Can You Mix Glitter Into Acrylic Paint?

In most of our art projects, we use acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is durable and gives you a smooth finish. If you are thinking about adding a bit of extra sparkle to your next art project, using glitter with Acrylic paint can be just the right option.

Now you may be wondering “Can you add glitter to Acrylic paint?” Well, to answer your question, first, we have to look at the two substances on our hands, glitter and paint are two substances that generally do not go well together. Glitters are heavy materials compared to many water-based paints. 

But, if you decide to mix glitter with Acrylic paint, even though there can be certain issues, with the right kind of glitter, you can mix it with Acrylic paint. This article will guide you through your glitter selection and all the preparation you will need to mix glitter with Acrylic paint. 

Can I Mix Glitter With Acrylic Paints?

What Happens If You Mix Glitter With Acrylic Paint?

As a matter of fact, it isn’t possible to mix glitter into paints in general. Paints and glitters together are naturally messy ideas. You’d have to be careful of the kind of paint and glitter you are using.

Glitter paints are made with the purpose of mixing them with paint. Acrylic paint is a good example of glitter paint. The reason behind this is, that even though Acrylic paint is water-based paint, the consistency of Acrylic paint is quite heavy.

So, when you mix glitter with Acrylic paint, it will not sink to the bottom of the can but will remain mixed with the paint.

Can You Mix Craft Glitter With Acrylic Paint?

Craft glitters are generally made of cellophane film along with a thin PVC base. There is also certain craft glitters that are made from glass and metal.

Craft glitters give you a short-time shine for your indoor crafts. They come with reasonable pricing and also they are available in any convenience store. In terms of mixing craft glitter with Acrylic paint, it is possible. But the finished product can lag in quality as the craft glitters heavy, when you mix it with Acrylic paint, it will make the paint chunky.

So, the paint can easily fall off of your project. For this reason, using craft glitter can also make your project short-lived.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint And Glitter In A Clear Ornament?

Clear ornaments are mostly made of resins, glass, or plastic. There is Acrylic paint that is made to stick on these particular surfaces.

You can paint your clear ornaments to give them a three-dimensional look. Or to just give them a colorful and festive design. With its thick consistency acrylic paint goes beautifully on clear ornaments.

As far as the matter of glitter, you can use Acrylic paint and glitter to design your clear ornament. But in this case, it is best to paint the ornament from the inside rather than outside. As the glitter can fall off of the ornament if you paint it from the outside. 

Can You Add Mod Podge And Glitter To Acrylic Paint?

Mod podge is an all in one solution for glue, finish, and sealer. Mod Podge makes sure your crafts are long-lasting and durable without the need for tons of separate. So, if you want your projects to last long, you can also mix Mod Podge with the paint altogether.

Mod Podge with paint, specifically Acrylic paint goes really well. The two substances are very compatible together. And once you’re done mixing Mod Podge and the Acrylic paint, you can also mix the glitter in the paint as usual. This will help the paint to give a shimmery and brighter look.

Can You Mix Glitter Poster Paint With Acrylic Paint?

Both Acrylic and poster paints are water-based paint. But, poster paint is used for more children’s art or regular art as it dries quicker. Whereas, Acrylic paint is used for its durability. It is thick and it takes quite a bit of time to dry. And once Acrylic paint dries it is hard to remove or manipulate.

So, even with the difference in consistency and dry time, mixing Acrylic paint with poster paint is possible, but it might affect the quality of the paint. And when it comes to glitter poster paint, it is harder to mix it with acrylic paint.

Glitter poster paints already have glitter and paint mixed in it. So, with the difference in texture and consistency when you will mix the glitter poster paint with Acrylic paint, the paints might not get mixed properly and ruin your project with the chunky consistency paint. 

Can You Mix Glitter With Acrylic Paint On Wood? 

When it comes to applying glitter paints on hard and rough surfaces, you can’t just all the substances together. There are specific ways to apply glitter to rough surfaces like wood. First o all, try to use a good sealer or make the surface as smooth as possible before your project.

Glitter can be tricky to stick to rough surfaces and they often fall off without proper care. It is better to apply the glitter over acrylic paint rather than mixing it completely with the paint if you want to apply it on a wooden surface.

As a wooden surface is very textured properly applying the acrylic paint and then adding glitter on top of it would make it look better and the project will be much more durable. 

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Can You Use Enamel Glitter Acrylic To Paint On Wine Glasses?

Enamel paints are usually used for house exterior painting. They are oil-based paint and take a much longer period of time to dry than acrylic paints.

A mixture of these two kinds of paint is also available on the market. If you want to paint thin glasses, specifically wine glasses, Acrylic Enamel paint is the best option available. Due to the elements and consistency, this type of paint easily adheres to the wine glasses, giving it a smooth and clean finished look.

You can also add glitter to the paint if you want your wine glass to sparkle or have a shimmery design. Enamel glitter paints are also available where the glitter is pre-mixed with the paint.

These paints are non-toxic and water-based, which makes them convenient to use inside wine glasses.

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Can You Use Glitter Pens Over Acrylic Paint?

Acrylic paints are quite hard to manipulate once they are dried. So, unless you are using a certain kind of product, you can draw over Acrylic paint. When it comes to using something over Acrylic paint, it is best to match the type of Acrylic paint.

When you are using water-based Acrylic paint, it is the best option to use a water-based pen over it. There is a water-based glitter pen available on the market which will give you the best result if you want to paint over Acrylic paint.

They are easy to use and will go smoothly over Acrylic paint without messing up the layers of paint.

Can You Add Glitter By Pouring Acrylic Paint?

Pouring is a painting method, it means pouring down the paint on the canvas, which makes some interesting and natural patterns. Pouring is quite a popular method and Acrylic paint is one of the best options to use for pouring.

Acrylic paint is a generally thicker consistency, so you need to thin it down for pouring. There are thinning mediums that are used specifically for the pouring method. And while you are thinning the paint you can also add glitter to it for a sparkling finish.

You can also add glitter details after the pouring Acrylic paint, with glitter pens. 

Can You Apply Glitter On Wet Acrylic Paint?

Applying glitter on wet Acrylic paint means sprinkling the glitter on the paint. This can only work if the paint is wet enough.

The paint should be starting to dry when you are sprinkling the glitter. As it will help the glitter to stick better to the paint and stay put in the same place.

If you sprinkle glitter on absolute wet paint, there is a possibility it will move the paint as glitters are heavier. But, if you sprinkle the glitter on the right consistency of Acrylic paint, you can even use craft glitters. It will give your painting a more vibrant and bold look.

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How Do You Seal Acrylic Glitter Paint?

There are many acrylic paint sealers are available on the market. They are mostly used specifically acrylic-based paints. So, when you are using Acrylic glitter paints, they need to be sealed properly in the right way.

As glitter and paint are two different textures mixed together, the sealing process is a bit different than sealing any other Acrylic project. You will need some extra product and a bit of extra effort to make your Acrylic glitter project long-lasting and durable.

One of the best ways to seal Acrylic glitter paint is with a Mod Podge. Here is the step by step method you can use to seal glitter Acrylic paint with a Mod Podge.

  • Opt for a cleaner process. Choose a workplace that you can clean easily, preferably an empty garage or outdoor.
  • Prepare your painting or in case of pouring, prepare the canvas. 
  • Add glitter and Mod-podge together. Make sure to use a greater ratio of glitter if you want more sparkle.
  • Add your preferred glitter paint with the mixture. If you have craft glitter, you can only mix the glitter with the mixture.
  • Detail or paint over the area you want to sparkle or shimmer.
  • Apply a few coats, to your preference of the glitter amount.
  • Make sure you cover the areas with a good amount of the mixture.
  • Let it completely dry before moving.

Mod Podge is comparatively easier to use. Mod Podge is a finisher, sealer, and glue all in one. So, even though you have used a different kind of sealer than usual, it can make your glitter project better in every way.

Will Glitter Acrylic Paint Stay Permanent On Fabric?

Acrylic paint is comparatively hard to move once it is dry. It is also fast drying than many other paints and is waterproof. But if you use it on surfaces like fabric, it can crumble or peel off without proper precautions.

There are fabric mediums that you can use if you want to use Acrylic paint on fabric. Fabric medium mixed with Acrylic paint makes it easier to adhere to the fabric surface.

This also helps the paint to be flexible enough to move with the fabric, which also helps the paint to last longer and stick to the fabric permanently.

Suggested Materials You May Need To Mix Glitter With Acrylic Paint

There are certain products that you will need if you are mixing glitter with acrylic paint for your project. These products are meant to make your work easier and ultimately make your project better.

For example, there are sealers to make sure your project lasts long, brushes that can make the mixing of glitter easier, and also different types of glitter that you can mix with Acrylic paint.

#1 Mod Podge Gloss Waterbase Sealer : (Best Sealer For Keep Glitter On Acrylic Painting)

One of the best sealants, when you are using glitter, is Mod Podge Gloss Waterbase Sealer. Modge Podge is a water-based sealant that comes in a convenient and versatile size. It gives your project a stunning and durable finish.

This product can dry on multiple surfaces within a short amount of time and it is also pretty easy to clean up. You can just brush it over your project, or layer it up for better results.

This sealer gives your project a smooth finish and helps you make your project long-lasting. Mod Podge comes in a variety of finishes like satin, matte, glossy, etc.

One of the returning customers of Mod Podge has used glitter, glass glitter, coffee, and various other materials, and found it extremely helpful. Even though he doesn’t admire the smell, he describes his purchase of Mod Podge as worth it as it always gives him a quality result.

Another user of Mod Podge mixed it with glitter and used it on a shoe. Their child loved the finished product and they plan to do more projects with Mod Podge.

#2 Artlicious Foam Brush : (Best Brush To Apply Glitter)

Foam brushes are mainly used on materials that are hard to maintain by a normal brush. For example, glitters. Normal brushes are hard to use on glitters. It is also hard to clean the glitter off of a brush. That’s where foam brushes can help you.

Artlicious Foam Brush Set is a good option when you are doing a project that involves glitter or chunky materials. It has a lightweight wooden handle that makes it easier to use than any other brush. You can dispose of the foam tip and replace it with a cleaner one. You’ll get 25 sponge brushes in this pack which makes it even more convenient for the price. 

One of the users of Artlicious Foam Brush loves the firmness of its sponge. According to the user, the brush’s tips are not stiff and well made. The brushes also do not bend and break at the end, which is very convenient for the user.

Another user claimed, that the brush set is great with Acrylic paint. They are also easier to work with when it comes to glitter but if you are using enamel paint, the tip of the brush can break off slightly. 

Over To You

Glitters can make anything bright and sparkly. So, if you are going for a vibrant look for your next art project, make sure to sprinkle some glitter on it. 

As anyone who worked with glitter would know how messy it is to work with them. Including where and how you can work with glitters there are also questions about if you can add certain substances to glitter. And, if you want to mix glitter with Acrylic paint for your art project, you need to be prepared.

In this article, I tried to help you with your worries and concerns. Let me know your answers. 

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