What Kind Of Acrylic Paint Can You Use On Shoes? In 2022

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what’s the best acrylic paints for shoes, then we recommend the Angelus Leather Paint Set as the best.

Acrylic paint is a great solution when you want to reinvent your look or be a little bit creative with your shoes. For creative people, it’s a great hack to show their skill. Acrylic paint can be your reasonable and available option to use on shoes.

Now that you’re looking to customize your shoes with acrylic paint, it is only natural you want the best of results. You want your design to look great and last long. So, What kind of acrylic paint you should use or which one is the best?

I’ll answer all of these questions in this article.

Top Acrylic Paints For Shoes

What Type Of Acrylic Paint For Shoes

In this article, we’re going to review the following Acrylic Paints for Shoes:

  1. Angelus Leather Paint Set (Best Acrylic Paint To Use On Leather, Boots, Suede, And Tennis Shoes)
  2. Apple Barrel Acrylic Craft Paint Set (Best Acrylic Craft Paint For Bottom Of Shoes)
  3. Angelus Leather Paint Starter Kit (Best Acrylic Paint For Custom Shoes, Fabric, Rubber & Mesh Shoes)
  4. SAGUDIO Airbrush Acrylic Paint (Best Waterproof Acrylic Paint For Shoes)
  5. Angelus Neon Acrylic Paint Starter Kit (Best Acrylic Paint For Vinyl And PVC Shoes)
  6. GLO-X Glow In The Dark Spray Paint Set (Best Acrylic Spray Paint For Shoes)
  7. Angelus Brand Acrylic Paint Starter Kit (Best Acrylic Paint For Sneakers, Vinyl Shoes, Flat And Basketball Shoes)

Top 7 Best Acrylic Paints For Shoes [Reviewed]

I’ve included some acrylic paints in this article for use on your shoes. I chose those based on client feedback and product quality.

Read this article to learn more. You will know what type of acrylic paint is best for your object and which is the most popular among consumers.

#1 Angelus Leather Paint Set : (Best Acrylic For Leather, Boots, Suede, And Tennis Shoes)

Even when you are painting your shoes for fun, you should use a good quality brand of acrylic paint to make your design last longer. When it comes to using acrylic paint for shoes, one of my favorite brands is Angelus Leather Paint. This brand is also the top choice of many users who wants to customize their shoes. It comes in a set and has a great value for its quality. 

Angelus Leather Paint comes in a pack of 12. Their 1 oz jars of Angelus leather paint can be a great way to start when you are painting your shoes. The paint is flexible so it can be used on leather shoes as well as canvas shoes without cracking. The set consists of a great variety of colors and you can mix colors to get more shades of color. The size of the colors can be a bit small for people who need to use acrylic paint in large amounts, but with the quality and long-lasting feature, the users have deemed it to be worthy.

The paint is highly rated and users are happy with the results it provides. Overall it serves its purpose and shows great finished results when painted on shoes.

#2 Apple Barrel Acrylic Craft Paint Set : (Best For Bottom Of Shoes)

Apple Barrel Acrylic Craft Paint Set is a great choice as per the user’s opinions and also this craft paint is our top choice. The paint comes in a pack of 18n and is filled with vibrant colors. Each color is 2 fl oz and non-toxic, so it is suitable and safe for every age. This paint gives a matte finish and is very easily applicable.

When you are painting your shoes, you can even paint the bottom of the shoes to give them a more customized look. You can show off your creativity thoroughly with a fully painted pair of shoes. The bottom texture of a shoe is different. They are most of the time made from a different material from the rest of the shoes. The bottom of the shoes is often made of rubber materials. So, you need to use a different paint for the bottom of the shoes. 

As a user of this craft paint, getting such a variety of colors can be very gratifying. Although the pigment on the paint might be low for some people who want a bright application. But you can apply more than once over the paint to make the color pop.

#3 Angelus Leather Paint Starter Kit : (Best Acrylic For Custom, Fabric, Rubber And Mesh Shoes)

Angelus Leather Paint Starter Kit is on top of my list when painting custom-made shoes. This particular brand is popular for its acrylic paint as the colors are very flexible and can be used on various surfaces. The brand also makes sure that the paint can stick to the surface effortlessly and last a longer amount of time.

Custom shoes are tricky to paint. They are made from different materials from the shoes that are industrially made. So, If you want to paint your custom shoes first you have to identify the materials they are made of. You can choose your type of acrylic paint then. 

Angelus Leather Paint Starter Kit with Deglazer and Brush Set comes in 5 different colors, each one of the colors consists of 1 oz paint. It also has 5 assorted brushes, 1 leather preparer consists 1 oz of product, and finally a de-glazer. It’s a full package for your shoe customization. The paint finishes with a semi-gloss finish. As per the other user’s opinions, it is a great product for its price. It’s a great way to start with the basics of shoe customization as the kit has all the necessary products for your project. The layers can be a bit thin but you can cover it up well with even layers.

#4 SAGUDIO Airbrush Acrylic Paint : (Best Waterproof Paint For Shoes)

If you don’t want to spend your bucks on a waterproofing spray, you should paint your shoes with waterproof acrylic paint. It will save you extra money also you don’t have to go through the extra hassle. 

Now, for waterproof acrylic paint for shoes, we have the best recommendation for you. SAGUDIO Airbrush Acrylic Paint is the best choice if you are looking for waterproof paints to use on your shoes. It’s a 24 color set with 1 fl oz in each paint bottle.

The color is fade-resistant and easy to apply. The set comes with an airbrush gun. The paints are water-based and also waterproof. It will easily dry on the surface so you don’t have to wait for a long time to finish your project.

According to the users, the colors seem to be simple but vibrant. The texture and viscosity of the paint also work great with the airbrush.

#5 Angelus Neon Acrylic Paint Starter Kit : (Best For Vinyl And PVC Shoes)

Vinyl and PVC shoes have different textures from other shoes like leather and canvas. They are covered in plastic and have a glossy look. Because of their smooth texture, it’s hard to stick paint to them. So if you want to customize your Vinyl or PVC shoes, you need to, first of all, deglaze them and prepare the surface for the paint. You should also use paint that has a thick texture and is made to use on difficult surfaces.

Now, Angelus Neon Acrylic Paint is a great choice for your Vinyl or PVC shoes. After you’ve prepared the surface of the shoes, just apply the neon color in thin coats and build up your design.

For this particular option, I would suggest Angelus Neon Acrylic Paint Starter Kit. The kit comes with beautiful and vibrant 6 different neon colors. As I have mentioned before Angelus Acrylic paints are popular for their quality products. With their neon paint kit now you can give your designs a glowing look, literally. It is mentioned in their description that this particular color is ideal to use on shoe surfaces like boots, leather shoes, and tennis shoes. Users have confirmed that their neon colors are bold and bright. They will work great if you want a matte look.

#6 GLO-X Glow In The Dark Spray Paint Set : (Best Acrylic Spray For Shoes)

Not everyone is comfortable with brush paints and there is no need to worry there are other ways you can paint your shoes with. For example, spray paints. They are easy to use but a bit messy. But if done properly you will end up with great results. 

Spray paints are not so common so you might find it difficult to get your hands on a quality spray paint. I would suggest GLO-X Glow In The Dark Spray Paint Set. The set comes with a white base that will make your color pop. And the best feature is that the colors have a “glow-in-the-dark” feature. It’s a great addition to your new customized shoes. As per the users, the colors glow for 12 hours+ when charged properly. The colors are pigmented and sit well on the shoes. If you’re looking for spray paint with additional features this is the right choice for you.

#7 Angelus Brand Acrylic Paint Starter Kit : (Best For Sneakers, Vinyl, Flat And Basketball Shoes)

Angelus Brand Acrylic Paint Starter Kit is one of the best choices for painting your leather shoes. Customizing your basketball shoes can be a fun and a great way to show off your creative skill. Angelus Brand Acrylic Paint Starter Kit is specially made for use on leather surfaces. Which gives you the benefit of not worrying about if the paint will crack or not or if the paint will last long on a leather surface.

The pack comes with 12 color sets, each consisting of 1 oz of paint. The paint is water-based and made not to crack or peel off. 

Users are very satisfied with their high pigmented colors and how they are durable on leather surfaces. Make sure to purchase the kit from a verified seller and check carefully if you got the real product. Apart from that, it is a great quality paint and I recommend it for your next crafting session. 

Will Any Acrylic Paint Work On Shoes?

An important and common question arises when you want to paint your shoes is that can you use any kind of acrylic paint? Or what kind of acrylic paint can be used on shoes?

Now if I simply answer your question, No, any kind of acrylic paint will not work on shoes. Let me explain, the most common acrylic paint we have in our home is for crafts and they are mostly made to use on a canvas for paintings. They have a thick texture and are specially made to stick on the canvas surfaces. So, if you want to use the same acrylic paint on your shoes you might not end up with a good finished outcome.

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Does Any Type Of Acrylic Paint Work For Shoe Customization?

As we have discussed earlier, any type of acrylic paint doesn’t work for shoe customization. When you want to customize your shoes, and want to use acrylic paint for that, you have to choose a certain kind of acrylic paint according to your shoe material.

For example, if you want to customize your canvas shoes you have to use fabric acrylic paint for the best result. Or maybe you want to customize your leather shoes, in this case, you have to use leather acrylic paint that is specially made to use on leather surfaces. This helps the paint to stick properly to your shoes and have a smooth finish to your customized shoes.

What To Use To Sealing Acrylic Paint On Leather, Boots, Suede, Canvas, And Sneaker Shoes?

No matter what kind of paint you choose to use on your shoes for customization, if you want your design to last longer, you have to seal the paint properly. Sealing the paint, gives you a smooth finish, glossy or matte look (according to your choice), and of course longer-lasting results. 

Whether you are painting on leather shoes, Boots, Suede, Canvas, or Sneakers there are various kinds of sealants, finishers, and spray available according to the shoe’s materials.

For leather and suede shoes you can use acrylic paint sealant. The same goes for the boots. For sneakers and canvas shoes it is better to use a primer first then use a finisher to seal the paint in. There are glossy and matte kinds of sealants available.

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Is Acrylic Paint Waterproof On Shoes?

Acrylic paint has a thick texture that sticks to the shoe or sits on top of the shoe’s surface creating a new layer. Even when acrylic paint can be hard to wash off, it is not completely waterproof.

So, when you are customizing your shoes, it is only natural that you want to protect your design and want it to keep its original form as long as possible. 

As acrylic paint is not waterproof on its own, you can use waterproofing spray over the acrylic paint. The waterproof sprays are available on Amazon and can be used over acrylic paint. Just make sure to use the products of the same brands as using different brands on top of one another can result in a chemical reaction and ultimately ruin your customized design.

Final Thoughts 

Painting your shoes is a great crafting project and if you follow all the instructions correctly you can use them for a long time. In other words, you can get your money’s worth with this project.

You just have to choose the right materials. Choosing the proper color for your shoes can be a difficult choice as there are so many options available. So, make sure to use the right kind of shoes with the right kind of colors.

Hope I can help you make that decision. Now, you just have to choose your design, get your shoes, order the color you want and get painting.

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