Can You Use Acrylic Paint For Spin Art?

Painting on a canvas with acrylic paint is the most classic method of painting. But does the same acrylic work well when you have a spinning canvas? 

I know spin art is trending these days, but the use of acrylic for this might be bothering you. Relax, because I have some fun facts that will definitely put a smile on your face. 

Can you use acrylic paint for spin art? For sure you can use acrylic paint for a spinning art project. But for that, you should use the diluted acrylic because the lighter your paint is the more it will spread out while spinning. But this can be messy work so I will share some tricks for doing proper spin art.

If you are curious to know more, please keep reading because I believe every piece of information here will help you a lot. 

Can You Use Acrylic Paint For Spin Art?

Can You Use Acrylic Paint For Spin Art?

Out of all other paints, acrylic is the most desirable option for artists like me to do some spin art. Though you can use other paints of your choice, acrylic promises the best outcome for sure. 

You can apply any sort of spinning technique, and based on that, you can lower or higher the density of your paint. 

Trust me, acrylic comes so handy for this spinning art that you will get addicted to this at some point. So, enjoy your acrylic paint spin art for decorating your house.

Do You Need To Prime The Surface Before You Use Acrylic Paint For Spin Art?

Yes, you should prime the canvas’s surface before applying acrylic paint for spin art. Now let me tell you why. It is because acrylic is a water-based paint that dries like a plastic film. 

If you do not have a primer, then there is a high probability that the paint may not adhere properly, and the canvas will absorb most of the acrylic within. 

To make the paint set on the surface, instead of getting soaked up by canvas, you should use a primer first. 

Things That You Will Need To Do Spin Art With Acrylic Paint

Well, spin art is not just like the ordinary painting method, so you will certainly need some tools to complete your work. Below I will give a list, and I believe you will find them all in the craft store nearby.

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How To Do Spin Art With Acrylic Paint? 

Spin art is just for adults like us. Even the kids can try the spin art with acrylic paint but there are slight differences. Do not worry because I will discuss both below.

Spin Art For Adults

Prepare The Painting Zone

Prepare The Painting Zone

Take a large cardboard box and make a paint zone so the paint does not spread out while spinning. Use duct tape to secure the box on the table. You can also lay newspaper or plastic wrap to cover the table. 

Fix The Canvas

Fix The Canvas

Now take a turntable table and tape the canvas on it. With lots of tape, stick it to the center of the table so it does not move from the bottom. 

Prepare The Acrylic Paint

Prepare The Acrylic Paint

Add acrylic stain paint with water or acrylic medium to dilute the paint. This will help the paint to flow while spinning. Mix this with the help of a palette knife and check for consistency.

Pour The Paint

Pour The Paint

Now pour paint from the disposable cups or squeeze bottle on the canvas as per your wish. To get a better effect, you will need to use multiple colors in different patterns.

Spin The Canvas

Spin The Canvas

Once you finish pouring acrylic paint then, you are all set to spin the canvas. You decide the speed because the faster you spin, the more it will spread.  

You can also spin first and pour paint on the canvas while spinning if you want.

Let The Paint Dry 

After spinning. Let the canvas sit for a proper amount of time as the layer of paint may be a bit thick, and it will require more time to dry.

Spin Art For Kids

Prepare Painting Zone For Kids

Prepare The Painting Zone

For kids, there is already a ready-made kit that has all the necessary things for spin art. Just cover the desk with old papers because kids can spill paint anywhere. So, work in an open space if possible.

Prepare The Acrylic Paint

Though you may get paint with the kit but if you want, you can add acrylic water and pour it in a squeeze bottle.

Put Paper Before Pouring Acrylics

Pour The Paint

Just adjust a small thick piece of paper and pour paint on it before or after the spinning starts.

Spin Canvas

Spin The Canvas

Switch on the machine, and you will see the board moving. Pour as much paint as your kid wants, and then stop at a point. You will have your spin art at the end. 

Let Acrylics Dry

Let The Paint Dry

You can simply lay the paper on a table or hang it on a rope to dry. 

Do You Need To Seal The Acrylic Paint After Spin Art? 

If you want to preserve your beautiful spin art where you used acrylic paint, then I think you should seal the paint. 

You can use a varnish or spray finisher for this job. It will definitely resist the dirt from destroying the acrylic. But seal it after the paint is totally dry. 

What Other Kind Of Paint Can I Use In Spin Art? 

I know you are here to know whether you can use acrylic paint for spin art, but there are a few other paints that do the same job. Though the end result may vary a bit, still, they are equally beautiful.


The tempera paint is most suitable for this type of artwork. It has the right density, and you can easily spill them over the canvas. It dries fast, and you can dilute it with water at a 50-50 ratio. 

Paint Pens And Markers

The students find it easy to work with paint markers or pens while trying spin art. This feels easy, and there is no chance of a color mess. You can have different shades of color. Also, it is super fun.

Watercolor Paint           

With the help of a dropper, you can pour watercolor mixed with water. This will work quite well, and you will waste much of the paint. 

Suggested Materials You May Need

#1 Creative Kids Spin & Paint Art Kit : (Recommended Spinning Art Machine)

Creative Kids Spin & Paint Art Kit is the best tool for your artistic kid. It runs on a battery which makes it easier to work with.

I prefer this one because it contains all the necessary items your kid will need for spin art. Some say the spinner is quite smooth, and the paper does not slip off the surface.

Try out this amazing product for your kids and let them play in an artistic way in leisure.

#2 ARTEZA Acrylic Pouring Paint : (Recommended Acrylic Paint For Spin Art)

ARTEZA Acrylic Art Paint Set is a high flow acrylic paint that creates a permanent matt finish on canvas while making spin art. 

The major advantage of this paint is that it can work on a wide range of surfaces. And you do not need to mix any pouring medium as it is already premixed. 

Some individuals recommend using this for flow art since it has a lighter density with vibrant color. It’s even safe to use as it is non-toxic. 

Get this acrylic color set at a great price and beautify your canvas.

Over To You

In conclusion, acrylic paint is one of the best options to try spin art on a primed canvas. But make sure that the paint is well diluted so that it does not bother you much while spreading. 

I hope my findings have been helpful to you. However, if you have any queries regarding spin art, then do let me know in the comment section.

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