Can You Use Acrylic Paint To Color Different Types Of Candle Wax?

Candles not only provide the appropriate amount of light but also enhance the elegance of your room’s decor. Do you wish to give your candles a new look as a way to decorate your home? Painting is the most effective method of accomplishing this.

Are you pondering which paints would be best for your project? So, can you dye candles with acrylic paint? Yes, it’s possible to use acrylic paint on candles. Non-toxic, water-based candles are appropriate for your project in this scenario. You can choose from a variety of hues in this paint.

In this article, I’ll cover all you need to know about painting candles with acrylic paint. I hope it becomes useful. Read the article to learn more.

Can I Use Acrylic Paints On Candles?

Is Acrylic Paint Safe To Use On Candles? 

Many folks prefer acrylic paint. Because it dries rapidly and is simple to work with. It is crucial to note, however, that acrylic paint is not suitable for use on candles.

Acrylic paint can harm the wax. This paint may also interact with the candle’s smell. If you wish to paint the outside of your candles using acrylic paint, you should only do so. This will keep the candle’s interior secure.

Can You Use Any Type Of Acrylic Paint On Candles? 

Acrylic paint comes in a variety of colors and textures.  There are different types of acrylic paint for wood, metal, and glass. But all types of paints are not suitable for use on candles. Because the wax reacts with the acrylic paint. In addition, you should avoid spray paint.

You can find acrylic paint that is meant for candles.  It will be assigned a number. This is the amount of time the paint will stay on the candle’s surface. The greater the number, the longer the paint will adhere to the candle. This is an effective strategy to keep the paint off the wax.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint For Designing Henna On Candles? 

People apply henna traditionally to the skin with a utensil called a mehndi. But you can use a brush, finger paint, or even a pencil to apply it. The henna application can be a messy affair.

This is why acrylic paint is common to decorate candles. For using acrylic paint for designing henna on candles, you can make acrylic paint cones. It will make the process quick and efficient.

Can You Marble With Acrylic Paint On Candles? 

Making a marbling effect on candles is one of the most common uses for acrylic paint. The procedure is straightforward. But, the end result is a very nice effect.

To produce a marbling look on your candles, you can use any form of acrylic paint. Some people use acrylic paint directly from the bottle, while others use acrylic paint that has been diluted down.

You’ll need a paintbrush, a candle, and a sheet of paper on which to draw your pattern.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint To Dye Candle That Made With Any Types Of Wax? 

You can dye most but not all candle waxes with acrylic paint.  It’s critical to understand the type of wax you’re working with before opting to color it.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Candles Made With Paraffin Wax?

Yes, you certainly can. People use acrylic paint frequently to decorate paraffin wax candles.

This is due to the fact that acrylic paint is non-toxic and will not melt the wax. But, the paint job will not appear to be particularly clean. It’s vital to keep in mind that the paint will only stick to the wax, not the wick.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Candles Made With Soy Wax? 

Soy wax burns slower than paraffin wax, resulting in a longer-lasting candle. While all candles produce some black soot when they burn, soy wax candles burn more cleanly and produce less soot.

Acrylic paint is great for soy wax candles since it is a fantastic alternative to paraffin wax.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Candles Made With Palm Wax? 

Acrylic paint is suitable for use on palm wax candles. Palm wax is water-soluble and completely biodegradable.

Palm waxes allow you to make candles with a variety of textures. Because the surface of the candle usually develops a crystallizing or feathering pattern.

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Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Candles Made With Beeswax? 

You should not use acrylic paint to color beeswax candles. Honeybees produce beeswax which is a natural wax.

Beeswax isn’t a good choice for dying. Because it can destroy the candle’s form. Also, the paint will not adhere well to the wax.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Candles Made With Clear Gel Wax? 

Yes, it is conceivable. Gel candles require simply liquid acrylic paint. If the color is predominantly made of wax, the gel can turn hazy. When manufacturing gel candles, use fewer dyes. 

You may color your gel in a few drops with only a little liquid dye. Stick a skewer inside a bottle of liquid dye to get a better sense of the color you want to play with. After you’ve inserted the skewer, let the color trickle into your gel. If required, add extra.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Candle That Made With Rapeseed Wax? 

Rapeseed wax is one of the most adaptable waxes currently accessible. It’s an excellent material for creating candles. You can use acrylic paint with this wax. 

However, some people are hesitant to use acrylic paint. They believe it will be difficult to utilize with the rapeseed wax candle. They are afraid that the paint will cause the candle to smolder. On rapeseed wax, acrylic paint works beautifully. It won’t harm you in any way.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Candles Made With Coconut Wax? 

You can use acrylic paint on a candle that was made with coconut wax. However, you must be careful not to over-paint the candle.

The paint will run down and drop over the wax if the candle is too wet. If the paint drops over the wax, it will be difficult to light the candle and difficult to remove the paint.

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How To Paint Candles With Acrylic Paint?

You must follow these procedures to paint your candles with acrylic paint:

  • You’ll need to start by getting your candle ready. Wipe the candle down with a moist towel to accomplish this.  This will remove any dust and debris. 
  • After that, you’ll need to get your paint ready. It’s critical to dilute your paint with a small bit of water before using it. The paint will be more malleable and less likely to leak onto the candle.
  • You’ll also need to get your paintbrush ready. Allow your brush to dry thoroughly after cleaning it with soap and water.
  • After that, you’ll need to get your paint tray ready. Place newspaper on top of a plate lined with newspaper. This will make it easier to remove the paint from the surface.
  • You’ll also need to get your paint ready. You can paint your candle with acrylic paint in a wide range of colors. You may also use acrylic paint to create a variety of patterns on your candles.

How To Hand Paint Beautiful Candles With Acrylic Colors?

Acrylic paints are the ideal choice for hand painting lovely candles. The colors of acrylic are fantastic.

They’re popular because they usually come in a variety of colors and are simple to use. To hand paint gorgeous candles using acrylic colors, follow the steps below:

  • Clean your candle with rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit and a lint-free cloth first.
  • Choose a design that is relaxing. Depending on the sort of candle you’re using, select the proper acrylic paint.
  • Using acrylic paint and a paintbrush or a sponge, paint your design directly onto the candle.
  • Allow the first coat to dry completely before applying the second.
  • Allow for a few hours of drying time.

How To Seal Acrylic Paint On Candles?

Acrylic paint is water-based paint. This paint has a high risk of dripping and ruining the candle. You can protect acrylic paint with a transparent sealer.

The best option is to use a wax-based or polyacrylic sealer. A wax-based sealant provides wooden surfaces a matte texture, whilst a polyacrylic sealant gives them a gleaming shine.

The most versatile are sealants. They’re made of water, after all. Apply sealant when you’ve finished coloring the candles. It will extend the life of the paint.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Candle Jars & Holders?

People use acrylic paint most often for decorative purposes.  It goes well with ornate candle jars and holders. Before you start painting with acrylic paint, make sure the candle holder is completely dry and spotless.

You should also avoid using a metal candle holder. The paint will not stick to a metal candle holder. Make sure the paint you’re using is water-based. Water-based paints are ideal for candle holders and jars.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Glass Candle Holders?

Yes, you can use acrylic paint on glass candle holders. It will be appropriate with the candle holders if you use a softer, water-based acrylic paint. It may take several coats. But it is worthwhile to ensure that you have applied the paint uniformly.

Acrylic paint will also work on glass candle holders that have previously been painted with different types of paint.

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What Materials You May Need To Use Acrylic Paint On Candles?

When shopping for acrylic paint for candles, you must first choose which type of paint will work best for your project.

You’ll also need an appropriate brush, priming, sealer, and some cup to hold each color.

#1 DecoArt Americana Paint Adhesion Medium : (Suggested Acrylic Paint For Candles)

When you use acrylic paint on any surface, you must use a liquid medium. The medium assists in keeping the consistency of the paint. DecoArt Americana Paint Adhesion Medium is a good choice. It helps acrylic paint to adhere to any slippery surface, including plastics, metal, wax, soap, glass, and many more.

The majority of consumers agreed that it works well with candles. Many customers recommend mixing paint and medium in equal parts.

When painting on top of the medium, they advised brushing on candles. The paint will adhere to the surface of the candle. Customers appreciate this media mostly because of its low cost.

#2 PANDAFLY Fine Detail Brushes Kit : (Recommended Paintbrush For Applying Acrylic on Candles)

To apply acrylic paint to candles, you’ll need the right paintbrushes. Otherwise, you won’t be able to effectively paint what you desire. PANDAFLY Fine Detail Paint Brush is a good choice in this case.

It’s constructed of faux leather material. It’s ideal for painting miniatures, models, candles, figurines, action figures, and dollhouses, among other things.

These brushes, according to consumers, put down paint evenly and precisely. They are reasonably priced and of decent quality.

According to a few customers, this paint set comes in a wide range of sizes. It’s ideal for painting little details and embellishments on candles.

#3 Folkart Outdoor Sealant : (Proposed Sealer For Acrylic Paint On Candles)

You must use a sealer on candles after painting to help your paint last longer. Folkart Outdoor Sealant is a good option. This sealant is non-toxic and water-based. It’s ideal for outdoor tasks because it’s quite durable. It’s simple to apply and dries clear on candles.

Many customers said that this sealer provides a matte finish. This sealer is simple to apply and quickly dries. It’s simple to clean. However, I discovered other consumers who complained that this sealer peels off after a few weeks.

Over To You

You learned how to paint candles using acrylic paint in this article. I did my best to present all of the possible responses to this question. I hope that was of great assistance to you, and you may now begin your candle dyeing endeavor.

Have you painted your candles using this paint? What’s the end result? Please keep me updated on your development. If you have any thoughts on the subject, please share them in the comments box below.

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