Can I Use Acrylic Paint On All Types Of Light Bulbs?

Want to give your room’s light bulbs a colorful makeover but aren’t sure if acrylic paint is safe to use? Well, I have some interesting facts to share with you that will save you time. And it will provide clear help when selecting the correct paint type for your light bulbs.

So, Can I Put Acrylic Paint On A Light Bulb? The most recognized paint is acrylic paint. After applying it to any item, it hardens into a hard shell. But, like other water-based paints, it fades when exposed to heat from a light bulb. So, different light bulbs show different reactions when painted with acrylic paint. But, active bulbs destroy the paint and change its color which leaves you upset after working so hard. If you wish to use acrylic paints for bulbs then you can use a bulb below 40 watts. This releases less heat to evaporate your paint.

I’ve gone into more depth about it below. Continue reading to learn more about them and how to use them in reality.

Can I Use Acrylic Paint On Light Bulbs?

Can You Color Incandescent Light Bulbs With Acrylic Paint?

You must be thinking of decorating your Incandescent light bulbs with acrylic paint. It may upset you but the fact is painting an active bulb for regular use can be wastage if you choose acrylic paint. 

An incandescent light bulb has a power of 60 watts in general which creates heat of 200 Fahrenheit at most. But, acrylic paints are water-based paint that can withstand almost 60-75 Fahrenheit temperature. If you apply this paint to decorate your bulbs then the paint may later evaporate. 

If you wish to paint your incandescent light bulbs then try to look for heat-resistant paint instead. Do not let your craft melt away.

Can You Paint Halogen Lights With Acrylic Paints?

If you are willing to use acrylic paint on a halogen bulb of 25 watts then it will not be dangerous. Because a halogen bulb of 25 watts produces only 70 Fahrenheit heat. Acrylic paints can sustain this amount of heat. Moreover, you will get to decorate it according to your will.

Can You Paint Outdoor Floodlights With Acrylic Paints? 

Most outdoor floodlights have utilized halogen light bulbs. This consumes 20-30% less energy than older incandescent light bulbs. But if you use greater wattage bulbs then you should avoid water-based acrylic paint.

Can You Paint Indoor Floodlights With Acrylic Paints?  

Indoor floodlights you use to enhance the brightness of your house. If you want to change the mood you may think of coloring it with acrylic color which may not be useful. Because if you use more than 25 watts halogen bulbs then acrylic may evaporate. Though there is no such evidence, you should avoid acrylic for painting these lights.

Can You Paint Car Headlights With Acrylic Paints?

If you have a polished headlight to paint then you can use non-water-based color to paint it instead. But if you wish to color the lens of your car headlights then you can try using acrylic paint. Yet this paint may change its color if exposed to UV rays. 

Can You Paint Pendant Lights With Acrylic Paints?

If you use a 7-10 watt LED bulb for your pendant lights then you can color it with acrylic. But if you are willing to use a halogen bulb then you need to go for a 50 watts bulb which you cannot paint with acrylic. As a halogen bulb, more than 25 watts produces more heat that acrylic paint cannot tolerate.

Can You Paint ​Track Lightings With Acrylic Paints?

I do not know whether it is safe to use acrylic paint on halogen bulbs in tracking light. But to be on the safe side try not to use it. Rather use glass paint or transparent colorful plastic wraps. These give a different look to your light.

Can You Paint Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Light Bulbs With Acrylic Paints?

Compact Fluorescent Lamps are also known as CFLs, are bright in color. If you are planning to give a crafty look to it with acrylic paint then you should stop for a while. Because these light bulbs are prone to form a good amount of heat. If you coat the glass of the bulb with paint then it will face difficulty to release. 

So, you should not use any kind of oil-based or regular acrylic paint on these fluorescent light bulbs. Rather you can apply glass paints for such light bulbs. Or you can also use colorful plastic sheets to bring remarkable change to your room.

Can You Paint LED Light Bulbs With Acrylic Paint?

Light Emitting Diode (LED) light bulbs are now used in every house. And as per my belief,  you feel comfortable using LEDs for your daily use. What if you want to paint them with acrylic color but wonder whether it is safe or not. Then relax my friend, because you can use acrylic paints on LED light bulbs. Because it is a water-based paint that will not fade away due to less heat produced by LEDs

But you need to keep in mind that painting an LED bulb is quite compromising. Because due to heat trapped under the paint coating LEDs get harmed. Your LEDs will fade if you paint them and allow excess heat to accumulate. This is what we know as lumen deterioration. It means LEDs will lose their efficiency by the passage of time.

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Can You Paint Christmas Lights With Acrylic Paint?

Want to customize your Christmas lights with acrylics to make your festival remarkable? Then, my friend, I have good news for you. You can for sure use acrylic paint on the Christmas light bulb caps and enjoy their glow. 

It is quite easy to do but you need to be careful if you want to paint the glass light instead of caps. Working lights are not fond of the water-based color. And these lights tend to dim if heat remains trapped under paint. So, if you are willing to use acrylic on Christmas light bulb caps then you can definitely do that. 

Can I Paint A Lamp With Acrylic Paint?

A lamp is a common piece of décor in everyone’s house consisting of a metal stand, light bulb, and lampshade. If you want to paint a lamp light bulb then I must warn you at this point. LED, fluorescent bulbs, and incandescent bulbs are suitable for your lamp. But as I have mentioned in previous sections that acrylic paint is not a fit for such bulbs. So if you want to paint the lamp light bulb with acrylic then that will be wrong.

Other than lamp bulbs, you can use acrylic paint for the metal stand as well as the shade. This paint will give better coverage and enhance the beauty of your lamp. Moreover, if you want to redo your paint then remove the existing paint with rubbing alcohol.

Can I Color Smart Bulbs With Acrylic Paints?

A smart bulb is an automatic LED light bulb that you can change, schedule, and control with a remote. As I have mentioned before, it is quite safe to use acrylic paint on LED so you can use it on smart bulbs too. What you need to keep in mind is after using acrylic your light may turn down early. 

Can I Color Motion-Activated Light Bulbs With Acrylic Paints?

Like a smart bulb, a motion-activated light uses LED which works in presence of any movement in the room. If you want to paint your bulb with acrylic paint then you may use it without the fear of explosion. But if you want your light to work long, try to use some other paint. Because acrylic paint coating reduces its working capability.

How To Paint A Light Bulb With Acrylic Paint?

You can apply acrylic paint on any surface and let your creativity flourish around you. But if you want to color a working light bulb with acrylic then try to choose one that releases less amount of heat.

How To Paint A Christmas Lights With Acrylic Paint?

Step 1: Start by removing the transparent light bulb caps off the cord stem in string. Use your thumb and fingertip for the process. Using water and a damp rag, clean the outsides.

Step 2: To avoid breaking the light bulbs, use a tiny vice grip to secure them in place.

Step 3: Now, start painting the outside of the light bulb cap with acrylic paint. Pick colors common with Christmas, such as red, green, and blue, or choose more odd hues to complement your home décor.

Step 4: Put as many coats of paint as necessary to the exterior of the light bulb. Between colors, rinse your paintbrush in a cup of water.

Step 5: When you paint the outsides of the light bulb caps, lay them on a newspaper or hang them upside down. This enables the extra paint to drain off the light bulb covers while they dry.

Step 6: After the painted caps have dried, replace them with light bulbs.

Step 7: Connect the light bulb strands to a power source before stringing or hanging them.

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How To Remove Acrylic Paint From A Colored Bulb?

Removing acrylic paint from a colored bulb will not be a tough job for you. Moreover, you do not have to follow big steps for your work. 

Step 1: You first need a lint-free cloth and rubbing alcohol for your task.

Step 2: Soak the cloth in rubbing alcohol for a while and squeeze out excess alcohol from before use.

Step 3: Then rub the alcohol on the acrylic paint until you see the entire color coming off the surface.

Step 4: As soon as you’re done, dry them completely. Allowing the liquid to rest will destroy it.

N.B: If you have any sealant over paint then try to remove it first with the required remover. Use rubbing alcohol for water-based sealers or acetone for oil-based sealers. Then you can continue with the above-mentioned steps as it is.  

What Alternative Paint Can You Use To Change The Color Of A Light Bulb?

Before you paint a light bulb you need to decide if you want to work on a working bulb or one that is already burnt out. As explained before, different light bulbs produce a certain amount of heat. This heat can evaporate, burn or change the color of acrylic paint after use.  

For working bulbs, you’ll need to buy a glass-safe paint that you can bake in the oven. If you can not locate this sort of paint, select a non-water-based paint. Otherwise, it will evaporate off the bulb when it becomes hot.

Choose acrylic or water-based paint for a burnt-out bulb that you will use as a decorative object. Choose a clear light bulb for the greatest effects since it allows the colors to show through. You can also use oil-based paints for them but try to use a coat to enhance its stability.

Recommended Materials You May Need

If you are looking for some quality products related to your interest then I have something for you. This will definitely ease your search.

#1 Krylon High Heat Spray : (Best Heat Resistant Paint For Light Bulbs)

Krylon High Heat Spray Paint can withstand 1200° F heat at most. And if you want to use it daily then it can bear 600° F heat per day. It will not only adhere to the surface of any light bulb but also dry with a smooth finishing within 15 minutes.

I prefer using this spray paint to decorate my LEDs and other light bulbs. Some people recommend this spray paint as it is easy to apply and lasts for a longer period.

I have learned an interesting fact about this product. Some of the customers prefer this as it does not change its color after getting exposed to heat by a halogen light. In short, you will definitely love this product on your first try.

#2 MG Chemicals Isopropyl Electronics Cleaner : (Best Rubbing Alcohol For Light Bulbs)

MG Chemicals Isopropyl Alcohol Electronics Cleaner gives you the best cleaning experience.  It removes acrylic paints from the light bulb. Besides, it has the fastest drying capacity which makes it best of all.

This rubbing alcohol allows you to work without compromising your health. I prefer this product as it removes paint without harming any object. I found some users saying this alcohol allows you to get a better finish. But for that, you need to follow the instructions.

Moreover, they found this alcohol working well to dissolve any oils or glue on the glass surface. So, what are you waiting for? Try to grab this amazing product before it gets out of stock.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you have come across the entire article and I believe you have found the answer to your question “Can You Paint A Light Bulb With Acrylic Paint?”. As per my belief, you are happy with your search. Yet if you have any suggestions that we have missed then the comment section is open for you.

If you have any queries about acrylic paint on light bulbs, please post them in the comments area. I will do my best to address your inquiries because they are my top priority.

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