


Use acrylics when painting on foam board, rather than oil-based paint. Acrylics dry faster and are easier to clean up.

Sand Foam Edges:

Sand down the foam edges before painting. Otherwise, they could chip away and leave visible white spots. The paper layer, when painted, will look much different than the foam edge, but both will hold paint.

Cut First:

Don’t paint then cut, do it the other way around. Cut the material into the desired shape before painting.

Suggested Materials You May Need

#1 Crafts 4 All Paint Set : (Best Acrylic Paint Use For Foam Boards)

Crafts 4 All Acrylic Paint Set are uniquely crafted with a smooth consistency that makes mixing easy.

People use it on foam core sheets, styrofoam, and the outcome is great. Water-based acrylic paint dries fast on foam board. These excellent colors are so easy to use.

One of the users and her 4-year old had a ton of fun using this paint on everything from foam board to pumpkins. Its non-toxic formula makes it safe for both kids and adults.  

#2 Artlicious All Purpose Broom Value Pack : (Best Brush For Acrylic Paint On Foam Boards)

This pack of acrylic paint brushes contains 25 different brush heads and sizes. This nylon, bristle, sponge, and camel hair painting brushes offer a variety of different shapes and textures.

Many users use this paintbrush set on different mediums such as canvas, foam board, or crafts. Most of them love it for its multi-purpose use. And Artlicious – 25 All Purpose Paint Brush works great with acrylic or any other water-based paint.  

#3 Krylon UV Resistant Aerosol : (Best Clear Coat For Acrylic Paint On Foam Boards)

Krylon Gallery Series Artist and Clear Coatings Aerosol came into a medium-sized spray bottle. It will give a clear glossy finish to your project. Foam boards are vulnerable to UV light. Users find it very useful for water resistance.

This clear coating will protect the foam from UV rays and moisture. No hazing in the finish and works great on foam board. It can probably eat foam board if you use excessive amounts. But if you use it as instructed, it works great with acrylic paint.

Over To You

Painting foam boards is an easy task. There is a multitude of types of foams on the market today. People use it for many different reasons.

What type of foam do you use most and for what? Did you find the information you needed? If you enjoyed my guidance and tips please let me know, and share the article.

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