4 Easy Proven Ways: Can You Turn Acrylic Paint Into Spray Paint?

If you’re like me, you’ve always wanted to try making spray paint out of acrylic paint. But you may wonder whether you may try it out with your favorite acrylic paint or not. Well, I have come up with some interesting facts that will ease your work.

Can You Turn Acrylic Paint Into Spray Paint? Yes, you can be creative with acrylic paint and turn it into perfect spray paint. What you need to keep in mind is the amount of airbrush medium or spray medium that you will use to dilute acrylic. If too much is added, the paint will lose its color or binding capability. 

In this post, I will discuss the topic in detail. You need to keep reading to gather professional knowledge about acrylic paint and turn it into spray paint.

Can You Turn Acrylic Paint Into Spray Paint?

Can You Turn Acrylic Paint Into Spray Paint?

Turning acrylic paint into spray paint is surprisingly an easy and fun thing to do. You will need some simple tools for this work, and your spray paint is ready. 

Whether you have acrylic paint of heavy body or soft body, you just need to choose the amount of water that you think is best for the spray paint that you want. 

Even if you have high-flowing acrylic paint or ink, then it is much easier to turn it into spray paint by adding medium.

Is It Possible To Turn Acrylic Paint Into Spray Paint Without A Medium? 

If you have no medium around, you can still make spray paint out of acrylic paint with the help of water. 

But for that, you need to be very careful. Because once you add excess water, the paint will lose its binding capability with the surface. It is better if you apply water little by little. 

How To Turn Spray Paint With Acrylic Paint?

Though the work will be easy, you still need to follow some steps to turn acrylic paint into spray paint. Do not worry because I am here with four different ways for this job.

#1 Airbrush Medium

Grab All Tools
  • First, take a clean spray bottle, airbrush medium, and acrylic paint.
Pour Acrylic Paint In Bottle
  • Now pour acrylic paint in the bottle and mix the equal amount of airbrush medium in it.
Take Out Straw From Spray Lid
  • Take out the straw from the spray lid and close the cap. 
Shake Paint
  • Shake the paint continuously until you think it has reached the spray paint consistency. 
Test On Paper
  • Test on any paper to confirm the color concentration.

#2 Spray Paint Medium

  • Grab your spray can, acrylic paint and the spray paint medium.
  • Pour equal amounts of the spray paint medium and the acrylic paint into the can or bottle.
  • Shake the bottle until everything is mixed properly.
  • Attach the sprayer on top of the bottle.
  • Now you can use it on any surface without any worry. 

#3 Water 

Take Clean Spray Bottle
  • Take a clean spray bottle and clean the tip of the spray.
Add Paint And Water
  • Now pour as much acrylic paint as you need and add lukewarm water to it.
Put Bead Inside
  • Then take a small bead and drop it inside the spray bottle to help in mixing.
Try Color On Paper
  • Once mixing is done, you should try the color on the paper. 

#4 Mod Podge And Water

Take Clean Transparent Spray Bottle
  • Take any spray bottle but try to take a transparent one to observe the color changes.
Take Your Favorite Paint
  • Now, bring your favorite acrylic paint tube to the desk and pour some into the bottle.
Add Water To Paint
  • Then add some water to the paint.
Add Mod Podge
  • Next, add Mod podge to the mixture. That will help the paint with binding a little bit.
Try On Piece Of Paper
  • Try this on a piece of paper and here you have your acrylic spray paint.
Soak Paint With Paper Roll
  • To dry the paint fast, you can soak it with a paper roll.

Does The Drying Time Of DIY Acrylic Spray Paint Remain The Same As That Of Regular Spray Paint?

Usually, spray paint takes 5-10 minutes to dry on the surface but this might not be the same for spray paint made from acrylic paint. 

The reason is you may have used an airbrush medium, spray paint medium or simply water to dilute the acrylic paint. Now, these things will lead to an increase or decrease in drying time. 

Again, it will depend on the density. If you have thinned the paint a lot, it will not take much time and it may drip as well. But if the paint is a bit thick, then it will need more time but not more than 30 minutes.

Is The Spray Paint Made From Acrylic Paint Waterproof? 

The acrylic paint dries waterproof and that same thing happens for the spray paint that you made from acrylic paint. 

The paint is generally water-based and after it dries, there is a plastic layer on the paper surface that becomes water-resistant. 

But if you are using acrylic paint that can regenerate even after drying, then you need to seal it to make it waterproof.

Is The Spray Paint Made From Acrylic Paint Non-Toxic?

These days most of the brands are considerate enough to make acrylic paint non-toxic for us. So, the acrylic spray paint that you make from good quality acrylic is non-toxic. 

This means your kids can also use the spray paint for some fun projects easily. Even the medium you use to turn acrylic into spray paint needs to be non-toxic. 

Suggested Materials You May Need

#1 Vallejo Airbrush Thinner : (Recommended Airbrush Medium For Thinning)  

Vallejo Airbrush Thinner is a non-toxic paint thinner that will put a great effect on your acrylic paint. You can apply this to any type of acrylic paint.

This paint thinner gives you a crack-free finishing that will allow you to preserve your paint properly. 

Some users consider it to have no bad odor, and you will need 2-3 layers to apply if you want more diluted spray paint. You do not need to heat set the thinned paint on any surface as the paint becomes scratch-proof. 

Grab this amazing product at a very reasonable price and enjoy spray painting with acrylic.

#2 E-accexpert Clear Empty Mini Spray Bottles : (Recommended Acrylic Paint Spray Bottle)

E-accexpert Clear Empty Mini Spray Bottles is a great tool for applying acrylic spray paint. It has different sized nozzles that will help you to set different spraying speeds.

People love this product as it is quite handy and easy to move around without making a mess. 

It has a funnel that will help you to pour paint without any spill. You will love how smoothly they deliver the paint with no dripping.

Grab this amazing set of spray bottle kit at a very reasonable price and explore the world of spray painting.

Over To You

In conclusion, using an airbrush medium or water is the best way to turn your acrylic paint to spray paint. Make sure that the paint does not lose its actual color and flow out of the spray bottle easily. 

I hope my findings have been helpful to you. However, if you have any queries regarding acrylic spray paint, then do let me know in the comment section.

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