Can You Use Acrylic Paint For Stamping?

You can create precise and detailed designs using stamps with minimal effort. For cards, decorative pieces, and even on clothes, you can use stamps to create repetitive patterns or designs. 

But can you use acrylic paint for stamping? Acrylic paint has always been an interesting material for art-loving people. The possibility for creating amazing designs using acrylic paint is countless. But when you are choosing paints to use for stamping. You need to be choosy about the texture and type of your paint. You can use acrylic paint for stamping. But all acrylic paints might not work similarly. 

Let’s find out how stamping with acrylic paint works and what to do to make it more beautiful and vibrant.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint For Stamping?

Can You Use Acrylic Paint For Stamping?

In a conventional way, we usually use ink pads for stamping. But it is not the only way how you can use your stamp. You can also use acrylic paint to create vibrant and beautiful designs. 

Because of the diverse usability of acrylic paint, using acrylic paint for stamping is not only possible. It can create incredible results.

Usually, stamping is used on cards or plates, but you can also use stamping techniques on fabrics. Stamping on fabric is known as block print. If you want to know more about block print, click here.

There are various types of stamps. The most common types include rubber stamps and wooden stamps. 

Self-inking stamps have been popular for a while now but we will not talk about that today. 

As you must include the acrylic paint stamp pad inside the stamp there is no room to use acrylic paint separately. But you can use acrylic paint on rubber stamps and wooden stamps. 

Especially for rubber stamps, you cannot use all types of paint. Oil-based paints will damage the rubber. Water-based acrylic paint can give you an excellent outcome without damaging your stamp.

What Type Of Acrylic Paint Works Best With Stamp?

There are various types of acrylic paints. Each type has its unique characteristics. Some acrylic paints are more liquid than others, some have a more textured structure. 

Before using these paints for your stamping, you need to understand how they will work.

Acrylic Ink 

If you want to use a very flowy and liquid paint or replace your stamp ink with a similar paint, acrylic ink is the most suitable for you. 

Acrylic ink is as flowy as other conventional inks. But it also contains the characteristics of acrylic paint. So you will get a vibrant and sharp print by following the same stamping method.

Student-Grade Acrylic Paint

Student-grade acrylic paint is one of the most used paint for DIY projects. You can use this paint for your stamping as well. 

This paint is easy to apply and you can follow the process without much difficulty despite your skill level.

Heavy-Body Acrylic Paints

Heavy-body acrylic paints are mainly used for textured painting. They create thick layers and curves in your artwork. 

So spreading it evenly and applying it on your stamp will be difficult. Also, there is a possibility for the grains to get stuck into the stamp frame.

Soft Body Acrylic Paints

Soft-body acrylic paints are a lot smoother and give an even texture. So you can use this creamy paint to stamp your design on both paper and fabric.

How To Stamp With Acrylic Paint?

Step 1: Choose Your Paint 

Choosing the right paint is crucial. To have a smooth print, the paint needs to be smooth as well. That’s why heavy-body acrylic paint is not that effective for stamping. 

You can use student-grade or soft-body acrylic paint. You can use other acrylic paint as well. But before using it, check the texture of the paint.

Spread The Paint Evenly

Step 2: Spread The Paint Evenly 

After taking the paint, spread it on a flat surface evenly. It will help the paint to loosen up and get rid of any chunk of paint. 

Use Sponge Apply Paint To Stamp

Step 3: Apply The Paint To Your Stamp 

While applying acrylic paint, you can’t use the same method as ink pad. Pressing the stamp directly to the paint might cause smearing and attach too much paint on the stamp. 

Rather, use a sponge (makeup sponge or art sponge) and dab it on your stamp to spread a thin layer of paint.

Use Brayer Roller To Apply Paint

You can also use a brayer roller or flat brush to apply the paint.

Stamp It

Step 4: Stamp It 

After evenly spreading the paint on your stamp, press the stamp on the surface you want the design on. Do not shift or shake the stamp after it touches the surface. Apply even pressure to get a clear print.

Step 5: Clean The Stamp

After you are done stamping, it’s time to clean your stamp. Don’t forget to wipe and remove all the residue paint from your stamp before preserving it for next time.

How To Clean Acrylic Paint From Stamp?

Cleaning acrylic paint is not that difficult, especially if the paint is not stuck on the stamp for a long time. You can use a soft fabric or paper towel to wipe off the excess paint. 

You can use acrylic paint remover or rubber stamp cleaner to clean more efficiently. 

Once the excess paint is removed, the stamp will look pretty clean. But there can be some residue in corners that are difficult to reach. 

To remove paint from those areas, you can use warm water and dish soap and soak the stamp in the water. Once the paint becomes softer, you can rub it off using a cotton swab or any object with a thinner tip. 

Sometimes, after removing the paint, you will still see some pigment attached to the stamp. 

But it will not create any problem when you use the stamp again later. The pigment will not transfer on the surface you will stamp.

Suggested Materials You May Need

You cannot start stamping with just acrylic paint and stamp dice. You will need products to clean your stamp and apply the paint as well. 

Here are some products that will help you to make your stamping process smoother and get a better result.

#1 Artist’s Choice Makeup Sponge Mini Applicator : (Recommended Sponges)

Don’t get confused with the name. These Artist’s Choice Makeup Sponge Mini Applicator sponges are not only applicable for makeup, you can use them for various artistic projects as well. 

These sponges can absorb a good amount of paint and transfer it to your stamp. You will not need to worry about paint dripping all over your stamp or the surface. 

Also, you can transfer the paint from the sponge with light dabs. You do not need to hard press the stamp against the sponge. It is easy to use and very convenient to carry. 

The structure and light weight of the sponge makes it very handy. It is not expensive at all. 

You can buy a bulk amount and use them whenever you need them. You can rinse the sponge and get rid of unwanted paint and reuse them as well.

#2 Tsukineko StazOn All-Purpose Stamp Cleaner : (Recommended Stamp Cleaner)

If the paint becomes tough to remove, you can use this Tsukineko StazOn All-Purpose Stamp Cleaner and get rid of those stubborn stains. It cleans all the stains effectively and makes your stamp look new. 

If you are looking for a fast-working stamp cleaner, this is the perfect product for you. Also, it is very affordable. 

So if you want to have the upper hand while cleaning your stamp, don’t hesitate to invest in this product.

Over To You

As you have known a bit about using acrylic paint for stamping, I hope you enjoy making new designs using this technique. 

Stamping is really enjoyable and can save a lot of your time when you want to create a handmade gift within a short time. It also helps you to create beautiful designs and keep your notebooks or art sheets organized. 

Enjoy your time with acrylic paint and make your stamping more exclusive. Don’t forget to keep us updated about your progress and share your joy.

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